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14 Acrylic Coffee Tables to Steal for Your Home Aesthetic

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Acrylic Coffee Tables

Let’s delve into the acrylic coffee table space, distinctive pieces celebrated for their exceptional features. Unlike their glass counterparts, these comprise durable plastic, often providing a clear view through their structure, but can also be found in punchy colors to brighten an aesthetic. The transparency contributes to improved spaciousness, especially beneficial for small interior setups. Acrylic can be melded into your preferred shape and style during creation, making them adaptable pieces to obtain your desired aesthetic.

If constructing your own design, they integrate within the interior of your choice, spanning from modern and current to traditional with a more conventional build, establishing them as adaptable alternatives to glass. Beyond aesthetics, they prove to be highly practical and durable, providing essential functions while withstanding the demands of daily use.

This quality makes them demanding for households with children or pets where foot traffic, knocks, and spills are more prominent. Given the advantageous characteristics, individuals are increasingly incorporating acrylic coffee tables into their home setup. Explore curated options to discover inspiring ideas for improving your home’s interior, and let us help provide the needed insights to fuel your next purchase.

Waterfall Coffee Table

The Versatile C-Style Acrylic Console Table

Photo by southeastflorida from Etsy

This console coffee table showcases sleek, clean lines and a waterfall design. The table’s elongated yet narrow build and transparency impart a spacious feel to the surroundings, yielding visual impact while taking up minimal space. Its adaptable design merges with the modern minimalist aesthetic, as seen with the off-white armchairs and tan leather sofa, adding a contemporary touch to the setup. Topping the table with a serving tray serves a dual purpose, keeping the surface clutter-free while complementing the aesthetic.

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Cubic Set of Two

Innovative Box-Style Acrylic Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Presenting an intriguing box design, this set of two symmetrical coffee tables presents a distinctive style and practical storage. Each table carries a cubic build with a transparent finish, signifying contemporary aesthetics and complementing the neutral hues and modern interior setup. Both tables are open from the front and back, with this concept improving storage convenience, ensuring access and utility while remaining a prominent focal point.

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Wood Tops with Acrylic Legs

Modern Lucite Furniture Legs for Enduring Coffee Tables

Photo by Gusto Design

This design comprises a set of three coffee tables fusing acrylic with wooden features. The first table displays a large rectangular top, while the second showcases the same design with a smaller top, each set on acrylic legs. The third introduces contrast, considerably smaller, with a round live-edge top. Each table is individually crafted, contributing to a personalized aesthetic. Including multiple tables allows them to display complete as one or be divided to feature as stand-alone pieces in different rooms.

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High-Set Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

A Minimalist Acrylic Coffee Table with a Touch of Grace

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

The highlight of this coffee table lies in its simplicity, deriving from a single, solid piece of acrylic and carrying a waterfall design. The table’s high-set build renders it suitable as a coffee or console table, with the curved body demonstrating a minimalist design. The tables’ clear aesthetic allows the piece to flourish in a broad spectrum of interiors, showcasing alongside the textured gray floor rug and leather sofa set in this space. This presents a hollow center, ideal for storage, like the ottoman shown here, tucked within the table’s center when not in use. 

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Rectangular with Storage

The Handmade Lucite Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

In this arrangement, the coffee table takes center stage. Crafted from acrylic, it showcases a narrow rectangular top. The table incorporates an open shelf filled with coffee table books for visual impact. Cylindrical legs, connected to the storage shelf and tabletop through spherical joins, contribute to the table’s build. The table’s transparency reflects the surrounding hues, creating an illusion of color. Placed on a textured off-white rug, it complements the coastal-inspired armchair and sumptuous side table.

Trunk Coffee Table

The Trunk-Inspired Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This coffee table adopts a trunk-style design comprising clear acrylic. The piece features brass hardware on its body and edges, allowing the chest to be opened for storage. Small planters with florals serve as decorative accents within the trunk, while leather straps on either end of the trunk add a decorative touch and practicality for moving the trunk. Set atop a white textured carpet and beside a dark gray L-shape sofa, its transparency complements the aesthetic.

Nesting Coffee Tables

In this setup, three acrylic coffee tables, each tinted green, fearure in a nesting arrangement. Each table is progressively smaller than the one preceding, with each also displaying a waterfall design. This nesting concept highlights the clever use of material and utilizes a staggered size arrangement, contributing to a modern aesthetic and supplying multiple tables for added surface space.

