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33 Farmhouse Coffee Table Designs to Enrich Your Homes Rusticity

Recently updated on February 21st, 2024 at 07:39 am

Farmhouse Coffee Tables

A farmhouse coffee table is a popular choice for home decor due to its rustic and charming appeal. It draws inspiration from the warm aesthetic of wood, and  the simplicity of rural farmhouses; adding a vintage charm to your living space. Manufacturers use various materials such as reclaimed wood, metal accents, or distressed finishes, to display a sense of character and history. These tables are known for their functionality and sturdy construction, providing ample surface to display decor, serve drinks, and keep your favorite magazines and books. Some models feature drawers or lower shelves for additional storage to keep your necessary items organized and within reach.

In this article, we’ll explore a diverse range of Farmhouse coffee tables, versatile in design, for modern urban apartments and cozy country homes, adding a touch of comfort and nostalgia. They are worth the investment due to their timeless appeal and durability, and you won’t have to buy a new one as they can endure a change in design trends. Anyway, that’s enough from us, let’s dive in!

Wooden Farmhouse Coffee Table

Living area with gray chair wooden coffee table

Photo by Fluffyelk from Freepik

This small coffee table has a round top and is designed to be simplistic yet functional. It comprises light wood with varying tones, and has a textured yet smooth finish highlighting the wood’s grain. The top is supported by slender metal legs that sit angularly with a black paint finish, giving the table a modern look. The tabletop is spacious enough to hold multiple items – from drinks to decorative sculptures, snacks, or everyday essentials!

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White Top Farmhouse Coffee Table

Beige living room with Farmhouse decor

Photo by vusal3d from Freepik

This table is a mixture of both rustic and modern design. The circular white surface is spacious enough to hold multiple items, while the sturdy wooden legs give the setting an authentic farmhouse look. The table is an excellent combination of functionality and style, adding an airy and fresh feel to your farmhouse interior. It’s an ideal addition to any traditional or contemporary style.

White Rectangular Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Farmhouse home setting with white coffee table and seating

Photo by Camomileleyla from Freepik

This rectangular coffee table adds a touch of farmhouse charm to the living space. Its contemporary design features a sleek white finish that blends in well with the surroundings and can also fit into a modern interior. The table’s rectangular shape provides ample surface area for both practical and decorative purposes. Additionally, it comes with a discreet storage shelf underneath that helps keep the living area organized and tidy.

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Brown Farmhouse Coffee Table

Coffee table armchair near window

Photo by Peter_kuprin from Freepik

If you’re a fan of traditional farmhouse concepts over modern alternatives, this vintage coffee table should be considered. It features a round top to hold drinks and a stack of books, while the round lower shelf can store magazines or other living room essentials. The table’s tilted wooden trestle legs add to its timeless aesthetics and provide stability. Its traditional design coordinates well with most interior themes, creating a sense of comfort and heritage.

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The Coffee Table on Wheels


Photo by Stockgiu from Freepik

Introducing a mix of convenience and rusticity, this coffee table is a versatile addition to the setup. This table comprises repurposed pallets, showcasing creativity and sustainability. The inclusion of wheels provides easy mobility, allowing for adjustments as and when needed needs. This functional centerpiece adds industrial flair to the space, marrying form and function – this table is perfect for a busy household that is always on-the-go! It has an appealing design that oozes authenticity.

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The Glass-Topped Rattan Coffee Table

country style rattan living room interior

Photo by MikhailovStudio from Freepik

This rattan coffee table is a splendid mix of natural aesthetics and modern design. It features an intricately woven rattan base that adds rusticity, while the glass top introduces a modern element. The calming off-white tone complements the woven structure below, creating contrast and a sense of airiness. This makes it a well-suited addition to the setup and seeks a balance between classic and modern influences.

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Aesthetic Farmhouse Coffee Table

Home composition with candles and coffee table

Photo by Pvproductions from Freepik

This coffee table creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It features a long rectangular top that carries a shiplap design, and sturdy trestle bases, giving it charisma and durability. Although it features no shelf, the top is spacious enough to hold an arrangement of items, including seasonal decorations and an assortment of trays and coasters for improved organization. For added ambiance, the use of scented candles or incense sticks add to the overall ambiance of the room.

