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21 Trunk Coffee Tables: From Old Chest to Conversation Piece

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available options from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Trunk Coffee Tables

Trunk coffee tables offer a distinctive mix of aesthetics and purpose, providing an unconventional twist to living room setups and interior spaces alike. Their designs, often inspired by vintage luggage, evoke a sense of adventure and a well-traveled spirit. Whether you prefer the warmth of aged leather, the sleekness of metal, or the boldness of rich colors, there’s a trunk coffee table to complete your vision.

If you’re still here, amazing! Let’s explore the diversity available and discover how these pieces can transform your current setup. From seasoned designers seeking distinctive elements to homeowners desiring a fresh perspective, the aim with this guide is to inspire you to build a space that’s both compelling and reflective of your style.

Tan with Gray Accents

Wanderlust at Home: The Unconventional Beauty

Photo by studioworkstock from Freepik

This unique trunk brings a retro spirit to the setting. Its suitcase design and weathered leather finish symbolize vintage travel. Gray fabric accents, secured with stitching, trim each corner, while hardware detailing along the top and sides sweetens the retro feel. Resting on sturdy black cylindrical legs, this piece is as functional as it is eye-catching. Coffee table books and a decorative planter deck the top, introducing color to the mix, paired with a deep-blue sofa for an alluring contrast.

Rustic Trunk with Castors

Earthy Warmth: The Skin Tone Hints and Old-school Chrisma of the Table

Photo by user10487580 from Freepik

This piece presents a weathered patina, hinting at stories untold. Its rectangular silhouette offers timeless rusticity, while the chrome hardware adds an understated sheen. A wooden slab comprises the tabletop, while wheels at the base allow for effortless movement, bolstering the table’s aesthetic. The piece features against a southwestern-inspired rug, accentuated by the leather sofa for a balanced setup.

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Colorful Trunk Set of Two

Living Room Drama: Adding a Punch of Color with the Trunk Coffee Table

Photo by user33769719 from Freepik

This distinctive trunk setup takes inspiration from the classic look of stacked suitcases for an individualized twist. The upper section features a mix of colors illuminating the space and forming the room’s anchor with playful energy. The lower section maintains a timeless feel with its monochromatic design, providing a grounding element for the aesthetic. This table complements the surrounding leather furnishings and works cohesively with a patterned area rug spread beneath it.

Repurposed Trunk Upholstered Top

Trunk Coffee table with upholstered Top

Photo by Giryakson from Freepik

This compact coffee table evokes the feel of a well-worn antique. Its textured wood body and subtle leather top form a pleasing contrast of materials. Angled metal legs offer sturdy support while adding a hint of industrial edge to the metal hardware affixed to its body. This mix of elements gives the table a distinctive character and a weathered aesthetic. The tufted tabletop displays a tufte design, while a selection of accent pillows presents color and softens the piece’s rusticity

Pedestal Trunk

Conversations in Style: The Unique Olive Green Suitcase Coffee Table

Photo by ahmaddesignsswl from Freepik

This piece hints at journeys and adventures with its distinctive design. Its low-slung profile offers a contemporary feel, while the olive top, warmed by subtle brown undertones, produces a timeless vintage-inspired color palette. A warm wooden base grounds the piece, complementing the earthy green tones. This table’s individualized appearance speaks of a rich past, making it a intriguing addition to the space and a sure way to spark conversation.

Coastal Trunk Style – Distressed Finish

Coastal Dreams: Off-White Wood Trunk Coffee Table

Photo by user33769719 from Freepik

This unvarnished coffee table, painted off-white with a distressed finish, presents an interplay of textures. The piece features a rectangular top with integrated storage and short, round, stubby feet. The top provides a satisfying counterpoint to the wood’s rusticity beneath, highlighting the intentional distressing techniques. The table sits naturally in this coastal-inspired setting, coinciding with the neutral hues and prominent rattan textures. It lends a sense of relaxation, showcasing a mix of farmhouse and coastal aesthetics.

