Kitchen Island Cabinets: 20 On-trend Ideas to Steal

Window shopping for a kitchen island but feeling hesitant to take the plunge? With a vast amount of options available it’s important to differentiate between your wants and needs, and kill two birds with one stone where possible. Kitchen island cabinets & drawers are often multipurpose; maximizing storage and work space while providing a backdrop for decor items. Choosing the approach that best suits you, and finding a layout that fits with your current interior are the primary problems to solve. But no need to panic; we’re here to give a helping hand.

We’ve thoroughly scoured online resources and found 20 kitchen island cabinet ideas to incentivize your remodel. From rustic wood to elegant marble-topped islands; industrial metal cabinets to cozy cottage styles, there’s a design choice for every preference and price tag. Get ready to finally bring the manifestation to life. Combining purpose and composition allows these kitchen island cabinet ideas to spark your renovation journey. You’ll soon be the ‘go to’ when it comes to dinner party hosting. Everyone will get a glimpse of your new creation and steal some inspiration!

1. White Countertops

Kitchen island with black hardware by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Im3rd Media from Unsplash

The white surface tops reflect light from the pedant lighting around the room, really showing off the space. Black accents and hardware provide prominent contrast to the concept. The island incorporates an industrial-style oven, and the mix of cabinets and drawers in different sizes accommodate for different-sized cookware. Wood flooring couples with the ambiance of the pendant lights, creating balance for a harmonic vibe.

2. Wood Ceiling & Floor

Gray kitchen island with white countertop by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Im3rd Media from Unsplash

Wood Flooring partnered with the wood ceiling and wooden beams gives a natural aesthetic to the interior. The choice of wood is continued through the design’s cabinetry and drawers, with a gray appearance is contrary to the otherwise natural elements. The kitchen island sits free of appliances, perfect for displaying items or decor such as the flowers used here.

3. Symmetrical Cabinet Design

White wooden kitchen island cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Obi Pixel7propix from Unsplash

The symmetrical presentation of the kitchen cabinets gives a uniform look, which is consistent throughout the island and the remaining kitchen interior. The granite countertops have a combined speckled and splashback effect and are used throughout the kitchen. An induction stove top features on the island with analog knobs rather than digital, and light gray tiled flooring runs through the kitchen and connecting room.

4. End Cabinet Design

Kitchen island with end cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Christopher Moon from Pexels

The go-to for kitchen island cabinets is that they usually feature on the side closet to appliances, where everyday tasks are carried out. This approach, however, gives a more uncommon perspective, including them at the end of the design. This brings the benefit of larger storage areas compared with smaller cupboards and drawers. Large white pendant lights shape the room’s primary lighting, while under cabinet lights provide illumination for other kitchen tasks.

5. Black Cabinetry and Drawers

Black wood kitchen island cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

A small square kitchen island with cabinets and drawers painted black for a bold visual appeal, perfect for storage kitchen cookware and cutlery. The design of the granite worktops marries with the color scheme of the kitchen backsplash. Neutral walls alongside the wooden flooring option administer a warm essence. The design style of the appliances follows industrial stainless steel.

Quick Tip – Multi-purpose Cabinets: Opt for cabinets with adjustable shelves and dividers to coordinate your items as needed. Add pull-out drawers, spice racks, and cutting boards for added practicality.

6. Aquamarine Kitchen Island Base Cabinets 

Rectangular kitchen island with cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Aquamarine is the color choice for the kitchen island for a statement effect. A mix of drawers and cabinets are built within the island, with open shelving units integrated at the end of it. A dark brown worktop provides contrast to the island body but fits well with the dark wood flooring. The remainder of the kitchen cabinets accentuate a white finish with the chrome hardware matching the steel fridge and oven.

7. Small Rectangular Island With Cabinets

Small kitchen island with twin cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

A small rectangular island design with wood panels and storage cabinets. The marble surface poses as the perfect workstation for everyday kitchen tasks, positioned conveniently to the oven and sink. White dominates this kitchen design, and the prominent pendant lighting attributes to its character. Chrome accents contribute to the modern light feel of the design.

8. Breakfast Bar Island Comobo

Kitchen island with storage cabinets and seating by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

A breakfast bar and storage cabinets make up this kitchen island, with a long marble countertop covering the table area. Two black stools with an off-white tone for the seating serve as informal options for morning meals and coffee. Gray backsplash tiling twins with the chrome fridge and splashback effect of the kitchen worktops.  The spotlights complement the white design promoting a bright aura.

9. Black and Gray Island With Cabinets

Gray kitchen design with wood cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Tones of black, gray, and white comprise the kitchen island, the body dark gray with faint white splashback accents, and a white surface top with a more prominent splashback. The worktop features an overhang supported by black pillar-like legs oozing a grand touch. The hardware and lighting incorporate black accents, while the living room combo features an exposed brick wall painted white for a coherent vibe.

10. Stone Floor Tiles With Gray Cabinets

Narrow kitchen island with cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Stone-like large gray floor tiles radiate a raw vibe, and stand brazen against the neutral gray interior walls. The island’s body includes narrow cabinets and drawers in the center with more comprehensive options on either side. A smooth surface makes up the countertop, exemplary for displaying decor items and pops of color. Additional white accents uplift the space, through the wooden wall accents and dining chairs.

