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Luxury Home Aesthetics: Simple Tips For an Upscale Feel

Everyone wants an upscale feel to achieve that luxury home aesthetic since it adds value and brings out the best of their personality and lifestyle. Elevating your home’s aesthetic is about more than just buying luxurious elements and scattering them around the house. Budget is always a significant concern, but luckily, there are many ways to make your space look and feel luxurious without adding to the price tag. 

Lighting Changes The Way You See Things 

Lighting is a factor that is paid a lot of attention in designer or luxury homes. Stray from the clinical white light and incorporate multiple sources of warm, nourishing light that makes everyone feel cozy and in a good mood. You can add floor or table lamps, multiple light fixtures, and lanterns or fairy lights to create an ethereal vibe. An abundance of the right kind of lighting can change the look and feel of a space. If you are building your home, try to add large windows to the design as well as skylights so that natural light can just stream through. 

One thing to remember when designing your home is that the square footage is often irrelevant, and it all boils down to the style implemented and the unique elements brought to life. For that reason, choosing a dominant aesthetic is super important, whether it is vintage classic or modern contemporary, for that uber-luxurious look. A fusion of styles done well can also lend itself to a flawlessly luxurious result, but many designers find that sticking to a totally modern or period-specific design can help the process. 

Do Not Skimp On Quality 

Quality is very important in many aspects of a home, such as construction materials, furniture, and even fabrics. Try to buy the best quality you can afford and think of these purchases as investments, as a good piece of furniture can always be sold at a profit. Another way of getting great quality materials for every aspect of the house is by reclaiming, recycling, and buying second-hand. 

If you are going to be thrifting for interior or exterior décor, then know that great value can be added to old pieces with a little elbow grease and creativity. When it comes to fabric, try to opt for rich, beautiful colors instead of staying neutral to create a luxurious feel in the space. Think of tapestries to hang, warm blankets everywhere for coziness, and velvet or suede for furniture and curtains. The richer, the better! 

Décor Needs To Be Strategic 

One factor that really stands out in most luxury homes is that design is deliberate and strategic. Placement of windows, furniture, and décor accents is done with a lot of thought and planning in mind so that no one is bumping into things, and so day-to-day movement flows freely. Lighting and placement are designed to be in sync with each other, so a designer typically makes a 3D representation beforehand to see how different items and aspects sit with each other. The décor will also be secondary to major renovations or updates to the space, like window treatments or wall paint. If you are majorly renovating a space to look more upscale, then always start with paint or wallpaper changes and work towards structural additions like fireplaces or crown moldings. 

Nature Beautifies 

Many luxury homes reflect natural and earthy elements very well. Whether it is large planters and foliage or natural materials like wicker, oak, jute, and so forth, luxury homes have an abundance of natural fabric and décor that enhances the space. A popular design tip with professional designers is to mesh metallic décor accents with natural elements like wood and plants. It creates a chic vibe, and you can choose from different metallic accents like steel grey, rose gold, vintage gold, and so on. 

Nature is important regardless of the home’s location. In more suburban settings, natural elements help you stay grounded and connected, and the same applies to high-rise apartments. For beach homes or homes on relatively larger properties, it can create a wonderful, magical vibe that is relaxing and immersive. Swimming pools are always associated with luxury homes, so if that falls within the budget, consider building one on your property with suitable solar roofing for the adjacent pool house.

Curated Art Work 

Last but not least, choose great-looking art for your space, whether it is prints, paintings, sketches, sculptures, or anything else that reflects your interests in culture and heritage. 

Final Thoughts 

Luxury homes come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no one correct way to create a luxurious feel, as it is usually a combination of several factors. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms that have abundant interior design inspiration in the form of pictures, 3D renditions, and short and long-form video content, it can be tempting to assume there are only a few different ways your space can look upscale and high-value. By being creative, such as painting your own murals or tapestries, embroidering cushions, displaying art made by yourself or a family member, or thrifting vintage furniture and restoring it, you can have a unique, luxurious style like no other that is sure to be appreciated. 

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