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22 Top Picks For An Exemplary Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Mid century modern coffee table designs became popular in the mid-20th century due to their evolved traditional ornate design, making them famous statement pieces. The style became popular because of sleek, minimalist designs, geometric shapes, and functional aesthetics. Additionally, the materials used to craft them usually include wood or metal; plus, their at mass scale making them affordable. 

Nowadays, the simplicity and versatility of mid century coffee tables make them suitable for a range of interior styles, retro and vintage being just two of many. Dunning, who curated an exhibit last year in California on modern chairs for the Palm Springs Art Museum, states that mid-century modern is “not even a trend anymore-it’s the dominant aesthetic.” 

A feature that allows mid-century modern coffee tables to stand out is their focus on storage solutions and practicality. Most designs have built-in shelves, compartments, or drawers. Thus, users can easily keep their living spaces tidy and organized. Whether looking for a table for your office, living room, or lounge, these classic pieces can make a statement and carry an elegant look.

1. Rectangular Mid-Century Coffee Table

retro room with midcentury modern furniture

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

If you’re looking to refresh your living room’s atmosphere and style, this coffee table will be a good choice. The rectangular option features straight legs, a single shelf, and squared corners, giving the piece a mid-century modern style. Artisans use walnut wood harvested from renewable and sustainable forests for manufacturing it. You can use the storage shelf to keep books and newspapers, or hold small decorative items.

2. Wood Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Wood Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Arpad Czapp from Unsplash

This retro-style mid-century coffee table will be an excellent addition to your library or reading space, furnishing an original look. It comprises straight legs, rounded corners, and a single shelf, perfect for keeping magazines or workstation-related items. A generous surface area features atop the table, ideal for displaying decorative items and books, fitting in with the interior surroundings. Additionally, the tabletop can be utilized for keeping snacks or a tea set for added refreshments while reading.

3. Elegant Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Elegant Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Boitumelo from Unsplash

This elegant mid-century modern coffee table could be a fitting choice if you’re considering revamping your living room for a more classic, vintage feel. It features straight legs, square corners, and a single lower shelf. Moreover, the table’s top is large enough to keep your television remotes and all the snacks you need to binge-watch your next Netflix series. On the other hand, you can use the lower shelf for keeping books, headphones, or any other household-related items.

4. Real Wood Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Real Wood Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Cytonn Photography from Unsplash

The following natural wood mid-century modern coffee table can be a good choice for a living room or lounge if you want an original piece mixed with modernism. It includes rounded corners, stubby legs, and a divided lower shelf. The surface area is on the larger side, making it best suited to mid-scale and larger living rooms, and you can use the top for keeping everyday essentials or a flower vase, with the lower shelf for keeping accessories you don’t use often.

5. Handcrafted Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table 

Handcrafted Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Francesca Tosolini from Unsplash

If your lounge is on the smaller side but requires a coffee table that provides sufficient space to keep your food or books, then this one will be a good option. It has a spacious lower open shelf with squared corners and wheel legs for easy mobility. The table can be used for morning coffee, to display decorative pieces, or to serve dinner at meal times, with the lower shelf for keeping the magazines and everyday gadgets. With the added mobility, this style would fit both the lounge area or an office space.

6. Aesthetic Focused

Aesthetic Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Francesca Tosolini from Unsplash

The following table is perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to the living room. Its sleek design carries metal legs angled out for a unique touch, squared corners, and two narrow drawers. The drawers can be used to keep items that need to be kept away from potential liquid spills or sunlight. This mid-century modern option is also suitable for offices to keep work-related items and important documents.

7. Rubberwood

Solid Rubberwood Mid-Century Coffee Table

Photo by Lucas Hoang from Unsplash

The following solid rubberwood mid-century coffee table could be the upgrade your living room needs. It features straight legs, round corners, and a wide lower-slatted shelf. Moreover, this charming mid-century design perfectly fits a minimal, modern, or vintage living area. You can use the lower shelf to store your laptop or other snacks that don’t fit on the table, but make sure the items stored on the shelf are sufficient enough in size to prevent slipping through the slats.

8. Round Set Of 2

Round Brown Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table Set of two

Photo by Marilyn Huang from Unsplash

Add a touch of rustic glamour to your living room with this round mid-century modern coffee table set featuring two nesting tables. It has rounded corners, wooden flame with gold powder coating, and slanting lean legs. The piece is perfect if you love glam fused with rusticity and want to save space simultaneously. You’ll get two tables, with the smaller table fitting efficiently under the larger one, providing a space-saving solution when not required.

9. Metal Legs

Metal Legs Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Max Harlynking from Unsplash

If you are searching for a table with a wooden top and a metal base, the following may be what you’re looking for. It has squared corners and square-based metal legs. The table is best for keeping your books, studying, having dinner, or stretching your legs while watching television. Despite having no lower shelf, it provides ample space to keep your essentials.

10. Glass Top

Glass Top Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

A wooden glass top mid-century modern coffee table has a refined design and fits living rooms that carry heavy wooden aesthetics. Its robust tempered glass, round corners, and slanting legs give it a sleek and exciting look, enhancing the surrounding wood interior. The design takes inspiration from mid-century modern trends, making it an iconic furniture piece suited to most contemporary interiors.

