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19 Large Kitchen Island Design Inspirations for Your Home

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Large Kitchen Islands

Howdy! So you’ve been contemplating adding a large kitchen island to your home, and now you’re ready to put pen to paper. But of course, you don’t want just any old island; you want a roomy, multi-functional showstopper that revolutionizes your kitchen into the place everyone wants to be. If you’re on the hunt for major design inspiration, DeCasa Collections is the place to be. Your preference could be a rustic farmhouse vibe, sleek & modern minimalism, or a traditional style with a twist.

Regardless of the angle you would like to take, there are countless ways to create an island oasis in your home. In this roundup, we’re showcasing 20 stunning large kitchen islands in various styles from designers and DIYers across the globe. Strap in and get ready to fall in love with these creative concepts. Let us help find the design for you and make it your own. Your dream island awaits!

White Waterfall Wood Internal

White and wood design by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Zac Gudakov from Unsplash

A white kitchen island with a sink, wooden internal, and integrated appliances sits centrally in a spacious kitchen. Four pendant lights hang above it. An open-plan concept marries the dining area, kitchen, and living room with a distinctive divide between the areas. The gray accent wall has an in-built fireplace and features in the living area, this is matched with grey furniture. A dining table is included with black chairs pulled up to it and a light fixture above.

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Gray & White Large Kitchen Island

White and gray kitchen by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Zac Gudakov from Unsplash

In this kitchen gray interior cabinets with black hardware fill the space. The industrial-style fridge, oven, and microwave match the gray tones. A gray kitchen island with cabinets a waterfall design and a white countertop sits centrally in the space. White-tiled floor with a splashback effect fills the floor space while spotlights illuminate the interior with sufficient lighting. A black kitchen sink faucet features black, coupling with the hardware.

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Large Waterfall Concept

Large waterfall kitchen island by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Zac Gudakov from Unsplash

A waterfall kitchen island with seating concept boasts a six-person seating arrangement with three pendant lights hanging over it. White leather chairs with gold metal legs are pulled up to the island’s overhang. Spotlights provide the primary lighting, adding to the airy feel of the white interior walls, cabinetry, and doors. Bifold doors feature to the back of the design, allowing for plenty of natural light to run through the space. Wood flooring provides a balance between the white interior and gold finishes.

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White Splash Back Island

Large white island by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Zac Gudakov from Unsplash

Inbuilt cabinetry and drawers with gold hardware rest in the body of this island. The countertop follows the waterfall concept for design, with a splashback effect. Three gold pendant lights hang symmetrically above the marble kitchen island. A wooden beam painted white runs down the center of the space. Additional storage cabinets are included on the left-hand side of the room, behind an eight-person dining table & seating, and a living area.

Insight – Consider an L or U-shape: An L or U-shaped island yields more workspace, seating, & storage in comparison to a standard rectangular option. The angles can help define separate areas for food prep, eating, and entertaining.

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Paneled Island White Cabinetry

White wood island by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Tyrone Sanders from Unsplash

White cabinets with chrome hardware feature in abundance in this kitchen, including on the back wall and to the right-hand side. The kitchen island idea includes gray paneling for the body with a white splashback countertop, and two glass pendant lights resting centrally above the island. Industrial appliances sit between the white cabinetry and wood flooring providing contrast to the bright airy feel.

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Large White Island

White kitchen island with black chairs by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash

Four Black leather seats with chrome legs are pulled up to the large kitchen island’s overhang. The island’s body features a paneled design with two supporting legs following the pillar concept. A white cabinet with glass doors is displayed to the right of the design, with lower cabinets and draws stretching across the kitchen’s length. The fridge is stainless steel, while the oven and grille have a black gloss front with chrome handles, matching the seating arrangement.

Marble Waterfall Design

Large marble island design by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Sergio Hernandez Trejo from Unsplash

A spacious waterfall island sits in front of a floor-to-ceiling glass window and door. The dark wood cabinets feature along the back wall with open shelves, and four black pendant lights hang above the large kitchen island. To the right of the space is an accent wall with a stone finish, partnering with the island’s stone finish, interior countertops, and neutral tiled flooring. Greenery is displayed on the countertops for an organic and natural vibe.

Wrap-around Kitchen Island

Kitchen design with industrial features by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Point3d Commercial from Unsplash

An accent wall with a striking effect draws the eye into this kitchen, as the white interior walls and doors provide the perfect canvas. Four black leather chairs with stainless steel legs rest beneath the island overhang. The industrial stovetop & extraction pair well with the chrome accents. The kitchen island idea features a wrap-around design on the left-hand side, allowing for additional seating. The white countertop is supported by the black internal body. Wood flooring tones down the other white, bright, minimal interior.

Insight – Add a Second Level: To hit that real wow factor, top an island with a second-tier level. The elevated area will add dimension to the space creating visual interest. Plus, additional space for storage or a breakfast bar.

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Rustic Wood

Rustic kitchen with island by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Glass sliding doors allow for natural light to flow harmoniously in this kitchen, perfect for its rustic finish. Grainy wood cabinets with round knobs and handles display an L-shaped kitchen island design along with kitchen appliances. The curved kitchen island shows a clear distinction between the area related to kitchen tasks, and the gathering space. Four high stools with wood seating are pulled up to the island, beneath the granite worktop. Spotlights are featured in the ceiling, with white glass pendant lights also featured above the island.

