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18 Brass Coffee Tables: Base Metal Aesthetics for Your Interior

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Brass Coffee Tables

Brass coffee tables possess a quiet yet undeniable magnetism, effortlessly commanding a room. Their compelling presence lies in more than just their visual impact. With their gleaming metallic finish, these tables embody timeless durability. Investing in a brass coffee table transcends a simple furniture purchase. Each design reflects an individual expression, blending purpose with practicality to produce exceptional centerpieces that elevate a living room space. Their remarkable versatility allows them to shine within a vast range of interior design styles. Join us and discover how a brass coffee table can exalt your current setup into a carefully curated reflection of your wants and likes.

Drum Coffee Table

Lasting Craftsmanship: The Wooden Brass Fitted Side Drum Coffee Table

Photo by ViratraArtDecor from Etsy

This drum coffee table offers an unusual take on traditional coffee table design. Its round top features a subtle raised lip, while its low profile bolsters its distinctive aesthetic. The hammered brass exterior forms a textured surface, bringing depth to the piece. The brass finish contrasts the array of candles and other decorative items atop its surface while situating on white shiplap flooring, contrasting with a nearby gray sofa. Comprising premium woodcuts and finished with a complete brass covering, it boasts a high-end look and feel.

Brass Set of 2 Square with Round Legs

Perpetual Style Meets Modern Flair: Brass and Glass Coffee Tables

Photo by ViratraArtDecor from Etsy

This coffee table set embodies a classic and contemporary design, displaying a postmodern vintage feel. The set includes two matching square tables with low profiles and clean, straight lines. Each table features a central glass insert and rests on four cylindrical brass legs, evenly spaced and joined at the top for a balanced look. The brass tones complement neutral surroundings, from the tiled flooring to the taupe walls, while the table build merges the richness of brass with the modernity of glass finishes. The design offers improved adaptability, used together as a centerpiece or divided as accent pieces in larger setups.

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Tray-Style Table with Trestle Base

Perennial Distinction: The Mid-Century Decorative Brass Coffee Table

Photo by ViratraArtDecor from Etsy

This mid-century coffee table symbolizes timeless design. Its rectangular top features a raised outer edge reminiscent of a classic tray. The dark wood trestle base provides the table legs, finished with brass tips on the feet for added details. This mix of wood and metal produces a refined, vintage-inspired look, with the table’s surface area offering space for display and function. Its foldable legs yield an individualized twist while ensuring the table can be easily stored or rearranged to suit your setup.

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Tempered Glass with Rope Tassel Legs

Brass and Tempered Glass Coffee Tables with Artful Rope Tassel Legs

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

The interplay of brass and tempered glass in this nesting coffee table set creates an exquisite design. The piece includes two matching tables with glass square tops and lower shelves, providing appeal and storage or display space. The framework displays a distinctive rope motif throughout the legs, tabletop edges, and lower shelf perimeters. Cone-shaped feet add a touch of whimsy, while the intricate rope-tassel legwork offers a visual twist. The set provides a one-of-a-kind aesthetic while incorporating a functional aspect, fusing character and purpose.

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Trolley Table with Smoked Glass Top

Rolling in Discernement: The Brass Trolley Coffee Table with Smoked Glass Top

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

The coffee cart offers a fresh take. It features a rectangular framing with smoked glass inserts for the top and lower shelves. Raised edges on the top shelf corral the featured items, while black castor wheels with brass accents provide mobility. The rounded corners soften the look, while decorative items on the top and lower shelves sweeten its appeal. This design offsets classic and contemporary aesthetics through mixed materials for an eye-catching piece.

Leather Trunk with Brass Hairpin Legs

The Leather Nightstand Trunk Coffee Table and Brown Leather Armchair Duo

Photo by EnglishLeatherTrunks from Etsy

This interior features décor emphasizing pieces that convey a sense of history. The coffee table stands out with its vintage suitcase design and brown leather finish. Metal clasps, straps, and handles add to the authentic feel. Brass hairpin legs present contrast, merging the table’s industrial and contemporary influences. Beside the table, the well-worn leather armchair complements the brick floor and the trunk’s warm tone. Elevated on its brass legs, the trunk offers an individualized piece negating weathered aesthetics with brass accents, forming an intriguing aura.