11. Kidney Bean Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid-Century set of 2 Brown Coffee Table

Photo by Phebe Tan from Unsplash

This mid-century set of two brown coffee tables brings a minimalistic style with a subtle touch to your living room. The makers use solid wood for crafting the table, and the set contains two kidney bean-style matching tables of different sizes. It includes tapered legs and a wooden top, giving it a contemporary look. If you are looking for a table that will fit contemporary aesthetics, the following two-set should be considered. Furthermore, if only one table is required for keeping essentials and you want to save space, use the other one in a different room.

12. Sleek Design

Sleek Design Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Point3d Commercial Imaging Ltd from Unsplash

The table’s sleek design fits wonderfully in a cozy living room, bringing a warm ambiance. It has square corners, a wooden top, and straight, wooden legs. This option will be a suitable addition if your lounge area features wooden floors or bookshelves. You can use the table to serve dinner, keep your books, or display decor. Therefore, anyone who lives for simplicity should consider this table a potential option.

13. Classic Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

stylish luxury living room armchair sofa coffee table

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

The following mid-century modern coffee table is a classic design that refuses to age. It has a wooden top, square corners, and straight legs. It also features a lower storage drawer, with a top sufficient to keep the required everyday essentials. If your home features a larger lounge or study, then a sizeable tabletop option like this could be what you need to complete the space. The use of solid wood and the simple design fuel its popularity.

14. Wooden Base

Mid-century coffee table

Photo by R Architecture from Unsplash

The following piece is wooden with a mixture of retro and vintage styles that will add grace to your living room. It has square corners, a wooden trestle base, and a divided top. Thus, a fantastic addition to achieving a cozy living room aesthetic. The table has no lower shelf like other options in the roundup, but its top is spacious and can be used to keep decorative pieces, books, magazines, and snacks while chatting with friends.

15. Wood & Metal Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Stylish Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

If you are looking for a table that can make your living room look stylish and cozy yet rustic at the same time, then consider this mid-century modern option. It includes a metal base and a wooden top and is capable of fitting a variety of interior environments. The tabletop is smaller than other options but still sufficient to keep trays, books, snacks, or your favorite tea set.

16. Robust Metal Frame

Solid Design Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

This solid-designed mid-century coffee table can be a perfect addition to a modern, minimal living room. Its wide rectangular body carries square corners and straight metal legs that meet at base level. The table is lightweight yet robust in its design, an excellent addition for having tea and biscuits while watching television or catching up with the family. Its modern aspect makes it versatile, adapting for meetings on weekends when required, allowing you to hold your laptop while simultaneously taking notes.

17. Round Wooden Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Round wood table

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

Give a sophisticated look to your living space with this accent table that draws inspiration from the modern era. It carries a rounded wooden top with four tapered legs. The table falls under simple, elegant designs inspired by the sleek and natural trends of the 50s and 60s. Furthermore, you can use it as a coffee table, for keeping decorative pieces, or scented candles, as it doesn’t offer the greatest deal of surface space.

18. Live Edge Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Live edge table

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

If you always prefer something different from the masses, this unique mid-century coffee table could be your option. At the same time, enhance the elegance of your living room and create a cohesive look that complements your home decor. It has a round wooden top that features a live edge design and metal base, standing prominent, providing contrast to the space. You can match its design with a range of styles, from rustic or vintage interiors, all the way to modern vibes.

19. Round Top Dual Surface

Wooden Round Top Table

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

This wooden round-top, dual-surface table is flawless for giving your living room a classic yet modern touch. It has straight metal legs, a wooden top, and a lower shelf symmetrical to the tabletop. The table is best suited for holding drinks, living room essentials, or decor items, with the table’s lower shelf ideal for keeping accessories like tissue boxes or essentials that wouldn’t necessarily be considered ‘decor’.

20. Light Wood 

Light wood mid-century coffee table

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

The solid wood round mid-century modern coffee table is among the most stylish for a minimal effect. It has a round wooden top and a matching base, connected via four straight wooden legs. This coffee table is prominent in any living room, offering a fantastic blend of contemporary flair and vintage elegance. The round design of the table assures its mid-century modern influences.

21. Household Essential Focused

Light wood and black table

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

The household essential mid-century modern coffee table serves two purposes in any home, function and finesse. Its minimalistic and clean design gives a touch of sophistication to the living space. Its round corners, metal legs, and circular base yield a stylish look. A spacious tabletop provides ample surface area for decoration, drinks, or books. At the same time, it simultaneously looks functional yet draws the eye.

22. Understated Look

Light wood table

Photo by
Yasmina H from Unsplash

The following table is a traditional retro-style design with clean lines and an understated look. Its top is made from solid wood, and its three splayed legs make it fit according to the modern vibe. The table will change the overall look of your lounge space, forming a sleek minimal vibe, with the solid wood also offering a durable structure and smooth, refined look.

Final Thoughts

Mid-century modern coffee tables are iconic furniture pieces that more and more often appear ageless. They will always grab the attention of homeowners and design enthusiasts due to their sleek lines, geometric shapes, and functional designs, blending retro and vintage charm. Their construction includes wood and metal, ensuring their durability and longevity, making them a worthy investment for any home. You can use them as both a centerpiece or an accent piece; they will continue adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space, impacting the overall ambiance of your room.