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19 Lift Top Coffee Table Designs For A Smart Furnishing Upgrade

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Lift Top Coffee Tables

If you’re considering upgrading your living space, a lift-top coffee table might be just what you need! This stylish and functional furniture piece can enhance your comfort levels. With its clever mechanism, the tabletop can be effortlessly lifted to deliver an adaptable surface for dining, working, or enjoying your coffee in a comfortable position.

Lift-top coffee tables come in a range of styles and materials, so you can readily find one that complements your home interior. Explore our curated lift-top coffee table ideas and transform your living space. Get ready to improve your home’s aesthetics and revolutionize your furniture with a lift-top coffee table! That’s enough from us; let’s dive in!

Wooden Top with Iron Base

Wooden Top with Metal Base

Photo by FlexSteel

This lift-top coffee table is the ideal mix of style and functionality. The robust wooden top and iron foundation provide a sturdy base to support your daily essentials. But the innovative lift-top mechanism sets this table apart, which conceals a spacious storage compartment. With all your household items within arm’s reach, you’ll never have to worry about clutter again. From relaxing with a cup of coffee to entertaining guests; this coffee table will impress.

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Black Lift Top Coffee Table

Black lift top coffee table

Photo by Google

The black lift-top coffee table carries a dark tint that integrates seamlessly into a variety of interiors and adapts effortlessly to its surroundings. It features abundant storage space beneath the rectangular top, with an added open storage shelf included in the lower half of the table structure. This table is ideal for households that want to make a bold design statement while maintaining a subtle color palette, creating balance. It reflects refined taste and an appreciation for clean, modern interior design.

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Veined Marble

This marble coffee table features a marble finish on both the top and base, with sturdy metal legs. Its lift-top function makes it versatile and adaptable to different demands. When the top is raised, it forms multiple surfaces at varied heights that can be utilized for various activities. For example, you can use one surface for enjoying food and drinks, while the other can be used for working or laptop use. The table is straightforward to clean and maintain – simply dust it with a cloth to keep it looking new.

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Two-Tone Lift-Top Coffee Table

Two tone lift top coffee table

Photo from Amazon

The two-tone lift-top coffee table is a distinctive style that catches the eye. It has two distinguishable colors or finishes on its surfaces, with one color on the top surface and another on the legs and lower storage area. The table is comprised of a mix of engineered wood and metal, and its design element adds a touch of refinement, effectively heightening the overall design.

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Wood With White Accent

Wood and White Table

Photo by Google

This lift-top coffee table features a body and top that merges the natural aesthetics of wood with a sleek white body for a modern look. Crafted from premium wood, the table boasts dimensions of 21.6 inches in diameter, 39.3 inches in width, and 15.7 inches in height, providing ample space to accommodate your demands. With a weight of 250 pounds, the coffee table is sturdy and durable.  The middle of the table is whitewashed, which contrasts well with the vivid colors and patterned designs.

Marble & Metal

Marble and metal lift top coffee table

Photo from MIG Furniture

This coffee table has a lift-top design that combines the luxurious look of marble with the sturdy metal foundation of its base. The larger storage section has an open front, while the smaller compartment is only accessible by lifting the top. Due to the marble top this table is heavier than others, as marble is sturdy therefore making it more robust and practical while still maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic.

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Distressed Wood

Distressed wood table

Photo from Walmart

The distressed lift-top coffee table is a versatile furniture piece that can be utilized as a conventional coffee table. It has a ribbed design on the front panel of its body and a smooth yet textured top that provides abundant space for things such as drinks, books, magazines, remote controls, or decorative items. Additionally, the distressed finish gives the coffee table a weathered appearance, with the marks in the wood grain adding a touch of rusticity. This style is particularly prevalent among those who enjoy traditional or nature-inspired home decor.

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Colored Finish

Colored wood lift top coffee table

Photo from The Range

It’s worth noting that this coffee table’s grain and color do not stem from natural wood. Instead, it has a colored finish applied to it, which gives it a muted gray appearance. In terms of shape, it’s rectangular and features a single-section lift-top feature, different from the split sections shown in previous examples. Additionally, the table has added storage space through the lower open shelf. It complements the surrounding furnishings, from the neutral sofa color to the gray carpet underneath.

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Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

reclaimed wood table

Photo from Homedit

The reclaimed coffee table is a superb choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. The table showcases varying tones in the wood texture, with a slightly lighter panel in the top section groove. It has a single lift-top feature and lower shelf storage, split centrally into two sections. The table’s legs rest in line with the front and back of the table but protrude at either end, giving it a unique look. The term “reclaimed” refers to wood salvaged from old structures like barns and warehouses. Using this wood for the table is more environmentally friendly since it repurposes wood that would otherwise go to waste.

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Round Lift Top Coffee Table

Round lift top table

Photo from Popsugar UK

This round coffee table has a butcher-block style body with a wooden lift-top. The surface is topped with a thin, veined marble sheet. The legs take a contemporary approach, finished with a gold paint coat. The hidden storage is somewhat limited in size, but it’s still convenient to keep everyday essentials out of sight. Additionally, the space beneath the table is utilized for ottoman-style seating, which saves floor space and helps keep your living area organized and clutter-free.