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Industrial Trunk – Brown Accents

Classic Comfort: The Dark Brown Trunk Coffee Table

Photo by biancoblue from Freepik

This trunk signifies industrial and rustic styles. Its rectangular build and low profile give it a grounded presence. Metal hardware accents the trunk’s body, emphasizing the industrial feel. The rich dark brown hue adds a rustic touch, complemented by lighter wood tones for visual contrast. This piece partners with brown sofas, carrying a leather finish and a tufted design, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Square Trunk Gold Accents

Functional Aesthetics: Coffee, Literature, and the Table

Photo by stickerside from Freepik

This square trunk embodies a retro aesthetic, with its brown leather finish and evenly spaced legs offering a classic look. White stitching along the leather provides subtle detailing, while gold hardware adds color and reinforces the piece’s authentic feel. The trunk’s warm finish invites comfort, and subtle accents create retro entice. The piece is set atop wooden shiplap flooring, establishing a timeless ambiance within the setup.

Teal Trunk with Castors

Creating an Industrial Haven: Sea-Green Trunk Coffee Table and Brick Walls

Photo by biancoblue from Freepik

This piece merges metal and wood for an exceptional build. Its low, cubical shape and weathered finish cultivate an industrial vibe, further emphasized by the metal hardware. The striking sea-green hue, punctuated by touches of dark brown, adds a bold touch to the trunk’s aesthetic. Four wheels affixed to its base provide effortless movement for simple rearrangement. This distinctive trunk pairs cohesively with exposed brick, enriching the room’s industrial vibe.

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Wooden Trunk with Tretle Base

Enhance Your Space with a Retrograde Trunk Coffee Table and Brown Chairs

Photo by arissu from Freepik

This high-set trunk offers a mix of natural and industrial pieces. Crafted from raw, unfinished wood, the rectangular top presents a weathered texture. Its imperfections and natural variations speak to a timeless quality. The black steel base offers a counterpoint, lending a smooth finish contrasting with the table body. The piece with wooden chairs continues the rustic feel for a cohesive look. This combination creates a relaxed ambiance, producing a more informal setup.

Vintage Trunk

Rugged Radiance Blossoms: Pairing White Roses with Your Coffee Table

Photo by hiv_360 from Freepik

This trunk invites a feeling of wanderlust, its design hinting at a rich history through its rich leather finish, worn and weathered. The design, low profile, and plentiful size make it a natural fit for rustic or vintage-inspired spaces. Aged metal hardware adorns the trunk, its patina complementing the weathered leather. For a compelling contrast, gold. Vases filled with white roses on the chest oppose the table’s ruggedness, completing the focal point of the setting.

Teak Trunk with Gray Accents

Boho Chic: Enhancing Your Living Space with the Trunk Coffee Table

Photo by AdibaZr from Freepik

This meticulously crafted trunk integrates natural aesthetics and modern accents. The light wood finish forms the base and body, while subtle gray leather accents add a touch of modernity. Gold hardware offers a slight glimmer, further accenting the design. The top features a polished surface, forming a stage for decorative objects. This attention to detail and mix of textures make this trunk a distinctive addition to this living space, complementing the boho-inspired aesthetic.

Antique Trunk

A Journey Through Time: The Rich Reddish-Brown Trunk Coffee Table

Photo by Paulina from Freepik

This coffee table radiates nostalgia. Its design prompts the style of classic travel luggage, finished in a warm, reddish-brown tone. Chrome hardware accents the latches and handles, while subtle hints of orange add a cozy feel. Black leather straps line the edges, secured with chrome studs, while convenient handles make rearrangement simple. The piece pairs the patterned vintage rug to complement its timeless appeal, creating a balanced setting.

Turquoise Trunk with Tapered Legs

Wood and Leather Fusion: Turquoise

Photo by studioworkstock from Freepik

This coffee table displays a distinctive repurposed suitcase design with a rich turquoise exterior. Its low-set rectangular shape offers a relaxed feel. Metal hardware forms the latches and leavers to accent the piece, while a front handle bolsters the aesthetic and practical function. Leather corners, secured with contrasting white stitching, offer a subtle textural element. Four compact legs comprise the base, yielding intrigue. The piece partners with a blue sofa and a light floral rug for a balanced and inviting setup.

