4 Essential Pieces of Furniture for the Best Home Office

In the post-Covid world that we’re living in today, more and more people are finding themselves working remotely rather than in traditional office block setups. While this transition hasn’t been easy for everyone, studies have indicated that remote working has done wonders for many in terms of productivity and general performance

With these findings becoming common knowledge, we can expect to see remote and hybrid working setups staying as a part of our modern working landscape for some time. This means that people should really invest a little more into building the perfect work-from-home setup for themselves, which means choosing smart furniture and home office equipment to make the setting feel as natural and comfortable as possible. If working from is something you’re looking to get into, check out Jooble! They’re a large platform connecting people looking for work with the best suited jobs.

We’ve put together this blog to lay out some of the most vital home office essentials for you to source when building your remote working station, so you can feel as productive and successful as possible even without being in the typical office setting.

Work From Home Office Setup by DeCasa Collections
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Source the Perfect Work From Home Desk

Yes, it may be tempting to spend your working hours slumped into a comfy chair or sofa, laptop resting on a cushion placed on your upper thighs, but sitting like this for too long is terrible for your posture, and can create unhealthy associations with work and spaces of relaxation. If you’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, you need to find the perfect desk for you. 

You can choose something as stylish, minimalistic, or functional as you like, just remember that you’re going to be sitting at it for a lot of your waking hours going forward, so you definitely need to choose something that speaks to you. Go for something small and Scandinavian or pick something out with more of a rustic, natural wood aesthetic. 

Either way, make sure it has a good height and plenty of space for your other home office supplies. Ready to go chair shopping?

Work From Home Office by DeCasa Collections
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Quick Tip – Create a Schedule: Alongside your new pieces of work from home furniture, it’s important to approach your home working schedule in the right way. Make sure to allow for breaks and meals throughout your day.

The Perfect Work From Home Desk Chair

To partner with your desk, you need to find the perfect desk chair. You’re going to be sitting in this chair a lot, so finding something comfortable that supports good posture is absolutely essential to a proper work-from-home furniture setup. It’s worth remembering that the most comfortable or functional chair might not also be the most aesthetically pleasing or stylish, so when it comes to desk chairs, you may have to compromise at points.
There are plenty of wheeled, ergonomic desk chairs on the market, however, if that’s not your style, feel free to choose something more traditional. A hard-backed chair can still offer your back the support it needs to get through week after week of working at your desk and might be a stronger visual choice for your home office, especially if your floors aren’t suited to the wheels found on the classic office chair.

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Ergonomic Desk Pieces

The items that populate your desk are just as important as the desk itself. You can choose to keep it relatively bare or fill a desk with plenty of sentimental and decorative items, but either way, some ergonomic accessories should definitely be a part of your home office setup. There are countless options on the market for items that will make working from your home desktop or laptop more comfortable for the areas of your body that get stressed by working from home. 

One of the most common choices for an ergonomic desk accessory is the laptop or desktop stand, designed to provide you with a stronger vantage point when it comes to viewing and typing on your computer. Similarly, there are desktop screen arms and stands, meant to support stronger posture. Many of these can look very ‘techy’, but there are also plenty of elegant, visually-pleasing iterations of these items that you can find.

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Quick Tip – Update Your Home Systems: When working from home, it’s vital to stay well-connected, so make sure your computer is running smooth and your WiFi is quick enough to take on the working day.

Lighting Is Key 

Working at a desk with your face in front of a screen all day can take its toll on your eyes, which is why you need to make sure you have a good lighting arrangement in place. Certain rooms in your house may not have the best ceiling lights, which is why a good desktop lamp can go a really long way in your work-from-home office. 

You need something that will readily illuminate your space without being too harsh on your vision, while ideally picking something that fits nicely into the visual style that you’ve curated in the room. Lamps are a great simple and functional piece of statement decor, with a clear use and purpose, while still being an opportunity to convey some style and personality. Whether you choose something more industrial or lean towards Scandinavian minimalism, make sure that the lamp suits your working needs.

Best Home Office Lighting For Computer Work by DeCasa Collections
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Quick Tip – Repurpose Rooms: Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use what you have. Find a quiet corner in your kitchen, living room, or dining space to work in.

Final Thoughts

Working from home is here to stay, so building a good space to act as a home office is essential. Hopefully, with this explanation of some work-from-home essentials, you’ll feel more confident in how you approach building your home office space. Inspiration is key when it comes to interior design in any room of the house for any purpose, so get out there, browse items, and speak to experts. For more inspiration in different contexts visit a trusted design blog and gather ideas. Happy designing!