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20 Sleek Mirrored Coffee Tables: Reflect Your Home’s Style

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available options from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Mirror Coffee Tables

Today, our journey through the complexity of interior design brings us to a closer look at mirror coffee table ideas. In this article, these attractive pieces of furniture emerge as the focal point; transcending mere functionality to enhance any living space. This exploration delves into mirror coffee tables’ charm and remarkable adaptability.

Each element harmonizes to create a symphony of style and sophistication—from the radiant elegance of their reflective surfaces to the seamless integration of diverse materials. As we explore this exquisite piece, we unravel its design nuances, practical advantages, and the artful interplay of materials that make it a testament to refined interior decor. Join us on this enlightening journey as we delve into the captivating world of mirror coffee tables.

Cubic Coffee Table

Open plan living room with cube coffee table

Photo by Decoist

This setup draws our attention to the modern coffee table with mirrored cubes for an innovative design. The table features atop a colorful rug, becoming the space’s focal point and creating a playful feel. The surrounding gray sofas provide a well-balanced contrast that enriches the table’s look, while the integrated terrace extends to connect the indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly. It provides a smooth transition to the outdoor garden, resulting in continuity.

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Rectangular Coffee Table

White living room interior with mirror coffee table

Photo by Yliakhvoshch from Freepik

Our focus now shifts to a coffee table with two levels, with a glass top and lower shelf encased in a sleek metal frame with a mirrored chrome finish, creating an illusion of spaciousness. Atop the table, decorative items add to its aesthetic. The coffee table is positioned on a faux white rug next to a white sofa, harmoniously blending in with the surroundings and creating a cohesive space.

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Waterfall Coffee Table

Modern living room inteiror with sofa and table

Photo by Decoist

The centerpiece of this interior is a glass coffee table with a reflective mirrored build and a waterfall design, which radiates luxury while integrating seamlessly with the room’s aesthetic. The table creates contrast when placed on the black and white rug with a checked stripe design, further enriching its appeal. Moreover, the sofa is positioned against gray and white walls to complement the table and create a cohesive color scheme. These elements work together to create modern refinement.

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Contemporary Coffee Table

Upscale living room design with contemporary table

Photo by Decoist

The main focus of this setup is the three-piece coffee table with gold-finished metal frames and mirrored tops. The table is set on a blue and white rug adjacent to a white sofa adorned with coordinating blue accent pillows. The color synchronization boosts the appeal of the setup and merges contemporary aesthetics with simplicity. The choice of materials paired with the subtle gold accents transforms the table into a centerpiece, contrasting with the white surroundings.

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Trunk Coffee Table

Living interior with trunk coffee table

Photo by Decoist

At the heart of this setup sits a trunk-style coffee table featuring leather corners, edges, and studded buttons that give it a refined look. The trunk provides storage space, making it a practical solution for everyday essentials. Positioned parallel to the porch, the trunk benefits from abundant natural light from the surrounding windows. The grey sofa is placed against white and glass tables, creating a sense of harmony throughout the space. The table is aligned with the view and provides functional storage while maintaining a stylish look.

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Black Coffee Table

Luxury living space with black mirror coffee table

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

In the center of this setup is an impressive coffee table made of tempered glass with a black finish. The table’s sides have mirrored accents, which add to its contemporary look. The base and top of the table are consistent in width, making it well-proportioned. Adding chrome and black accents to the table amplifies its aesthetic and forms a luxurious vibe. The room also features a black sofa decorated with silver and black pillows, creating a refined ambiance.

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Rustic Coffee Table – Abstract Base

Living room with blue accents and mirror coffee table

Photo by Decoist

Our attention turns to a rectangular coffee table with steel legs equipped with wheels, making it easy to move around. A drawer built into the table’s design further enhances its practicality. This piece fits perfectly in a modern living space with a white sofa set, complemented by blue cushions that add a touch of elaborateness. The room’s blue walls have a geometric pattern that serves as a backdrop to the painting depicting a tree.

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Antique Coffee Table

The room’s focal point is a glass coffee table with a mirrored finish, which exudes an elaborate look. The table is complemented by white flowers placed on top, and next to it is a dressing table and a leather chair featuring a fusion of different materials and textures. The table is set on a gray wooden floor, adding subtle warmth to the overall look. The selection of materials and attention to detail contribute to the space’s aesthetic.

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Rectangular with X Base

Living interior with greeen sofas, black and white flooring, and table

Photo by Decoist

Let’s take a closer look at this contemporary coffee table with a unique cross-glass base comprising two glass slabs that intersect. The design showcases structural integrity and adds a modern touch to the setup. It’s positioned atop a black and white rug, creating contrast against the vibrant green sofas. It serves as a centerpiece, coordinating modernity with a classic feel. Wooden side tables accompany the sofas, each adorned with black and golden lamps that complement the arrangement.

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Glam Coffee Table with Drawers

Luxury interior with table with drawers

Photo by Rowen Homes

This space features a coffee table with a glass top, marble drawers, and a metal frame. This table serves a practical purpose while adding an airy feel to the room, placed atop a distressed rug, complementing the setting. The table’s marble drawers display on its surface, and the sturdy metal frame ensures longevity. It’s set against a gray sofa accessorized with plush white and gray cushions, creating a contemporary and inviting look.

