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Coffee Table With Storage: 19 Stylish Solutions for Your Space

You’ve figured you could do with extra storage space in your living room, but you’d like to avoid an ottoman or chest cluttering up your space. In this case, a multipurpose coffee table that doubles as storage would be better suited to you. Something sleek yet functional, modern yet timeless. Not too big, not too small. Lucky for you, coffee tables are diverse, making it easier to tick all the boxes.

Whether you’d prefer drawers, cabinets, baskets, or a combination, scour for long enough, and you’ll find the perfect coffee table to stash your stuff without sacrificing style. Keep reading for 19 of our favorite coffee table with storage solutions to suit any decor and budget. Your living room will thank you…

1. Gray & Pink

Gray and pink interior with sofa and coffee table.

Photo by Trend from Unsplash

A gray and pink inspired interior features a gray wooden coffee table topped with colorful roses in a glass vase. The open shelf storage homes a potted plant, a woven basket holding decor, and a magazine. A gray patterned rug fills the floor space resting beneath the gray sofa with pink and gray cushions, and the coffee table. Pink flowers and greenery display on the console table in the background, with wall decor featuring on the gray interior wall.

2. Bohemian Accents

Living room interior with orange sofa and round coffee table.

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

An orange L-shape sofa with textured fabric cushions provides a bohemian touch to this space, paired with the patterned floor rug. A black open shelving unit stores vases, books, and decor, positioned behind a small side table displaying a lamp. A round coffee table with two tiers and four legs sits in front of the sofa, appearing with a potted plant and a stack of books, while the lower open storage unit remains empty. An oval mirror rests on the back interior wall, and a large potted floor plant adds a touch of biophilia.

3. White & Gray

White and gray living room interior

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

Clean distinctive lines within this interior provide a modern and minimal feel. A large rectangular coffee table with storage available below rests atop a white textured rug, beside a black & white striped footstool. Appearing on the coffee table are two white candles with black and white candle holders. Two sofas sit perpendicular to each other, one carrying white patterned cushions, pairing well with the floor rug. Along the far interior wall feature four windows allowing for natural light to fill the space, topped with white blinds also showing distinctive lines.

4. Natural Elements White Aesthetics

Studio interior with whtie sofa and bed

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

This studio setup mixes touches of greenery and natural elements with modern white aesthetics. A thick wooden coffee table with black metal legs and a storage compartment rests between a white sofa topped with patterned white cushions, and a wooden armchair behind a brown leather footstool. A large floor plant appears at the back of the space beside bay windows, and decor is displayed on both the left and right interior walls.

Quick Tip – Consider soft-close features: Installing slow-close hinges and dampeners will allow for the cabinet doors to open and close gently. This reduces noise and impact that can either damage the hinge or the items inside if fragile..

5. Neutral Tones Mixed Textures 

Living room with white & wood furniture and brown leather sofa

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

A large patterned area rug sits on light wood flooring, with the room’s furniture and accessories sitting on top. Several circular side tables strategically positioned showcase various potted plants, vases, and lamps. A wooden wall-mounted open shelf on the white back interior features framed artwork and additional vases, and potted plant decor. Two white chairs with wooden frames sit perpendicular to the tan leather sofa.

6. Pink & Gold Accents

Living room design with gold lights and lamps

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash

Gold and pink accents bring life and color to the otherwise neutral interior wall & floor. A brown rectangular metal table sits centrally in the space, housing pink flowers in a glass vase, a candle, and a gold serving tray. Below on the storage shelf are stacked books. Two gold lamps rest on white side tables with gold legs, marrying excellently with the eye-catching white chairs, also carrying gold legs. Wallart appears on the right-hand wall, and a round mirror with gold accents appears on the back wall. A gold light fitting hangs centrally above the coffee table, bringing a focal point to the room.

7. Colorful Farmhouse

Sitting area with leather sofa and coffee table with storage

Photo by Sophia Kunkel from Unsplash

This interior exudes farmhouse vibes with a white-painted wooden coffee table and gray tabletop. It features an open shelving unit for storage as well as two storage drawers with black hardware. Atop the table are potted flowers and a photo frame, with a notepad stored on the open shelf. The white bookshelf and turquoise side table, positioned on either side of the tufted sofa, carry the same farmhouse style as the coffee table. Pink and blue accents also show through the cushion, throw blanket, and wooden mirror frame.

8. All-White Wood Accents

White living room with wood flooring

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

An all-white interior rests atop wood flooring creating contrast. Additional wood accents stand out in the space, appearing with the storage box to the right of the space, woven baskets in the coffee table’s storage, and the star-shaped wall decor. A white square coffee table with cross-back sides and open front & back sits in front of the white sofa and extended buffet. As mentioned, the open shelf storage holds woven baskets, ideal for storing tv remotes or other living room essentials. The tabletop features a wooden serving tray and potted greenery for an organic feel.

Quick Tip – Opt for Glass Tops: Glass-top coffee tables add visual appeal and allow you to see what is stored below. Stack baskets underneath and fill them with items you’re happy to keep on display. Glass tops also make the table appear less bulky.

9. Rustic Features Bohemian Accents

Rustic living room with brick interior wall

Photo by Nathan Fertigee from Unsplash

Bohemian touches shine through this space through the sofa cushion, coffee table vase, and decor hanging from the ceiling. The brick interior wall and potted floor plant pair well with the theme and add a sense of rusticity to the room, while large bay windows ensure natural light flows freely throughout. A small coffee table stands in front of the Castleton green sofa and includes two storage drawers with chrome hardware and a lower open shelf for storage.

