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15 Octagonal Coffee Tables: Fuse Your Space With Geometric Flair

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Octagonal Coffee Tables

As we deep dive into the world of unique coffee tables, a distinctive piece catches our attention – the octagonal coffee table. With its signature eight-sided design, this contemporary gem effortlessly fuses geometric artistry with functionality. They are stylish and adaptable and bring a distinct flair to living spaces. Versatile to varied design themes, they seamlessly merge into settings, from exuding vintage charm to embodying a sleek modern aesthetic.

Opting for an unconventional shape compared to the more common circular or rectangular counterparts, octagonal tables effortlessly draw attention, deviating from the ‘norm’. This article aims to familiarize readers with the world of octagonal coffee tables, exploring their diverse styles and the transformative potential they bring to interior spaces. Through further exploration, we’ll unveil the impact these architectural pieces can impart to a given space.

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The Bruno Coffee Table

Bruno Handmade Table: A True Work of Art and Functionality

Photo by Elementary

The Bruno handmade coffee table takes a discreet yet central role in this setting, combining geometric and Mid-Century styles. Supported by four U-shaped legs, the table offers stability and design versatility. Its octagonal top features raised edges around the perimeter and a brass inlay surface, contributing to an eye-catching aesthetic. Beyond its visual lure, the table is practical, providing a platform for decorative coffee table books and floral displays while acting as a convenient surface for food and snacks.

Mid-Century Modern with X Base

Timeless Finesse: Vintage Mid-Century Modern X Base Side Tables with Inlaid Octagonal Tops

Photo by SourcedModern from Etsy

Incorporating the elegance of the mid-century modern era, this duo of coffee tables adopts a distinctive X-base design. Their individuality is accentuated by inlaid octagonal tops, boasting durability. The tabletops feature quartered patterns with alternating grain orientation, enriching the aesthetic. Despite displaying minor imperfections that authenticate their vintage nature, the tables are exceptionally well-preserved, revealing the textured grain of the wood.

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Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Octagon Coffee Table in American Walnut

Photo by BohoTreehouse from Etsy

This vintage coffee table has character. Constructed from American walnut, renowned for durability and natural aesthetics, the table authentically showcases a rich and grainy appearance. The octagonal top is supported by four legs, forming a square base structure with additional wooden slats connecting each leg beneath the surface. Measuring 36 inches in width, an equal depth, and a modest height of 15 inches, it integrates into the typical living room setting, balancing aesthetics and practicality.

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Anglo-Indian Inlaid Coffee Table – Morrocan Finish

Vintage Indian Teak Wood Octagonal Coffee Table with Intricate Inlay Work and Moorish Arch Legs

Photo by DeCorPasadena from Etsy

Introducing an occasional Indian coffee table, this piece displays meticulous craftsmanship. Constructed from teak wood, it is trimmed with elaborate inlay work, augmenting its allure. The table presents an octagonal top, adding an unconventional aesthetic. The design incorporates Moorish arch legs, imbuing mixed design influences. The warm walnut finish exudes comfort, resonating with a nostalgic lure from the vintage era. The white inlay work provides contrasts against the brown canvas, forming with dimensions of 36 inches in diameter and 18.5 inches in height.

Marquetry coffee table – Oak

Artistry Meets Functionality: Marquetry Coffee Table in Solid Oak with Trompe-l'oeil Veneer

Photo by WoodBayCreations from Etsy

This Marquetry coffee table is a prime example of intricate detailing and artistry. Constructed from oak, this table emphasizes lasting durability. Employing a trompe-l’oeil technique in its oak veneer, it adds a layer of complexity to its visual entice. Noteworthy features include aliased trays, improving its all-around functionality. The base showcases four spread legs and an X-style design infused just above ground level, adding yet more shape diversity to the piece. The varnished finish provides an appealing sheen and increases wear resilience.

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Mango Wood with Geometric Base

This coffee table, comprising Mango Wood and Brass, presents a exceptional diamond base design that blends abstract and industrial styles. The mango top features an octagonal build with a dark wood finish and a distinct grain pattern. This coordinates with the brass base, evoking the aesthetic of diamond cuts and introducing a touch of luxury to the living space. The table is kept minimal to maintain its punchy aesthetic while set atop dark gray wood flooring, bolstering the alluring vibe.

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Rustic Coffee Table – Distressed Finish

Sophisticated Storage: The Large Octagonal Coffee Table

Photo by I.pinimg

This sizeable rustic coffee table sits prominently within this setting, showcasing a weathered finish that combines functionality with rustic aesthetics. Featuring a lower open shelf, it offers convenient storage accessible from all angles, while the table legs carry a French Country style, adding further character. The off-white base complements the rustic tabletop, and the table’s center introduces a tempered glass insert, forming a balanced interplay of materials within the design.

