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Bathroom Remodeling: A Guide to Smart Storage Solutions

Recently updated on April 13th, 2024 at 12:42 pm

Storage, or the lack thereof, is the bane of everyone’s existence, and the bathroom is one place where storage is a particular problem that needs to be solved. Less space is usually allotted for bathrooms, even in custom homes. Therefore, creativity and innovation are essential for anyone looking to make the most of a small space used frequently throughout the day. 

For many, the bathroom is where they refresh, rejuvenate, and wash away the day’s stress. For that reason, they need smart storage solutions to eliminate clutter and maximize space utilization.

Go Vertical

Vertical storage solutions are always great for a small or narrow space. Opt for vertical shelving such as towel racks, cosmetic racks, or even wall-hanging baskets for toiletries and other essentials. Vertical shelves or racks also make the space appear taller and more prominent and can provide tremendous utility, especially if a bathroom is smaller and shared by multiple people. Even in extensive remodels, it’s difficult to expand the surface area of a bathroom, so vertical storage is the answer to clutter and less space. 

The spot above the toilet is great for extra shelving to store toilet paper, plants, perfumes, and towels, and most people forget to utilize it. Ready-made shelf units that are specially designed to fit around the toilet and provide extra storage are available. 

Keep Counters Clear

A gathering spot for clutter is the bathroom counter. Products you use daily and ones you use only sometimes all gather up on the counter and often get covered in soap scum or even mold if they are left for some time. Create hanging storage racks around the counter where items can be returned to their spots after use so the space around your counter is clean and pristine, with the exception of hand towels and hand soap. Utilizing a window sill for products or decorative items like flower pots is a good idea as opposed to lining them up around the faucet. 

During your remodel, consider constructing a deep cabinet under your main sink; sometimes, this may require changing the sink entirely. A deep cabinet can provide extensive storage for everything from cleaning supplies to extra towels, backup beauty products, and hair and skin beauty appliances. Paint the cabinet to match the rest of the bathroom’s design, or keep the wooden look natural if your bathroom is being remodeled to look more rustic. 

A Bathroom Pantry 

The need for organization and utility is something everyone desires, but sometimes, the lack of space can mean your bathroom is not always functional. If you are remodeling, know that pantries are not just for the kitchen; there is something known as the bathroom pantry. As the name suggests, it stores towels, linens, and excess body and face care supplies. For homes with two bathrooms, a pantry can come in handy for storing supplies without clutter. You could also consider incorporating a Saniplus toilet, which saves space and offers additional storage functionality.

Shower Cubbies 

A shower cubby can add an extra thing to clean in your bathroom, but paradoxically, it also contains the mess and keeps all your shower essentials in one spot. Once the cubby is closed and not in use, the rest of the bathroom can seem relatively clutter-free and easy to clean. In the shower cubby, you can feature vertical shelving or storage baskets on the wall; this way, your washbag essentials are not strewn on the floor. Shower cubbies are also aesthetically pleasing, opening up the space and adding more dimension. A walk-in shower installer can help you find a shower type that matches the cubby.

A Tiered Stand & Downsizing 

Buy a chic tiered stand like the ones used for little pastries and macaroons and put your skincare or makeup products on it. You can also use acrylic organizers that are less aesthetic but very functional. A rotating tiered stand can make accessing your products much easier and reduce the time needed to get ready in the mornings. 

Downsizing your beauty product range is recommended by most dermatologists and experts since using too many can often cause more harm than good. There’s no need to make your bathroom your beauty station, as your vanity table in your bedroom can be utilized for laying out makeup and hair appliances. If your bathroom has space for it, a corner cabinet can store items you don’t have space for; just ensure it doesn’t intrude on the shower, preventing mold and water damage from forming. 

An Entire Wall Of Storage 

A simultaneous design and storage hack is to have an entire wall of shelves from top to bottom for extra storage. If you have a blank wall in your bathroom and a little bit of extra horizontal space, you can install several shelves across the wall, which will provide a storage solution for storing anything at all, from towels to décor items like frames, books to read in the bathroom and toiletry supplies for guests. 

If the shelves are painted to match or contrast with the tiling and overarching color scheme, they can be a beautiful focal point in the bathroom, making for a luxurious remodel. If you are remodeling your bathroom significantly, consider installing pocket doors because they add such a stylish touch and open up the space as it leads to the bedroom or a dressing room. Pocket doors also make spaces appear more extensive, and if privacy is not a concern, they can be made entirely of plain or frosted glass. 

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