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Aldo Tura Coffee Table – Vintage

Reviving Mid-Century Elegance: The Beauty of Aldo Tura's Brass Coffee Table

Photo by EnglishLeatherTrunks from Etsy

Inspired by contemporary design principles, this Aldo Tura coffee table features a square silhouette and a textured stone top supported by brass legs. The table’s low profile and slender legs, with their intricate engraved detailing, produce an upscale feel. The subtle connection between the table’s textured top and the complementary gray floor coordinates the two finishes. The X-style frame reflects the modern focus on clean lines, offering essential functions and an exceptional aesthetic.

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Southwestern Coffee Table

Vintage Artistry: The Two-Tone Swirl Mosaic Brass and Wood Circular Coffee Table

Photo by ViratraArtDecor from Etsy

This coffee table offers a distinctive vintage aesthetic. The robust build features a round butcher-block top with a textured finish and a two-tone swirl mosaic design, promoting a rustic feel. Positioned at a mid-set height, it balances practicality and intrigue. The base showcases six curved legs that converge into a hexagonal form crafted from solid brass, ensuring durability and a unique aesthetic showcasing vintage pieces’ enduring lure.

Rustic with Smoked Glass Tops

Contemporary Discernment: Brass Nesting Coffee Tables with Smoked Glass Tops

Photo by ViratraArtDecor from Etsy

This trio of nesting coffee tables forms a striking focal point, their weathered brass finish offering a timeless aesthetic. The set comprises three tables, each square with a weathered finish and underscored by stained-glass inserts. Though similar in design, the tables vary in height to form the nesting effect. The tables feature four legs with a ribbed effect and cylindrical form. The set sits atop a textured rug with boho-inspired motifs, pairing cohesively with the rattan planter while contrasting with the brass finish.

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Modern with Magazine Rack

The Mid-20th Century Brass and Glass Coffee Table with Magazine Rack

Photo by ViratraArtDecor from Etsy

This coffee table reflects the mid-20th-century era’s preference for clean lines and functional design. Its rectangular form features a glass top with a stained finish. A lower shelf, composed of brass slats, connects to the ribbed legs midway down the piece. The table’s sharp corners and uncluttered silhouette contribute to its contemporary look, while the brass accents and herringbone flooring provide warmth to the setting. This piece offers a sleek aesthetic and convenient storage while mixing mid-century style with conventional, user-friendly features.

 Small with Rounded Corners

Embracing Mid-Century Modern Grace: The Square Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This square coffee table showcases sleek lines and mixed materials, forming a contemporary design. Its glass top rests on a brass base, creating a petite and modern feel. The low profile and compact build contribute to its understated aesthetic, while the rounded edges and corners soften the table’s form. The contrast between the square top and rounded edges produces visual contrast. The brass legs offer sturdy support and complement the wooden flooring, while the neutral wall provides a clean backdrop.

Ornate with Murano Crystal Mirrored Shelves

The Ornate Brass Coffee Table with Murano Crystal Mirrored Glass Shelves

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This Venetian brass coffee table showcases ornate detailing and Murano crystal mirrored shelves. The vintage-inspired design features a square build with a top tabletop framed by a decorative brass border. A matching lower shelf offers additional display space for decorative items. The table’s slender, cylindrical legs provide its foundation, and their design echoes in the armchair for a cohesive look. The rustic shiplap flooring yields a rustic feel, contrasting the table’s surfaces.

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Cubic Coffee Tables

Refinement and Resilience in One: The Gold Brass Chrome Square Coffee Tables

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

In this setup, the brass and chrome coffee table set balances durability and innovation. The matching tables feature a low-profile, cubic shape and glass tops. Coffee table books offer a decorative element, while the tables’ hollow centers contribute to an airy aesthetic. The brass finish exhibits a subtle weathered texture, accentuated by the dark wood flooring. Their design allows for flexible arrangements, making them adaptable within smaller and larger setups.