Quick Tip – Soft-close hinges & drawer glides: Soft-close features will extend the life of your cabinetry by reducing stress on the hinges and drawer glides over time.

11. Color-Infused Kitchen Design

Kitchen island with large cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Teal window frames combined with the pale interior wall add color to this kitchen. The far internal wall showcases a herringbone-style design in neutral tones matching the cabinetry. Spacious cabinets with dark gray hardware spread across the island’s length, set back from the countertop’s overhang. Stool seating provides informal touch, while the gold design and gray seating exhibit a luxe tinge.

12. Orange Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic kitchen island with internal cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Jasmine B from Pexels

 A mix of orange wood cabinets and drawers make up this interior’s design, each following the same dimensions for a uniform look. Neutral flooring pairs with the square countertop and backsplash tiles for a muted finish. White kitchen appliances follow the neutral theme with chrome hardware also trying in with the design. Windows along the far wall open the space up, allowing for natural light to flow.

13. Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen island with drawers and cabinets by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Jesse Bannister from Pexels

A brown island body with in-built cabinets and draws with gold hardware are this kitchen’s focal point. Marble countertops with a splashback effect cover the surfaces; the induction hob built into the island’s worktop provides the room with a modern touch, compared with its more traditional gas counterpart. Roman shades coupled with the island’s body keep the colors consistent, while also adding texture through fabric material.

14. Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

Wood kitchen design with tiled flooring by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

A modern wood interior with dark gray and white accents comprises this space. The island itself is made up of a variety of different drawer and cabinet styles, accommodating for a range of different kitchen cookware and tools. Individually sized floor tiles match the kitchen backsplash and sink, while the white interior walls pair with the upper interior cabinetry for a distinctive contrast.

15. Modern Design with Futuristic Accents

White kitchen island with built-in lighting

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

Unique shapes and clever color choices ooze a modern feel with this design. From the partition wall creating a clear divide between the living and dining space, to the floor lamp and large   standalone mirror. The kitchen island features a single-basin sink with drying space, a small induction hob with its extraction counterpart, and a mix of differently-sized drawers and cabinets for diversified storage solutions.

Quick Tip – Under-cabinet lighting: Lights under the upper cabinets will illuminate your workspace without creating glare. Look for LED or strip lights for a clean, energy-efficient design.

16. Stainless Steel Kitchen Island With Cabinets

Stainless steel kicthen island with storage by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

A more uncommon find in a kitchen design now; we have an industrial-style kitchen island. The steel body reflects the natural light around the space, creating even more spaciousness; a play on the eye visually. The kitchen interior sits atop light gray square floor tiles maintaining a smart look. The rest of the interior provides contrast to this, featuring predominantly wood and earthy colors; allowing for balance to flow between the formal and more relaxed vibes.

17. Multi-textured Kitchen Design 

Modern island with storage by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

The combination of different colors, materials, and shapes emits a modern futuristic mood. The central island appears in both natural wood and white, and features a range of cupboards, drawers, and open shelving units. This falls in alignment with the back wall design within the interior. The kitchen backsplash ties in with the far interior wall in a dark gray tone, with lighter, paler tones for the interior cabinetry and fridge design. Intricately styled light fittings fuse the black accents to the space and provide a median between the white and gray shades.

18. Nature-Inspired Kitchen Island With Cabinets

Modern island with storage by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Shadow Fire Arts from Pixabay

The styling of this wood interior exudes a nature-inspired look, with the finishes looking smoothed off but left natural. A partition wall is utilized to significant effect incorporating ample storage cupboards and integrated bottle storage. The island surface is primarily left bear, ideal for meal prep and everyday space dependant kitchen tasks. It also includes a small sink area with a merged single basin, useful for rinsing plates in preparation for loading the dishwasher.

19. Kitchen Design with Vintage Features

White island with black countertop by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Teen A Cobb from Pixabay

This kitchen island design showcases the use of surrounding cabinets and drawers. The cupboards form an L shape with drawers on either side of the oven and down the right-hand side of the island. Wooden accents in the form of beams and furniture reinforce the rustic tone, and the light fittings bolster this adding their own touch of antique and vintage. White interior walls marry with the island’s body and uplift the space preventing it from feeling dated or aged.

Quick Tip – Add An Overhang: An extended countertop forming an overhang on at least two sides of the island will provide more task space and is a convenient design choice for high stool options. The overhang can also prevent seating options from protruding from the island’s perimeter.

20. White Kitchen With Industrial Accents

White interior design with wooden flooring by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

White interior cabinets promote a modern aura with industrial-style accents adding a glimmer and shine to the space. A sizeable island paves the way for built-in cupboards, cabinets, and drawers with chrome hardware. The kitchen backsplash features a textured element with a gloss tinge, reflecting the room’s light for a shine effect. Original wood flooring contradicts the white shine giving the space stability and a hint of rustic.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your preference, whether it be rustic farmhouse, modern minimalism, or a colorful bohemian vibe, we hope our article has provided clarity for you to better understand the direction you’d like to take with your island design. With endless possibilities out there, it’s merely a matter of gathering different concepts and ideas to form and reflect your individual style. Wondering how to move forward from this point? It’s simple, action! Choose the designs that most resonate with you, start browsing catalogs, reach out to kitchen specialists, and get started assembling your creation. You’ve got this! With a little bit of determination and hard work, you’ll be fine dining and entertaining family & friends in no time with beautiful kitchen cabinets.