10. Modern Wood Design

Wooden coffee table with storage compartments

Photo by Pchomeservice from Freepik

This modern design carries a clean light wood finish and innovative structure. The table is split between surface top space and storage solutions. To the left of the design is the tabletop, supported by three wooden legs and the table base. The space between the base and tabletop creates a narrow open shelving unit, perfect for storing books or magazines. The right side of the table features open storage compartments, ideal for storing larger items like throw blankets or additional cushions.

11. Divided Coffee Table 

Living room design with bohemian floor rug

Photo by Mesut Cicen from Unsplash

A bohemian-style floor rug adds color to this neutral interior, as it rests below a wood and metal coffee table. The table top features a distinctive divide with a large white section to the left and a narrower wooden section to the right. Below displays an open shelve for storage, with the entire table supported by a metal structure. A gray fabric sofa with wooden legs sits between a potted floor plant and a stone side table with metal legs. Wood flooring runs through the space amplifying the organic feel.

12. Dark Wood Coffee Table With Storage

Living room sofa with colorful cushions

Photo by Lucas Hoang from Unsplash

Terracotta cushions rest on a brown fabric sofa, creating a clear focal point in the otherwise neutral space. A black arched floor lamp with a gold lampshade provides sufficient illumination to the interior, and neutral tones run through the walls and carpet. Two neutral chairs with wooden frames rest on either side of the dark wood coffee table. The table stores a potted plant and magazine on the tabletop, with wooden strip panels creating a storage tray below.

Quick Tip – Consider Lift-Top or Drop-Leaf Styles: These coffee tables often have hidden storage space underneath the top surface. Simply lift or lower the top to access books, magazines, remotes, and more storage.

13. Low-Standing Coffee Table With Storage

Apartment living with with tv, sofa, add coffee table

Photo by Lissete Laverde from Unsplash

Wood features shine through the furniture in this living room space. A low-standing coffee table sits central, with the rest of the room built around it. A long rectangular console table rests in front of the left interior wall, homing the TV and providing sufficient space for a small media station. Wood flooring fills the room, and floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to radiate through the space.

14. Modern Interior Design

Modern wood living room design

Photo by Jeffrey Chai from Unsplash

This interior showcases fine details through skilled architecture. Intelligently designed Floor-to-ceiling brown wooden beams form a wall-like structure separating two rooms. In front of the ‘wall’ rest a sofa and chair set, split by a small wooden side table. A second sofa features along the back wall forming the living room, while a large abstract area rug sits centrally below a wooden coffee table. The table carries an individual design with a curved structure on the right side and a wrap-around on the left. An open storage unit features along the table’s front panel.

15. Console Coffee Table With Storage

Console table with hot drinks and stereo player

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepike

A black oval console table with an open front and meshed side houses a wooden serving tray and hot drink condiments, forming an innovative coffee table. The open shelf holds a briefcase and stacked books, while to either side of the table rests items of decor. To the right uniquely design black metal floor lamp with a large glass bulk, carrying a modern aura. To the left of the coffee table, sits a smaller wooden side table that allows for a glass vase, or other decorative items; showing brank-like decor.

16. Modern Industrial

Large living room with floating fireplace

Photo by Getty Images from Unsplash

Modern industrial features pair with wooden accents to construct this open-plan interior. A reclaimed wood shiplap coffee table sits above square splashback floor tiles. The plant decor and candle designs carry dark tones, coupling well with the wood’s rough appearance. The tabletop is supported by metal framing, which also forms a lower open shelf for storage. The shiplap concept is continued through the walls and ceilings’ wooden aesthetics, and the lighter tones pair with the wood cuttings stored in the mesh-like interior wall.

17. Vintage Mobile Coffee Table

Farmhouse living room design with rustic accents

Photo by Getty Images from Unsplash

Weathered wood and aged metal make up this vintage coffee table. The surface top holds a chessboard, drinks, and snacks. Below features an open shelf storing stacks of books and a smaller storage tin. In addition, below the open shelf rest a wooden storage drawer with two round knobs. The classic design also includes casters allowing for the table to be moved easily when necessary.

Quick Tip – Install Drawers: One of the easiest ways to add storage is by installing drawers under the tabletop. Look for a coffee table with pre-built drawers or install aftermarket drawers to create hidden storage space for things like cushions, blankets, and more.

18. Coffee Table With Pallets

Living room design with wooden pallets

Photo by Getty Images from Unsplash

High ceilings and large bay windows carry a grand vibe, while the rough texture of the stone walls, along with the shiplap ceiling design, and wooden beams, tone the space down to appear more informal. A low-standing coffee table displays, constructed from pallets, with caster wheels for mobility, and topped with a glass tabletop. This marries harmoniously with the structure of the wooden sofa, also following pallet design. The wooden floor continues the shiplap theme and is painted white. The design overall brings a bright airy feel, great for an informal option.

19. Butcher-Block Coffee Table with Storage

Living room witha wooden coffee table and green sofa

Photo by Francesca Tosolini from Unsplash

Light wood shiplap flooring pairs with the orange window sills and architraves, bringing color to the space. The coffee table sits centrally in the space and features deep storage compartments forming a butcher-block-style design, ideal for storing small items like remotes and books, to larger items like laptops or work folders. The table rests atop a black and gray sequenced rug and a gray fabric sofa with dark wooden legs.

Final Thoughts

So that brings us to the end of our round-up; there you have it! Nineteen trendy coffee tables that offer storage space for your living room. Whether you’re leaning towards a rustic crate table or an industrial metal option, there is a volume of choices to suit the wide range of decor needs. Consider the budget you’re working with, then choose one that best fits your style, and you’ll gain extra storage without sacrificing space.

No more clutter and knickknacks out in the open—tuck it all away and enjoy a tidy living room and peace of mind. Your goal to find the perfect coffee table is hopefully nearing the finish line, if not there already! Happy shopping, and be sure to measure your space to ensure the coffee table you purchase has sufficient space to live!