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The Key Differences to Styling Large vs Small Coffee Tables

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available options from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

When discussing the topic of interior design, the coffee table is considered an essential feature that can serve as a centerpiece within your living space. It provides an opportunity to showcase your ingenuity and sweeten the aesthetics of your home. Whether you have a spacious setup with a large coffee table or a small nook with a petite one, understanding the nuances of decorating each can make a significant impact on your space’s overall look and feel. In this article, we will explore the world of coffee table decor, discussing the key differences, advantages, and disadvantages of both large and small coffee tables.

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Living room interior with mid-century table

Photo by Cobrastock from Freepik

Size Matters: Unique Challenges of Large vs. Small Coffee Tables

Size is a key factor to take into account when it comes to coffee tables. Regardless of whether you have a large or a small one, both come with their own set of challenges. To make the most of your coffee table, here are some tips to follow.

Large Coffee Tables

To maintain the sleek look of a more spacious coffee table, it’s crucial to keep the center clear and corral on one side or corner. Utilize trays, baskets, and boxes to organize smaller items like remotes, magazines, and coasters. Additionally, it’s vital to balance the space by incorporating larger decorative pieces like a sizable vase, bowl, or elaborate indoor greenery. You can cluster more miniature items or display a collection, but ensure to leave enough open space to avoid clutter. Remember, a cluttered coffee table can ruin the aesthetic of the entire room, so keep it tidy and organized.

Small Coffee Tables

When decorating a compact coffee table, it’s essential to keep in mind that minimal decor is the answer to avoid overcrowding the limited surface area. Stick to one or two larger decorative items like a vase, candleholder, or a small collection of complementary pieces. Avoid adding too many accessories, knick-knacks, or storage boxes, which can quickly make the table feel messy and disorganized. Make use of the vertical space by including wall shelves, racks, and cabinets above the table, this provides additional storage and display space without taking up valuable tabletop real estate.

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Whether you have a considerable lounge area or a cozy living room, choosing decor that fits your coffee table size will make the space feel open, organized, and stylish. Focusing on keeping the center clear, using trays and vertical space, and choosing the correct scale of decor for your table size is paramount to mastering the art of coffee table styling.

Modern living room with wooden furniture

Photo by Julienprotz from Freepik

Insight – Optimal circulation space is achieved using small tables that leave ample open space, promoting better traffic flow. However, larger tables require more mindful consideration of walking paths to ensure seamless movement.

Pros & Cons: Advantages and Disadvantages of small and large coffee tables

Navigating the vast possibilities of coffee tables entails a prudent evaluation of the pros and cons, and exploring the advantages and disadvantages inherent in both small and large options.

Small Coffee Table

Small coffee tables, with their compact footprint, offer undeniable advantages in smaller setups. Their space-saving design allows for more flexibility in furniture arrangement, making them ideal for cozy apartments or compact living areas. Additionally, smaller tables are often more affordable, providing a budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing style and functionality. On the downside, their limited surface area may pose a challenge when displaying decor or accommodating multiple items simultaneously.

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Large Coffee Table

On the other hand, large coffee tables bring their own distinct set of advantages, quite literally. With their expansive surface area, they can act as a striking centerpiece in larger interiors, offering generous space for decor, snacks, and general living room essentials. The additional size allows for additional features such as built-in storage, making them a practical pick for those who value both form and function.

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However, their grandeur may pose challenges in smaller spaces, potentially overwhelming the room and limiting furniture placement options. Furthermore, the higher cost associated with larger tables may be a consideration for those on a tighter budget. Ultimately, the choice between small and large coffee tables depends on your specific needs, space constraints, and aesthetic preferences.

Apartment space with wooden coffee table

Photo by IamMujahidMalik from Freepik

Insight – It is essential to note that design elements vary depending on the table size. Large tables usually showcase intricate designs with elaborate details, while smaller tables mostly rely on simplicity and clean lines.

Achieving Balance & Proportion: The Importance of Scale

Achieving the perfect look and function for your coffee table requires attention to detail surrounding scale and proportion. It’s key to strike a harmony between the size of your table and the items you choose to adorn it with. Only then can you concoct a truly enchanting centerpiece for your home setup.

Large Coffee Tables

If you find yourself with an expansive living room and a larger coffee table, you have more space to work with but still want to achieve a proportional feel. More extensive items like thick coffee table books, decorative boxes, and trays are good options while corraling of smaller items, including height variation, also works well. A large coffee table allows for:

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  • Displaying bold decorative items that would overwhelm a smaller table.
  • Hosting snacks, drinks, or games for get-togethers.
  • Anchoring a seating area in an open concept space.

