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15 Burl Wood Coffee Tables: Fuse Warmth & Rustic Allure

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Burl Wood Coffee Tables

Burl wood coffee tables testify to nature’s exquisite artistry, where imperfections metamorphose into captivating qualities. They’re renowned for their irregular shapes, uniquely portraying natural aesthetics. Yet, their allure goes beyond visual impact; burl wood tables boast unprecedented durability, making them a compelling addition to any living space with enduring and practical advantages.

Our preceding article delves into the prim and prime burl wood coffee tables. So join us as we embark on a journey to unveil a curated selection of Burl delights. This roundup will encompass diverse ideas and inspirations, showcasing the beauty and adaptability inherent in burl wood. Moreover, we aim to equip you with insightful tips for recasting your living space into a chic sanctuary with prominent natural features.

Green Epoxy with Hairpin Legs 

Green Epoxy Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

Here, a fusion of modernity and natural features is on full display. Our attention is drawn to the live-edge coffee table, featuring an emerald green epoxy in-lay, contrasting the natural aesthetic. The table’s distinctive shape, enriched by epoxy infusion, seamlessly bridges contemporary and classic styles, making it the focal point for this setup. It is set atop wood flooring and a distressed area rug in white, completing the interior composition.

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Contemporary Coffee Table

In this setting, a neutral ambiance is curated, accentuated by the textures and patterns inherent in the burl wood. The furniture, distinguished by its neutral subtlety, complements the table and flooring design, coordinating with the light-toned burl finish. the table commands attention with its vivid rusticity, marked by clean lines and well-defined edges. The gold serving tray, centrally positioned, further sweetens its upscale aesthetic, contributing to the elegance of the arrangement.

Rectangular Coffee Table

Mid Century Burl Coffee Table

Photo by 3ELEVENDECOR from Etsy

Digging deeper into our roundup, we focus on this rectangular coffee table. The table features a long and narrow design, with a thick butcher-block top showcasing the wood knots and imperfections prominently. The table legs contrast the piece, stretching the table’s width in a semi-circle form, diverging from the rectangular tabletop. Placed in front of a stone fire and mantelpiece, atop light wood flooring, and facing a sleek gray fabric sofa, all these elements converge to produce a relaxed and casual environment.

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Redwood Burl Coffee Table

Redwood Burl Coffee Table

Photo by 3ELEVENDECOR from Etsy

The live-edge coffee table forges a gutsy impact against the gray-themed interior in this setup. The rich redwood burl tabletop, accentuated by a black inlay applied to its edges, boasts an alluring aesthetic, making the piece one-of-a-kind. The primary table leg and base run the length of the table, with a second leg intersecting at ground level at a perpendicular angle, providing unwavering support. The legs carry a steel build with a black finish, continuing the aura of mystique. The gray-accented interior oozes modernity, contrasting with the vivid table aesthetic while providing a subtle backdrop.

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Rustic Outdoor Coffee Table

Rustic Outdoor Burl Coffee Table

Photo by DesIGnStueBchenWW from Etsy

A mixture of materials and textures assembles a congruous ambiance in this outdoor setting. The coffee table features a driftwood construction with a burl finish, sporting a butcher block top and a low profile. Its base, finished in black and designed in a pedestal style, is divided into four individual spokes. Surrounding the table, rattan furnishings effortlessly merge with the natural aesthetic, complemented by the texture of the outdoor rug and subtle outdoor greenery, contributing to a tranquil environment.

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Cubic Coffee Table

Cubic Burl Table

Photo by Westelm

In this setting filled with neutral surroundings and shiplap wooden flooring, the cubic coffee table is our focus, adding character to the setup. The table displays a low-profile design with all-around symmetry, and each side is subdivided into smaller squares, further highlighting symmetry. The burl finish carries a light hue and contributes to the airy ambiance, balancing subtlety and vividness. This adaptable piece serves as an accent in a living room or as a side or bedside table. With a heavily textured finish, it introduces rusticity to the otherwise modern setup.

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Live-Edge Coffee Table


Photo by Hashmii from Freepik

Within this interior, the coffee table takes on a distinctive design with a live-edge finish adorning its top and base. The polished top forms a smooth surface, contrasting the table’s otherwise rugged build. The base retains an unfinished, raw aesthetic. Complementing this design choice, a smoky and enigmatic painting distinguished by muted tones aligns with the lounge’s prevalent subdued color palette. The space exudes warmth, forged by soft, dim lighting that complements the generously proportioned L-shape sofa sectional and lofty curtains.

Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage Burl Table

Photo by Grestuff

This coffee table design showcases mid-century charisma with its burl wood laminate finish and tiered base. It features a richly textured burl finish that naturally evokes a sense of nostalgia. The tabletop features a practical storage drawer, providing space for everyday essentials. The vintage design is timeless and perfect for those who appreciate classic aesthetics.

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Waterfall Coffee Table

In this interior, the neutral tones of the carpet and furnishings construct a cohesive backdrop for the coffee table setup. The table’s distinctive feature is its waterfall-edged design, displaying seamless curves, and is positioned between two velvet armchairs. The armchairs are trimmed with gold accent legs, complementing the gold finish of the table tray. To add contrast, an accent pillow and a white chest of drawers topped with gold hardware introduce opposing colors into the space.

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Live-Edge with Epoxy


Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This burl wood table distinguishes itself with an individualized touch, featuring an epoxy resin center design. Its round structure has a jagged perimeter, supported by four evenly spread cylindrical legs, while the low-set profile ensures convenient maneuverability. The fusion of modern and rustic styles is apparent in the wood’s textures and imperfections, accentuated by the vibrant appearance of the resin inlay. The amalgamation of natural and artificial components establishes a unified balance, infusing the room with a dynamic and lively tone.

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Burl Wood Veneer Coffee Table

The square coffee table displays a refined finish, characterized by rich patterns and organic textures, against the backdrop of a pristine white sofa. Its structure, featuring rounded corners, adds a hint of softness to the design. The table stands on four wooden slabs angled to construct an abstract-like appearance. Decked with an assortment of coffee table books and decorative items, it fortifies an upscale ambiance. Meanwhile, a considerable floor plant positioned to the right of the setup introduces natural tranquility, infusing the space with vitality.

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Butcher-Block Coffee Table

This living room showcases a coffee table with a thick butcher-block top, supported by four burl slabs arranged in pairs for its base. The interior’s light hue and organic textures form a proportional ambiance, while the rectangular table makes for the focal point, positioned in front of the plush green sofa topped with accent pillows. The table hue coordinates with the checkered area rug beneath it, improving cohesion in the space.

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Low-Set with Oblong Opening

The wood coffee table adopts an oblong-like design with a distinctive burl texture finish in this particular style. Each table corner is embellished with gold accents, complementing the gold decorative items on its surface. The textured finish enriches the visual depth of the piece, prominently positioned on a contrasting blue floor rug. Its simple design makes the all-white sofa a neutral backdrop, allowing the decorative components to take center stage. A stained glass vase, filled with fresh florals, reconciles with the space’s color palette, balancing opulence and cohesion.

Antique Coffee Table Set of Two


Photo by Grestuff

In this softly lit room, our focus turns to a matching coffee table set with dark burl finishes, forging an air of symmetry. Each displays a classic mid-century aesthetic, with each table complemented by identical lamps, emphasizing the symmetrical arrangement. Whether used individually in different rooms or showcased as a set, these tables can function as adaptable side or coffee tables, contributing diversity to the space.

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Block Coffee Table

Large Rectangular Coffee Table

Photo by Westelm

In the heart of this setting, the burl coffee table takes center stage, defined by a block design and a low-slung profile. The distinctive textures of each cube-like section contribute to the table’s composition. Decked with decorative bowls and coffee table books, the top presents a cohesive appearance, conforming with the neutral tones of the surrounding furnishings. The interior emanates a tranquil ambiance, offering simplicity and minimalist aesthetics.

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Final Thoughts

The Burl coffee tables stand out as distinctive furniture pieces appreciated for their natural texture and unique contours. Its allure lies in the capacity to infuse ingenuity and individualized perspectives into home decor. Renowned for intricate patterns and rich textures, these tables are compelling focal points in living spaces, fulfilling both contemporary setups and more raw natural aesthetics.

Beyond their appeal, they provide practical advantages, offering a robust surface for daily use. As a timeless addition, the burl coffee table seamlessly merges the beauty of nature with interior design, embodying a lasting symbol of both style and substance.

For home decor enthusiasts, delve into blogs to uncover insights into a vast range of coffee table styles and ideas. Explore our latest articles for more inspiration.

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