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Add Glam to Your Decor With 20 Brass Coffee Table Design Ideas

Welcome to our exploration of the mesmerizing allure of brass coffee table designs, where drama meets entice effortlessly. In interior design, few elements attract attention and create a fascinating focal point as impressively as these striking centerpieces. Yet, their charm is not limited to visual appeal alone. Boasting a unique blend of longevity and refined touches, these brass-coated marvels hold their own in any living space scenario. 

Every table carries an essence of lasting refinement, making it a stylish investment for your home. They symbolize the perfect harmony of aesthetics and practicality, bestowing an irresistible beauty upon any home. Seamlessly blending with numerous design themes, these tables amplify the ambiance of your living area. More than just pieces of furniture, brass coffee tables stand as testaments to superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Venture further into this article to discover the beauty these captivating fixtures bring to everyday living.

1. Brass & Tempered Glass with Artful Rope Tassel Legs

Brass and Tempered Glass Coffee Tables with Artful Rope Tassel Legs

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The seamless combination of brass and tempered glass in theses nesting coffee table is truly exquisite in design. They feature intricately worked table legs resembling rope tassels. Furthermore, carrying a square shape, they stray from the conventional rectangular design of traditional coffee tables. Incorporated into the structure is a compact storage area that provides valuable functionality for keeping in-demand everyday essentials. Thus, besides showcasing aesthetic brilliance, these brass coffee tables ensure utility, delivering an appealing combination of form and functionality.

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2. The Brass Trolley Coffee Table with Smoked Glass Top

Rolling in Discernement: The Brass Trolley Coffee Table with Smoked Glass Top

Photo from Etsy

The brass trolley coffee cart is an innovative approach, combining utility and design. Smoked glass adorns the table top and provides a straightforward yet intimate storage area. This compelling design strikes a delightful balance, marrying traditional elements with a modern flair, with the trolley feature providing mobility, allowing for seamless repositioning. The design garners admiration for its composition, with the tables’ attractions in its unique combination of elements and its ability to seamlessly adapt to any interior design context.

3. Leather Trunk with Brass Hairpin Legs

The Leather Nightstand Trunk Coffee Table and Brown Leather Armchair Duo

Photo from Etsy

Envision a room adorned with chic décor, with weathered touches that radiate authenticity. The trunk coffee table, rectangular in shape, rests elegantly on four brass hairpin legs, enhancing the aesthetics of a room decor. Visualize a brown leather armchair that exhibits an impeccable combination of rusticity, coziness, and longevity, with its rich emphasis on the room’s theme. The amalgamation of these components furnishes a captivating and intriguing ambiance in the setup.

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4. The Beauty of Aldo Tura’s Brass Coffee Table

Reviving Mid-Century Elegance: The Beauty of Aldo Tura's Brass Coffee Table

Photo from Etsy

Returning to the stylistic heights of mid-century design for the Aldo Tura coffee table, incorporating brass to craft the tabletop. As a vintage piece, this table preserves the era’s charm, while its mid-century origin lends a lasting aura. The exploratory spirit of mid-century design manifests in the table’s structure. Its unique design summarizes the essence of the then-contemporary aesthetics. Overall, this Aldo Tura square coffee table serves as a functional piece and a stylish testimony to an iconic design era.

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5. The Wooden Brass Fitted Side Drum Coffee Table

Lasting Craftsmanship: The Wooden Brass Fitted Side Drum Coffee Table

Photo from Etsy

Showcasing superb craftsmanship is the wooden brass-fitted side drum coffee table, with a striking twist to the coffee table setup. Predominantly wooden, this unique coffee table exudes a harmonious balance of old-world charm and modern functionality. This table boasts a premium construction, crafted from premium wood and adorned with a complete brass covering, amplifying its distinct aesthetic appeal. This blends the rustic warmth of wood with the sophisticated allure of brass, resulting in an exquisite piece for any home.

6. Brass Set of 2 Square with Round Legs

Perpetual Style Meets Modern Flair: Brass and Glass Coffee Tables

Photo from Etsy

This brass and glass coffee table encapsulates classic charm paired with contemporary design, radiating an air of postmodern vintage style. Intricately constructed, these pieces blend lavish brass and elegant glass and feature nesting tables, a design concept that advances their versatility. Despite their size, they stand out as a bold centerpiece in smaller spaces and make for luxury accent pieces in larger setups. Thus, the alluring vintage appeal harmoniously fuses with a modern touch, offering an aesthetic that transcends time. 

