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Think Outside the Box: 24 Opulent Metal Coffee Table Design Ideas

Metal coffee tables are smart furniture pieces that became popular over time due to their adaptability to industrial, modern, or rustic interiors. The clean, sleek lines of a metal coffee table allow it to fit in both small and more upscale spaces. Metal solutions are easier to maintain when compared to their wooden counterparts, with their chances of heat damage, spills, or scratches considerably less than wooden options. Regularly cleaning with a damp cloth will retain their gleaming look.

The most common materials for metal coffee table options are iron, steel, or aluminum, making them durable and robust. As a result, investing in one will be a long-term purchase, as you won’t have to keep updating your living room coffee table every few years.

1. Round Metal Coffee Table Set of 2

Living room with gray metal coffee tables

Photo by user24121185 from Freepik

This metal coffee table is perfect for those looking for a minimalist and modern design. It consists of two compact tables that blend form and function. Both tables have round tops and straight legs, with their material being solid and durable. They’re well suited to small spaces, and if you still want to save space, only use one in your living room. These metal coffee tables are ideal for displaying decor, serving refreshments, or enjoying while having coffee.

2. Aluminum Metal Coffee Table

Classic interior with pink armchair floor lamp

Photo by Remuhin from Freepik

The aluminum metal coffee table will make an elegant yet functional addition to your living room. Using premium aluminum ensures the durability of the table, strengthening the structure. It features a round top and is low standing with no legs. You can incorporate the table indoors or outdoors as it’s weather resistant, requires low maintenance, and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

3. Sky Blue Metal Coffee Table

Cozy apartment interior with modern metal coffee table

Photo by Seventyfour from Freepik

A sky-blue metal coffee table is an eye-catching and charming option for the living room. Its size ensures it fits snugly in smaller spaces or as an accent piece in a spacious living room. The table has a round top, and long straight legs, yielding a colorful yet minimal aesthetic. Therefore, the table adds a vibrant touch to your living space, and you can use it to display plants, and books or have coffee and snacks.

4. Rectangular Iron Coffee Table

Decorated coffee table white sofa with pink pillows

Photo by Peter_kuprin from Freepik

The rectangular iron coffee table is versatile and will elevate the room’s ambiance. Due to solid iron, the table is durable and sturdy and best for long-term usage. It has a rectangular top and square corners showcasing an industrial and modern charm. The table is spacious enough for drinks, snacks, and decorative items, and the lower shelf is perfect for storing books and magazines. As a result, the metal coffee table serves as an ideal centerpiece, combining taste and practicality.

5. Modern Metal Coffee Table

Modern interior with modern metal coffee table

Photo by Mshariamunshi from Freepik

The modern metal coffee table displays an intriguing design blending aesthetics and functionality simultaneously. The table is made of high-quality metal, offering durability and stability for everyday use. Moreover, this modern metal coffee table has a round top and twisted legs that add an artistic and unique touch, making it the highlight of the living space. Though the round top isn’t spacious, it’s enough to hold a decorative piece and two coffee mugs. 

6. Small Metal Coffee Table

Gray sofa coffee table table living room interior

Photo by Yuliapetrova from Freepik

This cute small metal coffee table is perfect if you live alone and want to add a cozy touch to your space. It has a small rectangular top with rounded corners and two straight legs, perfect for holding your new favorite book or a cup of coffee. Enjoy relaxing on the sofa, delving into a new chapter, and using the table for keeping your coffee or tea mug. However, a small decorative piece can be a good alternative if you aren’t a book person.

7. Silver

Large luxury modern bright living room interiors

Photo by 3dinteriors from Freepik

The silver metal coffee table has an exquisite design and adds sophistication and luxury to your living area. It has a round top with a silver finish, oval corners, and no legs, making your living space look as one and graceful. Additionally, its design ensures it stands out in your living room and is perfect for minimal interiors due to the absence of legs. This table combines functionality and elegance with its spacious top available to hold books, decorative pieces, teapots, mugs, and snacks.