Reclaimed Trunk Coffee Table

Farmhouse Serenity: The Off-White Trunk Coffee Table's Vintage Magnetism

Photo by anne-leven from Freepik

This farmhouse trunk oozes rustic appeal. Its rectangular top, crafted from weathered pallets arranged in a shiplap pattern, adds dimension and texture. The trunk’s long, narrow build and off-white base contrast with the distressed wood. Four wheels offer practicality, allowing for effortless movement within the space. This piece fits naturally into this farmhouse cottage setting, bringing a feel of timeworn charm.

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Stacked Set of Two

Living in Color: Aesthetic Brilliance of the Vermillion Trunk Coffee Table

Photo by Paulina from Freepik

These stacked suitcase trunks offer a cohesive, retro, stacked design. Each piece features matching leather finishes and chrome hardware, creating a unified look. Handles on both the top and sides provide aesthetic benefits and easy maneuvering. This design adds a touch of retro style to your space, paired with a rustic area rug offering a warm texture to the bedroom setting, contrasting the trunk’s refined look.

Textured Trunk Coffee Table

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Elevate Your Space with the textured Table

Photo by studioworkstock from Freepik

This trunk boasts richly textured wood, celebrating upcycled aesthetics. Black metal hardware accents its back and sides for an industrial contrast. Multiple storage drawers offer space for organization, improving its functionality. The trunk showcases a mix of natural wood tones, creating intrigue, while a shiplap design on the top yields further textural depth. Its clean lines and classic rectangular form sit atop four castor wheels, ensuring easy space movement.

Modern Trunk with Brass Accents

Zinc and Brass accent table with green finish

Photo by stickerside from Freepik

This coffee table presents brass accents and a repurposed finish, showcasing its exceptional character. Its rectangular build offers a classic silhouette, while a mix of brass and chrome hardware adds visual intrigue. Four angled legs with metal tips provide sturdy support and mid-century modern flair. The polished finish reflects meticulous craftsmanship and lends the table a refined feel. This repurposed piece fits both indoor and outdoor settings, making it an adaptable addition.

Weathered Trunk Coffee Table

Earthy Warmth The Skin Tone Hints and Old-school Chrisma of the Table

Photo by Grestuff

In this setup, the rectangular coffee table showcases rusticity with a dark brown finish and weathered appearance. It’s low-set design and subtle hints of rustic gold hardware add a touch of understated luxury. The interplay between the weathered aesthetic and gold accents forms a pleasing visual balance. To further enhance its appeal, antique ornaments feature on the table’s surface, complementing the piece’s character.

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Light-wood Trunk

Crafting Atmosphere: Trunk Coffee Tables and Retro Accents

Photo by biancoblue from Freepik

This light-wood trunk embodies an industrial aesthetic with its sleek, low-set design and black hardware accents. Subtle hints of dark brown within the wood add depth to its appearance. The trunk’s smooth top highlights craftsmanship, elevating it from simple storage to a decorative element. This piece makes a bold statement, set against a patterned rug and accentuated by the tufted leather sofa with studded accent detailing.

Gray Trunk with Leather Finish

Inviting Tranquility: The Table's Role in Room Transformation

Photo by stickerside from Freepik

With its rectangular form and leather-accented corners, this low-set coffee table draws the eye without overwhelming the space. Its neutral gray finish, highlighted by brown and off-white details in the hardware, creates an understated aesthetic. The subtle legs feature intricate French Country carvings, merging classic with practicality. The table features greenery alongside the coffee table books, while the plush leather sofa sits coheres with the table’s brown accents.

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Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of trunk coffee tables, we’ve seen how these unique pieces offer style and substance. More than just furniture, they embody a spirit of adventure, craftsmanship, and the enduring appeal of personalized design. Whether you gravitate towards rustic or contemporary aesthetics, a well-chosen trunk will exalt your living space with its distinctive character and practical advantages. Let this piece become a reflection of your story, a testament to your taste, and a timeless addition to your home. Embrace the journey of making your space truly your own!

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