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7. The Mid-Century Decorative Brass Coffee Table

Perennial Distinction: The Mid-Century Decorative Brass Coffee Table

Photo from Etsy

This mid-century coffee table is the epitome of enduring style. The rectangular tray-shaped tabletop provides an ample surface that can either be kept clutter-free to showcase the brass finish or topped with accented decor to further amplify its allure. Secondly, the table is graced with foldable wooden legs, an uncommon design element that enhances its practical benefits. Additionally, daintily polished brass feet cap the legs, adding subtle refinement to the overall appearance. Notably, the foldability feature ensures it can adapt to any living space regardless of size. 

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8. Two-tone Swirl Mosaic Brass and Wood

Vintage Artistry: The Two-Tone Swirl Mosaic Brass and Wood Circular Coffee Table

Photo from Etsy

This circular coffee table is a unique piece of accent furniture, capturing attention with its vintage appeal. Remarkably, it’s composed of solid wood, further enhanced by a delightful two-tone swirl mosaic design. The table’s appearance is made richer by its imaginative assembly, setting the scene for admiration. Transitioning to the base, sports six curved legs arranged to culminate in a delightful hexagonal solid brass shape, remarkable for its durability. Besides being a coffee table, this brass and wood exhibit is remarkable evidence of the charm of vintage furniture.

9. Rustic Brass with Smoked Glass Tops

Contemporary Discernment: Brass Nesting Coffee Tables with Smoked Glass Tops

Photo from Etsy

These three rustic coffee tables are a distinguished addition to any room, each intricately designed and composed of weathered brass. Their layout showcases a perfect blend of function and beauty, heightened by a distinct smoked glass top. Implicit in their design, these coffee tables have a considerable weight, indicative of their robust materials and construction. With its ever-present authenticity, this coffee table setup promises to be a long-lasting treasure, gracing homes with its antique presence.  

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10. The Mid-20th Century Brass with Magazine Rack

The Mid-20th Century Brass and Glass Coffee Table with Magazine Rack

Photo from Etsy

This mid-20th-century coffee table is a vintage artifact showcasing an era’s refined taste. One of the notable features is its sleek and modern design, also equipped with a convenient magazine holder, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy reading while they relax. In addition, the placement of the rack beneath the table surface is both clever and convenient, ensuring it remains inconspicuous while still being easily accessible. This table’s design combines practicality with a classic aesthetic, creating a practical and visually pleasing piece.

11. Square Brass with Soft Edges

Embracing Mid-Century Modern Grace: The Square Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Photo from Etsy

This table perfectly illustrates vintage mid-century modern design comprised of brass and glass. The square shape and rounded corners duo presents an elegant decorative feature that boasts crisp edges and gentle contours. Enriching the aura, the table fits perfectly on a wooden floor, contributing to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A tempered glass tabletop graces the surface for a finishing touch, merging style and strength in its design. A steadfast foundation is provided by four sturdy legs, assuring stability while oozing elegance.

12. Ornate Brass with Murano Crystal Mirrored Shelves

The Ornate Brass Coffee Table with Murano Crystal Mirrored Glass Shelves

Photo from Etsy

This Venetian ornate brass coffee table is an elegant piece, radiating an unmissable aura, with the table’s artistry emphasized by delicate two-tinted Murano crystal mirrored glass shelves. In addition to its showpiece aesthetics, it also doubles up as a serving table, illustrating its pragmatic uses while imbued in its structure is the timeless appeal of Art Deco style. Its design’s delightful detailing, coupled with its purpose, places this small coffee table as a striking piece, enriching the room it graces with a tasteful charm.

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13. The Brass Chrome Square Coffee Tables

Refinement and Resilience in One: The Gold Brass Chrome Square Coffee Tables

Photo from Etsy

Square coffee table with a brass chrome finish offer a perfect blend of durability and elegance. These exquisite pieces feature a distinctive square design characterized by their nesting construction, allowing for versatile arrangement options. Moreover, these pieces boast glass tops, pairing coherently with the brass touches, amplifying their appeal and finesse. Despite their delicate appearance, these tables are dense, sturdy, and structurally sound, exemplifying quality construction and promising to withstand rigorous use while maintaining their refined appearance.

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14. Glamorous Taste: The Vintage Italian Brass Coffee Table

Glamorous Taste: The Vintage Italian Table

Photo from Etsy

This vintage Hollywood regency Italian brass table is individual in design, showcasing a flair for sophistication. The table’s essence lies in the intricate detail of its beveled glass, an element that adds a touch of opulence. Secondly, this design feature elevates its appearance and echoes the glamor commonly associated with vintage Hollywood pieces. Uniquely, the metal coffee table base, robust in construction, guarantees stability and longevity. Blend these characteristics together, and the table emerges as a versatile addition to a room’s decor. 