8. Gold Accents

Luxury interior design with gold coffee table accents

Photo by Micloggi76 from Freepik

This golden metal coffee table embodies modernism and elegance in one masterpiece. Crafted with durable aluminum and gold finishes, its round glass top forms a refined and upscale vibe. Likewise, its straight metal legs contribute to its design and meet at base level. Its aluminum frame is ideal for modern interior styles, showcasing minimalist aesthetics and contemporary lines. You can use the table for displaying unique decor pieces or beverages, elevating the ambiance of your living area with its mix of metal and glass elements.

9. Trolley Design

Interior design luxury living room with stylish armchair gold coffee table

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

The trolley design coffee table combines versatility and minimal aesthetics in an enchanting manner. Manufactured using robust metal, the table takes design inspiration from your basic kitchen trolley. Although the table’s metal frame offers exceptional stability, its sleek lines complement several interior themes. It has round corners, straight legs with wheels, and two shelves holding several items. On the top shelf, you can keep drinks, snacks, and mugs; on the bottom, you can keep books and magazines.

10. Classic Metal Coffee Table

Modern interior design with sofa and coffee table

Photo by Freepik

This classic coffee table is crafted from hard-wearing metal, providing timeless elegance and charm. The round tabletop is spacious enough to hold decoration pieces, drinks, snacks, and books. Its pedestal bases offer stability, add grandeur, and complement interior styles ranging from traditional to transitional. The table’s compact size is perfect for several room layouts, especially smaller spaces. 

11. Black Metal Coffee Table set of 2

Apartment loft style with soft furniture

Photo by Artembruk from Freepik

The black metal coffee table offers practicality and simplicity with its minimalist design. It has a square top, corners, and straight legs that provide stability and support. You can use the tabletop for drinks, displaying decor, and snacks, with the secondary rectangular table utilized to keep books and magazines. However, if you’re limited with space, the tables can be split, featuring the larger table in the living room with the smaller counterpart in the bedroom.

12. Dark Gray

Lounge chair turquoise living room with table

Photo by Peter_kuprin from Freepik

The gray metal coffee table offers an individual design making it an intriguing piece for your living space. It has a round tabletop to feature decorative elements, drinks, and snacks. Meanwhile, its legs meet at the tabletop and base levels, complementing the table’s overall design and elevating its aesthetics. This coffee table option is a fashionable addition to your living room and can cohesively mix with various interior styles.

13. Muted Gray

Minimalist modern interior design huge bright apartment

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

The design of the muted gray coffee table adds a contemporary touch to your living area. The rectangular glass top carries a translucent effect and a divided structure, also spacious enough to keep multiple items. The metal legs support the table, ensuring durability and stability, making it a fantastic centerpiece for the living room. It combines functionality with muted accent and enhances the ambiance of your space.

14. Black and White set of 2

Ultra modern open plan apartment

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

This coffee table set of two features contrasting marble tabletops, with one black and one white, well suited if you want two opposing tables. The contrasting colors, coupled with the gold accents, furnish a striking minimalist design. Both tables have round tops and straight legs, providing sufficient support and a modern look. Having two tables in different sizes mean you can feature them together in larger, more upscale space or divide them and feature each in a separate room.

15. Round Top Mesh Design

Modern living room with mesh coffee table

Photo by
Pchomeservice from Freepik

This coffee table option offers an exclusive design, merging the thick tabletop with a mesh body. It gives an eye-catching and cohesive look, with the black finish giving it a captivating touch. The table’s innovative design stands out and attracts those who prefer something outside the lines or ‘normal’. Combining creativity and functionality, it is a practical surface for décor and drinks.

16. Compact Metal Coffee Table

Living room interior with cross back coffee table

Photo by Alrightstock from Freepik

If you want a compact yet modern design, the following coffee table may be the right fit for you. It has a square glass top with rounded corners and long straight legs that pair with the cross-back design. With this being more of a petite option, the tabletop isn’t spacious, so we’d recommend only keeping a single item or a couple of coffee mugs at any one time. You can sit with your partner or best friend for a cozy coffee catchup.