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Abstract Base with Stained Glass Top

The Epitome of Modern Luxury: The Octagon Coffee Table

Photo by Amazon

This contemporary coffee table embraces modernity in its design. Crafted from metal and coated with a gold finish, the table base ensures robustness. The structure is sweetened by a tempered glass tabletop, boasting a refined stained finish that contributes to the fineness of the piece. Set against a gray interior backdrop in this setup, the abstract design seamlessly integrates into modern and upscale environments, imparting a touch of intricacy. The gold base adds a touch of elegance through a geometric design, adding to the room’s luxurious feel.

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Light Gray Coffee Table

Creating Tranquil Harmony: The Minimalist Fashion of the Light Gray Octagon Coffee Table

Photo by Decorpad

In a subtle design approach, this light gray coffee table embodies modern simplicity. The table has a raised outer edge reminiscent of a castle head, with a white tabletop providing contrast against the gray outer frame. The table displays a low-set profile and evenly distributed 8 legs. A serving tray atop the table corrals smaller items, adding a sense of order. The colors in the space are all similar in color, and produce a unified aesthetic. The light gray couch, mirroring the table’s hue, establishes continuity, while the green accent pillows introduce a pop of color, contrasting the monochromatic theme.

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Marble-Top with Metal Base 

Timeless Style: The Marble-Top Table and its Modern Companions

Photo by Ufurnish

The metal coffee table features an illusive base design that immediately draws the eye. Its surface is embellished with a veined effect, adding texture to its build. The marble top is backed by a sturdy geometric framing, ensuring durability while imparting a modern aesthetic while contrasting the white surface. Decorative items can be added onto the table top to add to the rooms aesthetic. Positioned behind the table, an L-shaped sofa set maintains the contemporary theme of the space.

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Walnut Nesting Coffee Tables

Modular Walnut Mastery: The Artful Quartet of walnut Tables

Photo by Archiproducts

This design draws attention to the nesting set of modular walnut coffee tables. Crafted from durable Canaletto walnut, each table displays a robust structure and introduces texture with its rich grain. The use of four tables differs from the conventional single coffee table approach, allowing varied configurations to meet diverse requirements. This set is a centerpiece, coordinating seamlessly with a refined yet rustic theme.

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Powder Coated Steel Coffee Table

The black steel sheet Table: A Bold Blend of Form and Function

Photo by Mamoworks

In this room, the coffee table asserts its presence with innovative design. Constructed from individually folded and joined steel sheets, the table’s eight-sided structure showcases a mix of durability and ingenuity. Its low-set profile and anthracite hue contribute to its understated yet commanding aesthetic. Placed in a gray-themed setting with concrete flooring and whitewash-style walls, the table exhibits versatility suitable for both home and workspace settings.

Low Coffee Table – The Intrigue

Exploring the Low Table in Home Decor

Photo by Archiproducts

This expansive low coffee table produces a grand ambiance with its gracious dimensions and luxurious wood texture. Measuring 120 cm by 120 cm with a height of 23 cm, it serves as a central focal point, corresponding with the room’s color scheme. The table’s recessing base, constructed from wood veneer, adds depth to the design, accentuated by the raised perimeter surrounding its outer edges. The central portion of the tabletop features a choice of wood, glass, or leather, further heightening its aesthetic and contributing to the space’s texture.

Metal Coffee Table with Veined Top

Table with rasied top and black frame

Photo by Henge07

The octagonal coffee table presents a chromatic palette, showcasing intricate detailing on its veined top and base design. Crafted with a subtle metal structure and trimmed with a crisscross body design, the table displays a delicate use of materials. The tray-style top, featuring slightly raised edges along its perimeter, provides functional purpose, preventing spills and stains from protruding from its surface. This table integrates utility with aesthetics, achieving a balance of cleanliness and refinement.

Coffee Table with Storage

Lasting Grace with a Modern Twist: The Octagonal Mid-Century Two-Tier Coffee Table

Photo by PureCoLiving from Etsy

At the heart of this interior lies a mid-century two-tier coffee table. This vintage piece showcases a walnut-crafted structure, featuring a rattan finish on its open shelf surface and a tempered glass tabletop. The dual-tier design enriches its aesthetic and provides added storage and display space, corresponding functionality with style. Supported by eight baluster legs that exude a distinct mid-century appeal, the table displays an X-shaped base, improving its durability against wear.

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Final Thoughts

Deviating from conventional design norms, octagonal coffee tables have established a distinct identity. Characterized by their eight-sided form, these exceptional pieces contribute to creating compelling and dynamic living spaces. We’ve delved into their diverse styles, explored their versatile functionality, and recognized how their unique geometry introduces a fresh perspective to decor.

Adaptable to various design themes, they exemplify the unified marriage of aesthetics and utility, promising a bright future in the space of interior design. They stand out as a powerful focal point in any room. To round off, these tables are assertive in their presence yet understated in their design. They emerge as an indispensable addition for any home that wishes to infuse a touch of individuality to their space.

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