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Italian Brass Coffee Table

Glamorous Taste: The Vintage Italian Table

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This vintage Italian brass coffee table oozes sophistication with its exceptional design. Its rectangular top has a distinctive tapered groove and rests slightly above the table frame, offering an elevated aesthetic. The table base features four cylindrical legs connected by spherical joints and a curved brass element at ground level. The legs also connect below the tabletop, forming a rectangular design. This intricate detailing yields a luxurious feel, reflecting the characteristic glamour of vintage contemporary pieces. The robust base assures stability, while the overall design devises an eye-catching piece.

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Mid Century Trolly Table with Castors

Mid-Century Modern Brilliance: The Vintage Table with Mobility

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This authentic mid-century coffee table enriched practicality. Its brass frame offers durability and provides a vintage aesthetic. The round build features two tiers with ornate detailing enveloping the central glass insert. The base consists of three cylindrical legs joined to the lower tier by spherical brass accents. The castor wheels provide convenient mobility, while the lower tier offers added storage to help retain a clutter-free environment. The dark wood flooring accents the brass finish while merging classic and contemporary elements, defining it as a mid-century piece.

Onyx Marble with Art Nouveau Brass Legs

Italian Tables with Onyx Marble Tops and Art Nouveau Legs

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This interior showcases a pair of Italian coffee tables with distinctive onyx marble tops. The rectangular tops display a white finish with subtle texturing, offering depth. They’re backed by four cylindrical legs spread to the corners, presenting ornate detailing and adding character to the piece. Rustic, shiplap flooring complements the table’s finish and amplifies the vintage ambiance. The marble’s texture and coloration suggest the classic lines of Art Nouveau’s design, evoking a feeling of antique charm.

Brass and Smoked Glass Nesting Set

The Vintage and Smoked Glass Three Nesting Tables

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This coffee table set offers a distinct mid-century modern aesthetic with a brass and smoked glass nesting design. It features three tables of staggered sizes, ideal for compact spaces. Two tables have rectangular tops, while the smallest displays a square form. Each table features a rounded glass top backed by a brass frame with U-shaped legs, while black protective tips on the legs complete the refined look. The consistent depth provides cohesion across the set, while the subtle variations in height and width create a dynamic nesting effect.

Square Coffee Trolley with Magazine Rack

The Mid Century Modern Table with Smoked Glass Shelves

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

This vintage coffee table features a trolley-inspired design with a tall, narrow frame, a square tabletop, and a matching base-level shelf. An additional shelf, comprising several brass slats, rests below the tabletop. Brass accents frame the table’s top and base, while two parallel legs support the piece, and black caster wheels with brass housing allow for easy movement. The three-tiered concept cleverly integrates a practical trolley format with a coffee table’s traditional function, forming an adaptable piece.

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Nesting Cubes – Brass & Chrome

Versatile Brilliance: The Robust Table with Cubic Surprises

Photo by MCMeffect from Etsy

In this setting, the coffee table features an innovative design, with four smaller tables integrated seamlessly into one larger unit. The smaller tables feature a brass finish, while the larger encompassing frame displays a contrasting chrome finish with a raised outer edge for improved practicality. Each piece shares a consistent cubic build topped with glass surfaces. This setup complements the modern styling, with the splashback flooring and fluted panel wall adding further texture to the setup.

Final Thoughts

As we explore the coffee table space, brass options clearly demonstrate an excellent balance between purpose and aesthetics. Their warm, antique-inspired tones offer individualized accents to contemporary living spaces. Whether showcasing a classic brass base, a smoked glass surface, or a combination of materials, these tables effortlessly adapt to diverse design preferences.

They come in mixed designs and finishes, from nesting sets and trolley designs to modular shapes and rustic finishes, maximizing their benefit in diverse settings. This combination of beauty, adaptability, and durable materials makes brass tables an appealing choice. They offer lasting value for any home with their potential to complete modern and traditional decor.

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