Opting for a table that surpasses the appropriate size for your room can result in a cramped and cluttered feel; ensure you measure your living space and select a table size that facilitates smooth traffic flow and provides ample legroom for seating.

Small Coffee Tables

To achieve a cozier living room, a petite table is an ideal choice. Make sure to keep the tabletop uncluttered and group a few smaller items together. Here are options to consider:

  • A serving tray holding subtle decorative items, books, or candles.
  • A bowl with orbs, stones, or other natural items.
  • One bold piece like an ornate box or metallic tray as a focal point.

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While a petite coffee table is effective in smaller spaces, it may lack adequate functional surface area for certain needs; be sure to measure your room to guarantee that a small table remains functional for your intended use.

Retro living room with small coffee table and armchairs

Photo by Kriserdmann from Freepik

Insight – Keep in mind that a table’s size can significantly impact a room’s visual weight. Larger tables tend to dominate the space and draw the eye, while smaller tables have a more subtle and understated aesthetic.

How To Decorate A Coffee Table: Getting Creative With Small Spaces

To make the most of the limited space, decorating a small coffee table requires some ingenuity. To help, below are a few smart and effective ways to style a tiny coffee table without making it feel cluttered:

Utilize Decorative Trays

Group items on decorative trays, boxes, or plates. This contains items in one area, preventing them from looking scattered across the tabletop. You can find trays in a mixture of styles to match your decor theme.

Keep it Minimal

With a small table, less is more. Stick to a few essential items like a stack of magazines or books, a candle, and a small houseplant. Avoid knick-knacks that will make the space feel cramped.

Opt for Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are an exceptional option for small spaces. You can pull them out when entertaining guests but slide them under one another when not in use to open up floor space. Look for nesting tables that complement your current design approach.

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Use Multifunctional Pieces

Choose pieces that serve dual purposes, like a coffee table with built-in storage. An ottoman or bench can also double as extra seating and storage; these types of multifunctional pieces minimize clutter on your tabletop and promote organization.

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Home interior with gray sofa and small coffee table

Photo by Murtaza03ai from Freepik

How To Decorate A Coffee Table: When Bigger Is Better

If you have an oversized coffee table, take advantage of the opportunity to create a bold and impactful statement with your decor. Large coffee tables offer plenty of room for decorative accents that can establish the ambiance of your living room.

Groupings & Vignettes

To create an aesthetic coffee table, cluster smaller decorative items together. Use groupings of candles, books, sculptures, or trays containing smaller items to intentionally fill the space. Make sure to create little “vignettes” or scenes using decorative items that share a theme or color scheme. For example, group copper items, natural wood elements, or metallic accents together on one part of the table, this will add a sophisticated touch to your decor.

Statement Pieces

An oversized coffee table is ideal for a bold statement piece, like a large geode, stone sculpture, or architectural artifact. These items, substantial in size, suit the scale of a bigger table and become a dramatic focal point in the room. Keep the rest of the table reasonably clear to let your statement piece shine.

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Leave Space

When decorating a large table, remember that less is more. Don’t feel compelled to fill every inch of it with decorations. Instead, aim for decorating around 2/3 of the table and leave the remaining space open, allowing people to set down their drinks or other living room-related items. Always keep in mind that an oversized coffee table with open space will not only look more inviting but also offer more functionality. So, if you want to create a harmonious and less chaotic look, avoid overcrowding your table with unnecessary decor and leave some breathing room.

Keep it Low

To keep an oversized table looking sleek and functional, it’s vital to keep the decor low and unobtrusive. Avoid cluttering the table with tall items as they can make it appear cramped and disorganized. Instead, opt for low and long decorative pieces that will assist in keeping the interior feeling open, airy, and spacious. By following this simple rule, you assure that your table remains a functional piece in your living room.

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Living room interior with large coffee table with decor

Photo by UdayaArts from

Insight – Finding the right table for a room can be challenging, as larger tables may dominate the space and require meticulous coordination with other furniture. Smaller tables, on the other hand, can be more versatile and smoothly integrated into existing decor.

Final Thoughts

As we come to a close, we can say that the significance of the discussed pieces extends beyond mere size; each demands a creative and thoughtful curation. Achieving the ideal mix of functionality and aesthetics remains pivotal, irrespective of your space’s dimensions, when devising how to decorate a large or small coffee table. Elevating your table to a tantalizing focal point requires the unleashing of inventiveness, the expression of personal style, and the crafting of a narrative that reflects your individuality. Through this process, your table becomes more than furniture—it transforms into a distinctive centerpiece, infusing your living space with a touch of refinement that resonates with your personal story.

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