Classical Farmhouse Coffee Table

Cozy outdoor patio with succulent garden accessories

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This wooden coffee table is ideal for outdoor use due to its sturdy and robust design. It has a wide rectangular top with a shiplap style design, squared corners and slanting legs, which affirm its authenticity. This table provides space for decorative arrangements alongside coffee and tea sets, making it an excellent spot to enjoy the nature-inspired surroundings. This spot is a must whenever your friends or family visit to relax and unwind in a natural environment.

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The Solid Mahogany Wood Coffee Table

Interior room beige colors with wicker furniture

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

Introducing a shabby coffee table made from repurposed wood; it’s crafted by using distressing techniques, which gives it an authentic look. This piece embodies traditional artistry and features a whitewash finish using water-based paint. This enriches its rustic appeal and adds a timeless touch to your decor. The table has unique angular style legs that differentiate it from more traditional tables. This adds an individualized element to the space alongside the neutral hues and prevalent textures.

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Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage table tablecloth knotted home interior minimalist aesthetic

Photo by Shangarey from Freepik

If you appreciate vintage aesthetics, this table might catch your attention. The table boasts a rectangular top and four square legs. The wood has been intentionally distressed to give it a more rustic appearance, while a white paint coat has been added to create a whitewash finish. This complements the white sofa that comes with a textured square cover. The all-white finish is an excellent backdrop to showcase fall-inspired table decor, infusing the space with a pop of color.

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Tree Top Trunk Coffee Table

Spacious living room with wooden elements

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

This set of nesting tables displays sturdy burl wood tops. The thick, round tops have a live-edge feature and a smooth finish, indicating that they have been stained and sealed. The chrome bases contrast the wooden tops and add a contemporary element to the tables’ rustic feel. Handmade and unique, each table has its own distinct grain pattern, making it an individual piece.

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Round Farmhouse Coffee Table

flowers-wooden-Coffee table stylish scandinavian style living room

Photo by User27955914 from Freepik

This coffee table has a smooth tabletop with a unique, live-edge perimeter that promotes its rusticity. Its subtle yet distinctive look is enriched by the three slanting legs forming a pedestal base. The table fuses functionality and style and is utilized in this setup to display a bouquet of flowers or a subtle teapot set. Due With its compact design, it is better suited to smaller spaces, becoming the centerpiece and creating a cozy ambiance.

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Rustic Industrial Coffee Table

Home interior design rustic industrial style

Photo by Biancoblue from Freepik

This setup presents an industrial coffee table that merges mixed materials to create a functional and characterful piece. The table features a wood top that exudes natural warmth, while the integrated storage shelf offers a practical solution for everyday essentials and decorative items. The sturdy metal legs carry a black finish and give the table an industrial edge that balances out its design. This piece forms the ideal centerpiece, enriching your space with the best of both worlds.

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Bamboo Coffee Table with Polished Finish

Home interior design scandinavian bohemian style

Photo by Biancoblue from Freepik

Immerse yourself in sustainability with this light wood coffee table. Its polished finish exudes refinement, while the rounded top and corners offer a smooth touch. Fused with the light wood finish, the design emanates a Scandinavian vibe, coordinating harmoniously with the surrounding boho-inspired furnishings. The greenery scattered throughout the space promotes eco-living and adds a serene aspect to the setup. Designed for both style and wellness, this piece prioritizes comfort.

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Scandinavian set of 2

Living room filled with furniture vase plants

Photo by User28489021 from Freepik

The coffee table set is an eclectic mix of opposing design elements. It boasts vintage aesthetics, clean lines inspired by minimalist decor, and textured accents that add a touch of warmth. The tables have rounded tops, one being wider than the other and featuring intricate pedestal bases, affirming their authenticity. Additionally, they differ in height, creating balance and mixing adaptability with convenience.

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Creative Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse living room with large windows and coffee table

Photo by Saban Std from Freepik

In this interior, the farmhouse style is enriched by the unique coffee table. The table has a wide rectangular top with squared corners and a slight overhang. The base is designed with slats, featuring a combination of metal and wood, giving it an industrial appearance. The table is adorned with various floral decorations, planters, and decorative candles, which add to the original farmhouse vibe. The white walls and sofa serve as a perfect backdrop, highlighting the richness of the wooden tones throughout the space.

