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Find A Match: 12 Outdoor Coffee Tables – From Refined to Rustic

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Outdoor Coffee Tables

An outdoor coffee table can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience. It provides a perfect spot to enjoy your coffee on a summer morning while soaking in the sun on your patio, relaxing in the garden, or admiring the breathtaking views from your balcony. With a wide range of designs to choose from, including sleek and modern to rustic and vintage aesthetics, the options for outdoor coffee tables are limitless. Take a look at our curated collection of outdoor coffee table designs that will elevate your outdoor space, and redefine your precious moments in nature.

Contemporary Coffee Table

Large Wooden Table

Photo by pixelstudio from Freepik

If you require additional space for outdoor furniture, this contemporary coffee table can provide just that. The table has a larger surface area, giving you more room to serve drinks and snacks and display decorative items. It boasts a round shiplap-style top with a wooden finish and a sleek white frame with a cross-back design. The table is complemented by the surrounding white furnishings and a plethora of greenery scattered throughout the setup.

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Reclaimed Wood – Shiplap with Castors

Reclaimed Outdoor Table

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

This mobile coffee table is made from salvaged wood pallets that have been repurposed. The piece showcases its unique story, displaying knots, natural patina, and weathered textures. The table is finished with wheels for easy mobility, making it a flexible addition to the outdoor setup. It allows convenient repositioning to accommodate different seating arrangements or activities, making it an excellent choice for outdoor occasions like BBQ parties.

Black with Tapered Legs

Metal Outdoor Coffee Tables

Photo by annebel146  from Freepik

Crafted from metal, this black coffee table is sturdy and reliable, providing a surface for holding drinks, snacks, or decorative items. With a lightweight yet durable design, it features a round top and four angled legs, requiring minimal maintenance. The black finish ensures a stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean and non-combustible, making it ideal for outdoor spaces with fire pits or grills. Overall, this table is a resilient and low-maintenance option, making it a safer outdoor option.

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Square Coffee Table – Teak with Shiplap

Slat Wooden Outdoor Coffee Table

Photo by gaudyirina from Freepik

This coffee table’s slatted design adds a refined touch to the wood and is treated with protective coatings that make it resistant to UV rays, rain, and moisture. The teak wood finish doesn’t retain heat, making it perfect even for the hottest climates. The table complements the slatted wood bench to form a set and stands out vividly in the weathered veranda setting. The wooden slats have smooth edges, making them safer, particularly in outdoor spaces where accidents occur more frequently.

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Mid Century – Light Wood with Storage

Coffee Table with Storage

Photo by rosco shot from Freepik

Maximizing your outdoor space can be tricky, especially when it comes to storage. With this coffee table that doubles as a storage unit, you can keep your patio or deck clutter-free. This piece provides a convenient place to store outdoor essentials, such as small gardening tools, toys, or dinnerware. Not only does it serve as a practical storage solution, but it also serves as a surface for serving drinks, snacks, or even meals when entertaining guests outdoors.

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Oval Set of Two – Teak Tapered Legs

White Wood Top Table

Photo by angelika_smile from Freepik

This set of nesting coffee tables features white oval tops and tapered legs with a teak finish. Their versatile design makes mixing and matching with various outdoor furniture and accessories easy. The tables come in varying heights, adding depth to the setup, with the smaller of the two providing added surface area for drinks, snacks, or decorative displays. Additionally, unlike black tops, white tops don’t absorb as much heat from the sun, making them more convenient for summer months.

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Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table Set

Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table

Photo by user21638329 from Freepik

This square coffee table features a wicker finish for a lovely outdoor furniture setup. The table has an off-white finish and an integrated lower shelf for storage benefits. It pairs cohesively with the matching armchairs to form a complete set, complemented by the square tile flooring and terracotta wall accents. The wicker finish has an open weave style that allows for air circulation, making it more suitable in warmer months and reducing the chances of it becoming too hot. 

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Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table

Photo by Chai6921 from Freepik

This Rattan furniture set perfectly combines design, comfort, and durability. Its timeless aura, with a hint of bohemian charm, makes it a versatile investment, paired with the matching rattan armchair. This small setup has a natural finish, creating tranquility and enriching the outdoor space, giving it a homely feel. This set adopts authentic boho aesthetics, with the table adding a touch of subtle refinement to the space.

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Round Coffee Table – Darkwood Shiplap

Mahogany Table

Photo by mrsiraphol from Freepik

This setup features a mahogany coffee table renowned for its rich spectrum of deep red-brown hues. The table’s design comprises a round ship top paired with slender, tapered legs. The wood features a straight grain and vertical wood fibers that run along its length. Known for being a robust and closely-grained lumber, mahogany resists shrinkage, splintering, and checking. It also includes natural oils that repel insects and decay-causing pathogens. This table is an excellent choice for an outdoor space!

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Jute Coffee Table with Glass Top

Jute Coffee Table

Photo by olegdoroshenko from Freepik

This outdoor coffee table is an excellent fusion of Jute fiber and a round tempered glass top. The twisted threads of the Jute give the table an artistic touch, while the glass top adds a modern feel. The table is accompanied by several rustic stools placed on weathered shiplap flooring. A considerable live edge table at the back of the setup promotes a natural aesthetic, contrasting with the main table’s modern feel. The uniqueness of the table makes it a focal point and a topic of discussion. Its cooling effect and light, airy feel are perfect for hot summer nights.

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Rectangular Coffee Table Set

Small Wooden Table

Photo by freepik from Freepik

This rectangular coffee table has a teak finish, making it a superb addition to a patio or balcony. It provides a functional surface for outdoor dining, studying, or working. The table features a shiplap design on its top and is supported by four legs, one in each corner. It pairs nicely with armchairs having the same teak finish and sits on dark wooden shiplap flooring, highlighting the vivid teak finish of the set. This versatile set is ideal for small outdoor setups, making it easy to move and arrange as required.

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Rustic Coffee Table

Imperfect Table

Photo by mumemories from Freepik

This rustic coffee table has a distinctive appeal, with unconventional shapes and raw finishes adding to its character. The table has a weathered round top supported by slender metal legs. Several wooden stools surround the table, featuring a weathered finish, enriching the rustic look. The shiplap wall, flooring, and exposed brick wall continue the raw, unfinished aesthetic. The greenery spread throughout the setup add a subtle yet refreshing element.

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Final Thoughts

Outdoor coffee tables not only add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces but also serve as practical and functional pieces. Available in various materials, styles, and patterns, these tables are adaptable to complement any outdoor setting and can enrich the overall mood of the space. Whether on a patio, deck, or garden, they allow you to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor life while enjoying the conveniences of a well-designed outdoor setting. 

With the perfect ambiance, you can relish your morning coffee or afternoon tea in a serene environment. Therefore, selecting a suitable outdoor table can significantly improve your outdoor living experience by devising a perfect mix of style and functionality. Delve deeper into the world of coffee tables and interior design with additional insightful articles: 

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