17. Wooden Top Metal Shelf

round-wooden-Coffee table front Scandinavian corner sofa

Photo by Alrightstock from Freepik

The wooden top coffee table combines industrial charm and natural aesthetics. Furthermore, it adds character and warmth to your living area and has a sturdy metal frame. It has a round spacious top, a metal lower shelf, and straight legs that create an inviting and timeless appeal. The two shelves of the table enhance its functionality, enabling you to keep essentials while avoiding decluttering. 

18. Hexagonal Metal Coffee Table

Scandinavian interior living cozy room

Photo by Yuliapetrova from Freepik

Introducing a hexagonal structure for your coffee table design offers a contemporary approach, yielding a cultivated look for your living area. The diagonal legs give it a minimal and modern look, complementing the rest of the furniture. This design would be most at-home smaller spaces or apartments, and the surface can be utilized to keep drinks, decor items, and books to enhance the ambiance.

19. Wide Top Metal Legs

Scandinavian lounge room design simple table

Photo by Peter_kuprin from Freepik

The wide-top rectangular coffee table promotes practicality and modern simplicity. It includes a wide rectangular top, square corners, and metal legs with a chrome finish. The tabletop offers ample space and is best for serving beverages, snacks, and could even cater to meal times. Due to its versatile design and minimal aesthetics, it can feature in a variety of living spaces and interior styles.

20. Glass Top

Coffee table with glass top surrounded by modern chairs

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This coffee table’s broad rectangular glass top forms a spacious surface area, enough to hold several items. Its tabletop features black-stained glass, clearly dividing the top and lower shelf. Additionally, the base shelf sits in line and is coherent with the tabletop design, adding a contemporary touch to its look. This option is suitable for darker, more mysterious interiors and will set the tone of the ambiance with its timeless allure.

21. Three-leg Metal Coffee Table

Living room interior with black coffee table

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

This small black coffee table is perfect for less spacious interiors and carries a minimal design. It has a round top and three straight legs, showcasing a modern aura. You can utilize it as an accent piece if you have a larger living room to hold beverages, or a teapot and cup set; although its design is simple, sometimes less is more.

22. Clear Top

Living room with design pink velvet sofa elegant pouf coffee table

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

The glass top of this table idea blends unity and modernity. Moreover, the table has a stable and sturdy foundation due to its sleek black metal base, and the top is spacious enough to display items such as decor, books, coffee, or tea mugs.  Nevertheless, the tabletop’s clean finish becomes the focal point of space with its sleek aesthetics and subtle ambiance.

23. Mini Metal Coffee Table

Living room interior with gray fireplace rattan armchair

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

This coffee table is suitable for holding singular items, which is why it is known as the mini table. Although its size is unfavorable, it remains sleek due to its round top and three straight black legs, forming a minimal effect. When you want to enjoy your evening coffee, sit on the sofa near this table and keep your teapot, mug, and snacks on it. The table is best suited to studio apartments or besits but can easily fit into smaller living rooms or serve as an additional piece in a larger living room.

24. Pentagon Metal Coffee Table

Living area with pentagon coffee table

Photo by Hqrloveq from Freepik

This coffee table consists of a pentagon-shaped tabletop with an oval lower open shelf and a rounded base. This style forms a multitier effect, with the open shelf accessible to store essential items or display magazines or books. The top can also be utilized to keep decorative pieces, with its two metal legs ensuring balance and stability. This metal coffee table stands out because its pentagon top and oval shelf contrast harmoniously.

Final Thoughts

Metal coffee tables are a stylish addition to any living room. You will find them in several shapes, designs, and finishes that fit various interior styles. They work in sleek, modern, and classic interiors, ensuring something in store for everyone’s preferences and tastes. Additionally, their timeless aesthetics maintain relevance through changing decor styles, making them ideal for every household. Whether it’s a simple and functional design or something more extravagant, metal coffee table ideas maximize the ambiance of any room, balancing function and form.