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Engineered Wood Coffee Table

Living room with couch coffee table and white rug

Photo by Kriserdmann from Freepik

In this setting, a walnut coffee table is the focal point. It comprises a rectangular top and angular legs, giving it a sleek and modern design to match the room’s ambiance. The table’s dark hue complements the accent pillows of the sofa, creating a cohesive look. To add to the relaxed aura, the setup features a handmade fruit basket and other decorative elements, complemented by the textured throw blanket and neutral floor rug. The integrated shelf provides a practical storage solution without compromising the table’s aesthetics.

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Shiplap Tabletop

Living room with couch coffee table vase

Photo by Elgeeko from Freepik

Next in our roundup, we’re focusing on a coffee table made from solid Pine wood. The table carries a rectangular top with curved edges along its length, giving it a unique touch. The top also features a shiplap design, leaning into the interior’s boho style. The slender, angular legs add a subtle touch to the table’s light wood finish, creating a light and airy vibe. The surrounding interior features shiplap-style wooden flooring that pairs  perfectly with the tabletop. The textured rattan aspects of the room look great alongside the accent pillows and greenery in the space.

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Storage Coffee Table

Living room with large white sofa large window

Photo by Denisyevtekhov from Freepolik

The coffee table in this interior is chic and practical, thanks to its storage capabilities. Its square shape features a low-slung design, while the differing wood tones bring out the texture and imperfections of the table, reinforcing its authenticity. It has two built-in storage compartments, an open shelf, and a closed storage area accessible from either end of the table. These compartments make it effortless to store your essentials and keep your surroundings organized and clutter-free.

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Oval Farmhouse Coffee Table

Living room coffee table with pet bed

Photo by Elgeeko from Freepik

This oval coffee table boasts a simple and unique design. It has no lower shelves, but it comes equipped with an integrated pet bed for a personalized touch. The table features an oval top and corners supported by wooden trestle bases. The soft, rounded corners give off a relaxed vibe, while the light wood finish creates an airy atmosphere that is perfect for a boho setting. The spacious top provides ample space to display small plants, scented candles, favorite books, or intricate sculptures.

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Canted Legs Coffee Table

Minimalist interior design with vase and coffee table

Photo by Yganko from Freepik

This coffee table features canted legs and a farmhouse-inspired design that adds a rustic touch to any space. The table’s legs are angled, while the oval wooden frame creates a cozy atmosphere. The dried leaves and fall-inspired decor atop the table add a subtle touch of color and give a relaxed feel to the space. The table combines classic and modern styles to offer refinement and practicality in one stunning piece.

Portable Coffee Table

Farmhouse interior with breakfast coffee table and presents

Photo by Uka132 from Freepik

This tray table is designed to be lightweight and easy to move around, thanks to its two hollow handles and foldable legs. The light wood finish ensures its adaptability, making it an excellent complement to the festive trinkets in farmhouse hues. The shiplap wood flooring and textures from the throw and rug create a cozy ambiance while maintaining an airy vibe. The folding legs of the tray table make it compact and easy to store when not in use, while allowing it to be used as a standing table when needed.

Tempered Glass Coffee Table

Sofa with pillows vase with flowers and coffee table

Photo by pixel-shot.com from Freepik

This coffee table setup features a combination of materials – a fiberboard base and tempered glass top – in a chic design. The fiberboard base makes it sturdy, while the tempered glass top adds a touch of refinement. This versatile piece can also double as a side table, making it an adaptable choice for those who value functionality and convenience. Its ability to adapt to changing needs makes it an ideal addition to the space.

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Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

rustic coffee table with basket with fresh fruit

Photo by Vecstock from Freepik

This coffee table is made up of two wooden pallets and has a distinctive DIY appearance. The table’s symmetrical shape adds to its appeal, and its two tiers provide ample storage space and a surface for displaying decorative items. The table comrpises repurposed wood, making it stylish and environmentally friendly. The rough pallet finish is ideal for outdoor use, capable of withstanding the wear and tear that comes with outdoor setups.

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Light Brown

Rustic wooden coffee table with scandi boho decor

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This coffee table has a farmhouse-style design, featuring large planters and trays to corral the smaller trinkets and keep the setup organized while promoting a natural look. The table has a wide, rectangular top, antique-inspired wooden legs, and corners that give it a vintage aura with a farmhouse twist. The greenery and decor pair well with the boho-inspired area rug and patterned accent pillows, tying the furnishings together coherently.