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Stained Wood

Stained wood table

Photo from Novilla

This coffee table features a lift-top design that integrates the authenticity of stained wood with the durability of metal legs. The lift top and base have a stained finish applied to highlight the natural color variations in the wood grain. Staining is the process of applying color or pigment to wood to enrich its appearance, emphasize its inherent grain, and protect it from damage. The black-coated stainless steel structure and legs complement the stained wood and add an industrial touch, while the hidden storage is divided centrally into two sections, making it easy to keep your essentials organized and in the correct place.

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Asian Hardwood

Asian hardwood table

Photo from Furniture 123

The coffee table is comprised of particleboard and has a dark gray finish. Its natural wood grain is still prominent and contributes to the design by showcasing its distinctive swirls and knots. The table features a lift-top that opens up to reveal a large singular storage compartment, with the table’s shape and leg structure being more traditional and conventional. The table coordinates well with the surrounding area rug and accent pillows, adding patterns and textures to the space.

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Extra Storage

Extra Storage Coffee Table

Photo by Google

This lift-top coffee table takes on a Mid-century design and provides storage space while serving as functional furniture. The majority of the table is dedicated to the lift-top feature, which provides a sturdy platform for drinks or snacks. Meanwhile, the final quarter section of the table has a fixed top and open shelves, making it an ideal spot to showcase your favorite decorative items, books, or plants. The lift-top aspect is handy for storing items you want to keep hidden from view, such as remote controls or magazines.

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Dual Space

Dual space coffee table

Photo from Etsy

This coffee table is designed in a Mid-Century style and has abundant storage capacity, with both open and closed compartments. The open shelf can be used to display decorative items or store reading and writing materials, while the closed compartment allows for additional storage of essentials you’d prefer to keep out of view. Its compact structure is ideal for smaller modern-style homes, reducing traffic in the area. Overall, this coffee table offers an aesthetic and functional solution for those seeking storage and display options.

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Whitewash Lift Top Coffee Table

White washed coffee table

Photo from eBay

This coffee table features a wooden finish with a white paint coating. It is rectangular, with a lift-top storage covering the entire table. Below the tabletop (and hidden storage), a white shelf open from all sides provides a platform to display sentimental trinkets or other decorative items. The coffee table legs wrap around each corner of the table, with each one slightly protruding. The white paint finish adds a contemporary touch to the table, making it ideal for modern and even minimalistic interior themes.

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Two In One Lift Top Coffee Table

Two in one table

Photo from Furniture 123

This coffee table has a rustic gray wood finish and features multiple storage compartments. The lift-top is the primary storage area, perfect for storing larger items like laptops or gaming consoles. The open shelf storage below the tabletop is divided in the center. While the surface area is smaller than the primary storage space, it’s still sufficient for smaller items such as books, baskets, trays, or decorative table lamps.

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Lift Top Coffee Table with Open Shelf

Table with shelf

Photo from Novilla

This coffee table is an excellent mixture of rustic design and contemporary aesthetics. The lift-top feature provides a spacious concealed storage area that consists of a single large compartment. The low-slung open shelf offers both storage and display benefits, making it an easily accessible solution. The various tones of the wood texture add to the table’s authenticity while highlighting its natural imperfections and originality.

Lift-Top Coffee Table

Lift-Top DIY

Photo by Pinterest

This lift-top coffee table is a versatile addition to this living room setup. Its deep and rich wooden finish gives it a rustic feel, while the chrome hardware adds a touch of modernity. The tabletop can be easily raised and lowered with its lifting mechanism, providing a conventional and creative work surface. This feature is handy for those who enjoy DIY projects, as it allows them to create a unique piece that combines originality with practical storage and functionality.

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Reclaimed Wood with Hairpin Legs

Lift top Table With Storage

Photo by Johnny Pastos from Etsy

The final table in our round-up, is the lift-top design with a live edge design. This type of coffee table is versatile due to its built-in storage, providing multiple benefits. You can organize magazines, books, or other household items in the tabletop storage compartments. The live edge adds an interesting design element to this practical piece, making it a versatile and elegant addition to a living room or lounge setting.

Stackable Drawers Nesting Table

Stackable Drawers Nesting Table

Photo by Pinterest

This coffee table is a practical piece with multiple drawers and cohesive compartments, providing abundant storage space. Each compartment has a user-friendly pull-out and push-in mechanism. The table is versatile; you can extend drawers to serve as side tables or retract them to make it compact. Its modern and innovative design makes it perfect for contemporary upscale interiors while providing functional storage solutions.

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Small Coffee Table

Low coffee table with lift top feature

Photo by TheRusticForest from Etsy

Here we have a compact Lift-top coffee table that cleverly blends storage with versatile functionality, effortlessly addressing various needs. At the forefront, a small drawer provides a convenient space for stowing everyday items and small essentials. The tabletop itself serves as a practical storage solution, offering additional room for additional items. The standout feature is the lift-up mechanism, smoothly raising and extending, showcasing the epitome of convenience at its best.

Final Thoughts

Lift-top coffee tables have become a stylish addition to modern living spaces. They cater to the needs of today’s dynamic lifestyles by transforming from a traditional coffee table into a functional office or dining setup. These tables are an excellent choice for homes, offices, and small living spaces, offering abundant storage possibilities and various styles to suit different aesthetics. As versatile and space-saving furniture, lift-top coffee tables demonstrate that form can meet function most exquisitely and effectively.

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