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Coastal Coffee Table

Coastal living room with vibrant furiture

Photo by Stockgiu from Freepik

Our roundup starts with a sleek rectangular coffee table made of mirrored and tempered glass, designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. The tables lower open shelf provides space for storage or displaying decorative items. This table is decorated with coastal accents, giving it a refined and nautical feel. It is surrounded by vivid orange and white sofas, creating a vibrant setup.

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Block Coffee Table

Living room with block coffee table

Photo by Decoist

This living room’s mirrored glass coffee table is the focal point, giving a modern vibe. For practicality, a black serving tray on the table offers a vivid contrast to the mirrored top. Its surface complements the white and gray furniture. The room’s ambiance mixes white and gray tones with subtle silver accents. This table is functional and seamlessly coordinates with the room’s design, serving as a stylish platform for decorations and daily use.

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Pillar Coffee Table

Within this carefully curated living space lies an exquisite coffee table with built-in storage featuring an integrated lower shelf. The frame comprises wood, providing a sturdy foundation for the mirrored top and shelf. The design is elevated with golden accents, adding a touch of splendor to the aesthetic. Placed upon a soft faux rug, the table effortlessly commands attention as the room’s focal point. This mix with the surrounding gray sofas creates a sense of balance and harmony, contributing to the space’s ambiance.

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Butcher-Block Coffee Table

Rustic home interior with mirror coffee table

Photo by Decoist

In this living room, the main attention-grabber is the coffee table. Its thick butcher-block top sits on a wooden frame base, giving it a prominent look. The glass and wood merge together seamlessly, forming a sleek aesthetic. The table is situated in the center of the room, surrounded by couches and a fireplace adorned with white flowers. The interior walls are consistent with a brown and white color scheme, which creates a soothing aura, amplifying the room’s tranquil vibe.

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Low-Set with Black Accents

Vibrant living room with blue sofas and mirror coffee table

Photo by Decoist

This stunning cubic coffee table is a bold addition to any living room, featuring mirrored glass that forms a contemporary design. Its striking surface makes it a standout piece, perfectly complemented by the deep blue couches surrounding it. The table’s cubic precision adds a touch of symmetry, while the textured accent wall behind it provides a stunning backdrop. Overall, this coffee table is a perfect example of bold modernity!

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Small Coffee Table

The main feature of this setup is the waterfall coffee table with a mirrored finish, which has a symmetrical design that provides balanced visual appeal. The table is placed on a wooden floor, contrasting its contemporary design. The positioning of the table against the neutral sofa emphasizes the piece, and it pairs nicely with the mirrored chest of drawers at the back of the space.

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Cube Set of Two

Grand living room with table set of two

Photo by Decoist

In the center of this arrangement, two cubic coffee tables pair coherently with the grand interior setup alongside the off-white furnishings of the room. The mirrored surfaces of the tables add a vibrant touch and reflect the light, creating an elaborate effect. The ambient glow from lamps on the adjacent side tables gives the room an upscale feel, while the table seamlessly coordinates with the overall design.

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High-Set Modern Coffee Table

Living room with mirror coffee table in mid century design

Photo by Beliani

The setup features a glass coffee table with storage that fuses a classic butcher-block top with a modern waterfall design. The table’s mirrored frame ensures its structural integrity while giving it a contemporary look. The chrome accents on the table’s sides add to the luxuriousness of its design. The table is placed on a textured gray area rug, mixing cohesively with the upscale surroundings. An arrangement of delicate lavender flowers on the tabletop completes the look, complementing the sweet pink sofa beside it.

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Low Coffee Table

Grand living room with large coffee table

Photo by Decoist

A generously sized rectangular coffee table takes center stage in this setting, exuding finesse. It seamlessly integrates into the design scheme, set amidst a cohesive monochromatic backdrop where various shades of gray dominate. The table’s slick aesthetic complements the surrounding furnishings, creating a unified ambiance. The glass top not only enhances the table’s contemporary appeal but also fosters a sense of transparency, reflecting the muted tones of the interior.

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Unique with Rustic Accents

The centerpiece of this setup is a mirrored coffee table with built-in storage, creating an upscale design. The table features glass cutouts, giving it a mirrored appearance, while the lantern-shaped legs elevate its aesthetic. Adding drawers makes it a functional option, providing convenient storage. It’s set atop a neutral area rug and pairs cohesively with the matching dressing table. To enrich the room’s ambiance, a money plant sits on a gray mat, conveying a touch of nature into the interior.

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Final Thoughts

To summarize, the mirror coffee table becomes more than just an essential furniture piece—it becomes an eye-catching accent combining modern elaborateness and practical advantages. Their reflective surfaces provide a light and upscale feel to any living area and meet functional requirements. This distinctive fusion of materials and design produces a symphony that draws interest and captures attention.

This table style invites you to explore style and express personality. Whether it is the reflective surfaces or the cutting-edge finesse that draw your attention. In interior design, the mirror coffee table is a testament to the harmonious union of form and function because of its capacity to reflect and enhance its surroundings. Discover a wealth of inspiration for your next coffee table by exploring our related articles:

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