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Multipurpose Must-Haves: Space Saving Furniture for Apartments

Recently updated on February 28th, 2024 at 11:22 am

The property is expensive. There’s no way around it, the prices of homes have been increasing steadily for years. It has reached the point where a stylish small apartment is the most that many professional adults can afford to shell out on a mortgage for. But there’s nothing wrong with a cozy space as long as it’s properly decorated and populated with smart furniture and well-used decorative pieces. We’ve put together this article to focus on clever space saving furniture ideas, along with decor choices you can make to bring in some decorative elements without overcrowding your home and making a stylish small apartment. Through this blog, you’ll find that there’s more to saving space than just your run-of-the-mill sofa beds.

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Space Saving Furniture: Stackable Tables & Chairs

Stackable, space-saving tables and chairs are an excellent choice for a Stylish small apartment. Sometimes, you might want to have guests around; in these cases, you may need more tables and chairs to hand than you would typically use in your daily life. Crowding a small space with several tables and chairs isn’t practical, primarily if you work from home and need to move around regularly. Choosing stackable tables and chairs means you can have plenty of seats and surfaces ready for when you have company over without taking up excessive floor space. Many of the options in this lane have become very stylish in recent years, meaning that the fully stacked version can also function as decorative decor.

Living Room Space Saving Furniture ideas
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Insight – Don’t Overcrowd: The best space-saving tip is simply not overcrowding your space. Of course, these items of furniture can be a great help, but it’s just as important to keep the space tidy in general.

Wallbeds / Murphy Beds

The design of most wall beds includes some form of furniture on or around the exterior of the flipped-in bed, ranging from surrounding cupboard spaces, a space-saving sofa, and work-friendly desks. If you’re struggling to find the space for a large bed frame in your apartment, a wall bed or Murphy Bed might be precisely what you need. The wall bed is a simple but effective way to make good use of space in a smaller apartment, often offering you two valuable pieces of furniture in one. Wallbeds flip up into the wall, either vertically or horizontally, creating more space in the daytime when they’re not in use.

Space Saving Furniture: Disguised Storage Solutions

This blog’s theme is Multifunctional and transformable furniture because it offers solutions to multiple problems in singular packages. Hidden and disguised storage furniture is an excellent example of this concept, offering you spaces to keep your belongings while simultaneously functioning in other ways. Storage stools, headboard hideaways, and concealing kitchen columns are all great examples of how the internal space within furniture can be used to save space in your home. These solutions are practical and handy while also adding a fun, almost secret-agent level of modernity to your home.

Office Space Space Saving Furniture ideas
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Insight – Style and Function: Just because you’re choosing items that are space-saving and practical, you should still make an effort to maintain a consistent visual style. It might take a little more digging, but it will pay off.

Floating / Wall-Mounted Desks

With more and more people working from home, a desk has never been more of an essential piece of furniture. However, desks can take up a lot of valuable room, especially in smaller studio flats and apartments, making a wall-mounted or floating desk such a smart option for the modern professional. These desks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but much like other elements of the list, choosing a multifunctional option is the best way to secure a good bang for your buck. The Haotian Floating Desk is a great choice, as it offers a stylish piece of decorative decor while also functioning as a shelving unit, while the FJU Foldable Desk from Living Divani doubles as a magazine rack.

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Space Saving Furniture: Corner Shelves

If you’re living in an open-plan or studio flat, there may not be an abundance of walls for you to set a bookshelf up against, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stacked on your bedroom floor. There are several corner shelves that you can install into your home these days, often utilizing clever geometrical patterns to create a safe space for your favorite stories to sit on. The 5-Tier Shelf from Greenco is a superb example of how a corner shelf can operate as a stunning piece of functional yet decorative home decor that also helps to save you space. While this one requires installation into the wall, plenty of floor-bound options are also available.

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas by DeCasa Collections
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Insight – Don’t Be Afraid to Throw Away: If you are struggling for space, consider the items you need and those you have no use for. Throwing things away is hard, but it opens up the door to new possibilities.

Extendable Tables

A dining table might be great for a dinner party, but in your everyday life, a larger table in a small apartment can be more of an inconvenience than anything else. Choosing the clever furniture design of an extendable table is a great way to save space when you need it while also retaining options for when the company comes over. There are dropping tables where a side can fold down, leaving you with a perfect little breakfast bar for your morning coffee and granola. You can also get tables that pull apart to reveal internal portions of woodwork, growing as a surface overall, suiting whatever purpose you need at the time.

What Now?

Now that you’ve got the inspiration with some tremendous compact furniture examples and decor concepts, it’s time to start decking out your flat! Follow any of the links in this article to see the pieces described themselves, while you can also explore the brands to see if anything else takes your fancy. Along with this, look at various furniture websites and catalogs to get an authentic feel for a range, as you could come across some great gems in space-saving and stylish furniture and decor to make your apartment feel more like a home than ever. Enjoy your decoration!


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