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Large Rectangular Coffee Table 

The Contemporary Acrylic Rectangular Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This coffee table boasts a considerable build, providing stability as a central anchor. With dimensions of 36″L x 20″W x 18″H, it follows a waterfall-edge design. Crafted from a 3/4-inch thick acrylic piece, the table assures durability in proportion to its size. The hollow center accommodates two ottomans, serving both as a table and a storage solution. A splash of color is introduced through a collection of coffee table books, complemented by a gold serving tray and decorative trinkets.

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Unique Set of Two

The Striking H-Patterned Acrylic Small Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Presented in a pair, these tables share a square top and an equally matched base. Each table is distinguished by a central acrylic slab connecting the top to the base. With dimensions of 16″ x 16″ x 24″ tall and a 1.00″ thick material, these tables embody a minimalist aesthetic, forming the illusion of a ‘floating’ top. Set atop a neutral textured floor rug beside a gray tufted sofa sectional; their slender build and acrylic constructions exemplify innovative design.

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Cubic Reverse Waterfall Fusion

Contemporary Style: The Acrylic Coffee Table Design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Introducing a personalized touch, this coffee table merges a cube and a waterfall edge underside in its design. Formed from a 3/4″ thick acrylic piece, this innovative concept displays a top measuring 36″L and 18″W, with a total height of 20″. The open front and back create a storage shelf for essentials or displaying decor, while the table’s build deviates from conventional table styles, adding an innovative accent to the surrounding gray furnishings.

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Square Coffee Table with Brass Accents

The Acrylic Square Coffee Table with Brass Accents

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Trimmed with brass buttons on all corners, this coffee table combines contemporary accents with a clear acrylic aesthetic. Crafted from 3/8″ thick acrylic, the table displays dimensions of 36″ x 32″ x 18″ H, featuring a rectangular build supported by evenly distributed legs. The subtle brass accents introduce character to the otherwise conventional design, complemented by a vibrant assortment of books and decor atop its surface. The table’s basic build and added accents render it well-suited for both basic settings and upscale contemporary interiors.

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Tiered Coffee Table

Modern Table with Functional Design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

With an internally tiered shelving design, this coffee table offers a distinctive aesthetic. The surface top, measuring 42″L x 20″W, stands at a height of 20″ and is a good fit for larger interiors. The lower section, measuring 22″W, provides storage space of 10″ on both ends. Crafted from solid 3/4″ thick clear domestic acrylic, the table ensures durability and a crisp transparent finish. The subtle decorative accent showcased on each shelving unit bolsters a minimalist vibe.

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Waterfall Wave Fusion – Black Stained

Waterfall and Standing Wave table Design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Diverging from conventional designs, this table features a distinctive waterfall concept on one end, complemented by an opposing wave design on the opposite. With its rectangular build, the tabletop has an alluring effect with the black-stained acrylic. A pair of coffee table books top its surface for a decorative touch. Positioned on a textured off-white floor rug beside a low-set, large sofa sectional, the table introduces dynamism and fluidity. Well-suited for modern homes, it symbolizes movement and serves as a statement piece anchoring the living room.

Gold with Acrylic Legs

The Stylish gold Table with Metal Legs

Photo by Ella Ross

Within this interior, the gold coffee table takes our focus. The tabletop, comprising tempered glass, features gold trimmings along its edges. The lower shelf, featuring a mirrored surface, adds an illusive touch. Brushed gold elements improve durability and amplify the overall aesthetic. To complete the structure, sleek acrylic legs meet the gold accents in each corner, merging practicality with modernity.

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Final Thoughts

To wrap up, the transparency of the acrylic indeed raises its appeal in coffee table design. These pieces integrate effortlessly into an array of decor setups, ranging from clear and minimal, top black-stained and alluring, and even vibrant two-tones, embracing adaptability. Its reflective qualities often create the illusion of space, a helpful trait for smaller interiors. Don’t let the light, airy look fool you; acrylic coffee tables are durable and can bear day-to-day handling, making them suitable for homes with a lot of daily traffic.

A mix of simplicity and modern style, they can yield a bold aesthetic or feature with subtlety, with their translucency imparting a feeling of lightness. Opting for an acrylic coffee table is a fashionable and functional decision. Its ability to mix styles and user-friendly attributes makes it a significant asset in any home.

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