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Neutral Colors

Kitchen design with wood floor by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

The interior wall forms a relaxed vibe in a neutral color, pairing well with the white architraves and wood flooring. Four black stools in front of the white paneled kitchen island with stove back, and below the granite worktop. The island features a gas stovetop, with the remaining appliances included in the white cabinetry. The brick backsplash couples with the wall color, creating a relaxed vibe.

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White Kitchen Industrial Accents

Gray interior with pedant lights by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Four blue velvet high chairs with gold metal legs sit within the kitchen island table’s overhang, with an additional six accompanying the formal timing table. A pair of industrial pendant lights hang above a light gray kitchen island with a granite countertop. An industrial sink faucet and basin are integrated into the island, going well with the stainless steel fridge, microwave, and stovetop.

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Butchers-Block Kitchen Island

Kitchen design with gold pendant lights by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

The large kitchen island’s back is paneled and painted gray in this kitchen to pair with the cabinetry. The countertop boasts a marble butcher’s block design for a bold aesthetic. This matches well with the gold accents featuring the sink faucet, pendant lights, and single light fitting hanging above a wooden dining table with white wooden chairs. Four black metal stools with wooden seating sit beneath the island’s worktop, and wood flooring fills the floor space.

Insight – Play With Contrast: Be versatile with materials and finishes on the vertical & horizontal surfaces to draw the eye. A popular contrast option to consider is wood cabinets with stone countertops or vice versa.

Organic Dark Wood Island

Gray interior with wood floor by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Paul Kansonkho from Unsplash

Earthy wooden tones set the scene in this kitchen, marrying throughout. The wooden cabinetry and drawers feature chrome hardware, partnering with kitchen appliances to bring a brighter touch to the space. Three gray leather highchairs with chrome singular legs are pulled up to the kitchen island cabinet’s counter. The island itself has a dark wood back panel and matching corbel accent with a white granite countertop. Wood flooring fills the space, and the neutral wall color makes way for the earthy tones to stand prominent.

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Minimal Kitchen Marble Island

Waterfall design with lighting by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Paul Kansonkho from Unsplash

This kitchen island with seating incorporates a waterfall design with gray wood strip paneling on the island’s internal. Two innovative strip light fixtures hang central in the interior, with rectangular and circular spotlights providing additional illumination. Gray wood cabinets with matt black pulls display on the far interior wall and alongside the kitchen appliances on the back wall. Four black metal stools are tucked under the island’s overhang for a dining area.

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Exposed Brick

Modern wood design by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Mahza D Brata from Unsplash

Under cabinet lighting and contemporary central light fitting illuminate the space dimly for a relaxed tone. Wood flooring runs through the space, paired with the brick finish interior wall, for an organic and natural aura. The black kitchen island with bar supports the white splashback marble worktop, which sits coherently with the remaining kitchen counters. Five black leather and wood chairs rest beside the island’s countertop, while a floor-standing house plant adds to the natural feel.

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Dark Wood & White Island

Wood kitchen island with white countertop by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Mahza D Brata from Unsplash

A glossy white island countertop mixes with the dark wood back panel to make up this large kitchen island with a sink. Glossy white cabinets with chrome pulls appear on the back wall, along with a white tiled backsplash. Dark gray kitchen appliances are displayed to the right of the interior and centrally between the white cabinetry. Six black leather and stainless steel barstools sit within the island’s overhang for the seating arrangement.

Insight – Balance The Space: A large island can sometimes make the kitchen feel cramped if space is limited. If this applies to you, balance it with open floor space and sight lines. Add a walkway around at least two sides and keep countertop appliances to a minimum.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Neutral interior with wicker lighting by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Jennie Wilson from Unsplash

A pair of wooden barstools rest within the deep island overhang in front of built-in shaker cabinets along the kitchen island with seating’s back panel. A white corbel runs along the island’s internal. Two rattan pendant lights rest above the island and cabinet lighting also fills the space. A rattan plant pot marries with the pendant lighting while the wooden cabinets to the left of the space, and the wooden flooring, partner with the wooden stools. Kitchen appliances feature an industrial style.

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Modern Luxury Island 

 Modern luxury large kitchen island design by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Brian Zajac from Unsplash

Gold accents feature on the kitchen island with bar corners and sink faucet in this design. The island’s back and side panels display white rectangular sectioning coupling with the seamless white cabinetry. Three glass pendant lights are positioned centrally on the island. Neutral chairs with wooden legs provide seating for the island’s overhang. Marble flooring with a splashback effect fills the surface area, and a textured backsplash provides contrast.

White Kitchen Gold Accents

large kitchen island Interior with wooden stools by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Bailey Alexander from Unsplash

Two brass pendant lights combined with spotlights illuminate this kitchen space. Black wooden seating with black metal legs is in front of the kitchen island table’s back panels. White cabinets with brass hardware spread across the back wall with kitchen appliances included between the cabinetry. A black sink faucet matches the cooktop and extraction fan with decor and indoor plants included on the kitchen countertop and the island’s worktop. Wood is the material choice for the flooring.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the choice is yours when choosing a kitchen island idea design that fits your space, cooking demands, and individual taste. As you can see from our style examples and the vast amount of additional concepts online, you can craft an island that either stands bold as a centerpiece or blends seamlessly into your kitchen. You could be after additional countertop space & storage, a place for casual dining, or a combination of the two. Introducing a kitchen island is a terrific way to merge practicality and character in your home.

So start browsing designs, or go one step further and begin reaching out to suppliers & designers. Think about how you use your kitchen, determine a budget or price cap, and manifest your dream island into reality.

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