Simple Farmhouse Coffee Table

Scandinavian living room with vintage lighting fixtures wooden furniture

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This coffee table has a weathered finish and a simple design that exudes understated refinement. Its color promotes a rustic vibe, and its angular legs provide stability while adding a classic farmhouse aesthetic. The table’s clean lines and simplistic design make it versatile and suitable for various themes and preferences. The tabletop features greenery and farmhouse trinkets, which create a refreshing and cozy aura when coupled with the added greenery spread throughout the space.

Solid Wood Coffee Table

Scandinavian interior with gray sofa wooden coffee table

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

This coffee table is a versatile furniture piece that can be used as a centerpiece, as shown in this setup, or as an accent in a larger interior. It has a round wooden top, a matching base, and long cylindrical legs. The design is a fusion of contemporary and farmhouse aesthetics, with rattan decorative elements and surrounding textures that promote a boho feel.

Shabbuy Chic Farmhouse Coffee Table

Shabby chic living room with mix modern vintage accents

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This design features a shabby chic coffee table with a subtle blue hue. The table has intricately designed legs, with a paint chip effect on the tabletop. It is placed on top of a textured area rug and surrounded by an assortment of armchairs and sofas. The white interior provides a splendid canvas for the shabby decor accents to stand out, enhancing the shabby chic theme. The table’s rectangular top holds a large tray filled with decor and trinkets, a vase with fresh flowers, and a teapot set.

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Scalloped Farmhouse Coffee Table

Simple living room with farmhouse coffee table

Photo by Megafilm from Freepik

This coffee table blends modern elements with farmhouse aesthetics, showcasing rusticity with its rough, unfinished top. The tabletop is crafted from reclaimed wood, while the base is made of metal, forming a sturdy and industrial look. It provides ample space for displaying plants, coffee sets, trays, and trinkets. With its unique style and practical design, this table is an ideal addition to a farmhouse setup.

Extra Large Square Shelf Coffee Table

Living room with black farmhouse coffee table

Photo by UniquePrimtiques from Etsy

This large square coffee table provides a bold aesthetic with its impressive size and distressed kettle black finish, transforming the setup with the appeal of rustic farmhouse style. Made from reclaimed wood, it features a shiplap-style top that brings the authenticity of past eras into the space. The symmetrical design offers abundant space for displaying and storing items, making it functional and authentic.

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Ladder Legged Style

Stylish boho composition with natural elements

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

This coffee table has ladder legs and is a perfect fit for a small space with a natural look. Although the tabletop could be more spacious, it can still hold smaller items like a tray with a coffee set, a collection of small candles, or a single large decorative piece. The table has a unique reverse-rounded top that adds personality and mixes well with the room’s decor. Its size gives the room a cute and minimalist appearance, making it an ideal centerpiece in this smaller living room or a complementary piece in a larger space.

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The Small Low Square Wooden Coffee Table


Photo by Laci_2010 from Freepik

This coffee table is excellent for those who prefer minimalism. It has a low-slung design with a weathered finish and a square-slatted tabletop. The table’s low-slung features promote its modernity, while the neutral interior and wooden surrounding furnishings create a natural look, with varying textures adding a boho feel. Its modest size makes it easy to integrate into larger spaces, providing a practical yet stylish surface for everyday use.

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Metal Legs

Boho composition living with couch and wooden coffee table

Photo by Fluffyelk from Freepik

This coffee table boasts a wooden top and metal legs, making it suited to the cozy living room setup. It features squared corners, a rectangular top, straight metal legs coated with a black paint finish, and no lower shelf. Despite not having a lower shelf, this compact table is multi-functional and provides ample space to showcase decorative items, fruit bowls, or seasonal flowers. Moreover, it offers sufficient surface space to keep your essentials organized and uncluttered.

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Final Thoughts

The farmhouse coffee table is the epitome of rusticity and timeless elegance. With the inclusion of premium materials and classic designs, it’s no wonder it’s quickly becoming a beloved addition to many homes! The use of farmhouse coffee tables evokes a sense of comfort, warmth, and creates an inviting ambiance. It provides ample surface area for treasured decor items, drinks, and snacks, often including lower shelves for additional storage and functionality.

What’s more, farmhouse options are incredibly versatile, making it the ideal addition to a range of interior styles, from Scandinavian to traditional to modern bohemian. If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your space, the farmhouse coffee table is the way to go, so be sure to take advantage of this timeless piece.

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