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15. The Vintage Brass Coffee Table with Mobility

Mid-Century Modern Brilliance: The Vintage Table with Mobility

Photo from Etsy

Starting with the star attraction, this coffee table originates from the mid-century modern era, is built from robust brass, and exhibits vintage allure. The inclusion of smoky glass on the tabletop adds a distinct and attractive appearance, enhancing the table’s aesthetic value and providing practical benefits. Further amplifying its practical appeal is a storage feature, allowing for convenient organization to maintain a tidy setup. Lastly, with wheels affixed, the coffee table gains versatile mobility. Hence, this juxtaposition of vintage allure and modern practicality embodies its mid-century modern designation.

16. Onyx Marble Tops & Art Nouveau Brass Legs

Italian Tables with Onyx Marble Tops and Art Nouveau Legs

Photo from Etsy

Let’s embark on an exploration of two remarkable Italian coffee tables, each possessing noble characteristics. The stand-out features of these tables are their Onyx marble tabletops, exuding an aura of luxury. These tabletops bear a distinct vintage flavor, identifying with the classic Art Nouveau style. To top them off, the chairs have been designed with tulip-accented legs made of premium brass to add to their entice and ensure their long-lasting appeal.

17. Vintage Brass and Smoked Glass Set of 3

The Vintage and Smoked Glass Three Nesting Tables

Photo from Etsy

Let’s look closer at the brass and smoked glass nesting table set that boasts a vintage mid-century modern design. Consisting of three tables, each piece is crafted in line with the same depth, a consistent 34 cm. Notably, varying heights and widths differentiate each table, making them unique within the set. The tallest table measures 37 cm, while the widths range from 53, 43, and finally, to 34 cm. Undeniably, the smoked glass and brass materials aid in creating an aesthetic that harks back to the mid-century modern era.

18. Brass Coffee Table with Smoked Glass Shelves

The Mid Century Modern Table with Smoked Glass Shelves

Photo from Etsy

The vintage coffee table in question is an embodiment of refined grace. Crafted from brass, its body exudes a warm, nostalgic appeal synonymous with a bygone era. Widening its functionality, the table hosts three individual shelves made of smoked glass, contributing to a chic and retro aesthetic. The table’s structure mimics a trolley design, providing an air of mobility to the piece despite its innate purpose as a coffee table. This three-tiered brass coffee table is a remarkable addition, blending practicality with vintage charisma.

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19. The Brass Base Coffee Table with Cubic Surprises

Versatile Brilliance: The Robust Table with Cubic Surprises

Photo from Etsy

You’ll appreciate the coffee table’s sturdy and chic construction, boasting a robust brass foundation for enduring function. A tempered glass surface covers the top edge, giving the table a sleek, modern finish. Furthermore, the square-shaped table cleverly disguises four smaller tables, each a cube, within its design. These cubes open the door to versatile usage. For instance, if necessary, each cube can be isolated and utilized as an independent coffee table. This brass base coffee table ultimately exhibits a masterful marriage of practicality and aesthetic grace.

20. The Vintage Hollywood Regency Coffee Table

Embrace Old Glamor: The Vintage Hollywood Regency Modern Chrome Coffee Table

Photo from Etsy

Step into a world of bygone glamor with the Hollywood Regency coffee table. With a square structure and carrying a brass finish, this table provides a unique mix of boldness and elegance, giving any room a heightened allure. Amplifying this, the see-through glass top blends modernity and nostalgia in perfect harmony. Moreover, the brass legs exhibit refinement while holding a promise of durability. Hence, every detail contributes to the stunning makeup of this centerpiece without overshadowing the decorative items displayed on its top.

Final Thoughts

As we near the end of our journey, it’s clear that brass coffee tables epitomize an approach where functionality and beauty meld seamlessly. Boasting an antique allure, they effortlessly infiltrate a modern setting, adding a dash of grace associated with a bygone era. With varying designs imbued with features like brass bases, smoked glass shelves, or tempered glass tabletops, they cater to an array of tastes and spaces.

Moreover, their ability to take forms such as nesting tables, trolley styles, or modular cubes greatly amplifies their practicality. The integration of these key elements culminates in the creation of striking, perpetual furniture pieces. With their robust material and versatile designs, brass coffee tables are refined additions that can effectively embellish any interior, complementing both modern and vintage aesthetics.