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20 Colorful Coffee Table Designs Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

You’ve come to the right place if you’re on the hunt to add an explosion of color to your living area. We’ve gathered a range of colorful, eye-catching coffee table designs that will serve as a practical centerpiece and provide a joyous burst of color to your home. Say goodbye to the dull and hello to a new vibrant, and inviting living area that will impress your guests and passing visitors. Now let’s look at the countless possibilities for constructing a compelling and colorful table setting that fits your current home setup and coincides with your taste.

1. Gray Coffee Table

Upholstered gray coffee table

Photo from Freepik

With gray being a neutral color, it pairs with a range of interior styles and effortlessly combines with colors, whether bold for a contest or neutral for a cohesive look. It creates a peaceful environment, promoting a calming and quiet ambiance. The neutral color conveys a sense of class and grace, adaptable to changing fashion fads. The subdued gray tone offers a delicate touch while still making a statement in the room.

2. Pure White Coffee Table

Boho style living room

Photo by Mockup from Freepik

As we all know, when introduced to interiors, white reflects light, instantly brightening the environment. The traditional white color is considered the most basic while a popular choice to achieve a minimal aura. A white table provides a neutral backdrop for your decor or coffee table books, allowing them to stand prominent. As displayed here, a well-crafted wooden table in a pure white color can stay attractive for many years.

3. Bright Green Coffee Table

Colorful interior design living room

Photo by Laci_2010 from Freepik

The shade of green infused to furnish this style offers a splash of brightness and draws attention to the table. Green often links with nature, bringing some of the outdoors into your living space. Choosing a vivid green table emphasizes your individuality and taste, impacting your style choices and subconsciously lifting your mood through its warm, inviting ambiance.

4. Gold & Wood

Colorful room with bold geometric shapes

Photo by Stickerside from Freepik

This all-gold structure carries a polished finish, creating a bold centerpiece, a fitting choice for those looking for a glam upgrade. You can customize the table to raise or lower its formality. Pair it with neutral pillows in velvet fabric and an area rug to create a more upscale vibe. Conversely, if you prefer a relaxed, informal look, use brightly colored cushions to yield a bold aesthetic. Also, consider placing house plants or subtle plant decor to add texture and form a calm setting.

5. Yellow Coffee Table

Colorful coffee table

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

The brilliant yellow hue adds vibrancy and creates an incredible mix when paired with the wooden top’s natural feel. The cheerful yellow tone can contribute to improving your spirits while adding enthusiasm to the surroundings. The tables’ color and material complement the surrounding furniture pieces. This colorful coffee table achieves an optimal look when combined with bright furniture, wall hangings, or paintings.

6. Orange Coffee Table

Orange coffee table

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

High-gloss coffee tables are available in a variety of styles, from contemporary and modern to vintage and antique, with this particular example showcasing a more modern eccentric style. The gloss coating acts as a sealant, providing greater surface protection and increasing the coffee table’s shelf life. Its eye-catching color captures the attention and is best suited to a maximalist or bohemian interior. It can also connect disparate décor pieces like a bright-colored sofa or a wooden side table.

7. Silver Coffee Table

Living room with gray coffee table

Photo by Hannandesignstudio from Freepik

Embrace simplicity with a silver coffee table. It often emanates a feeling of refinement, which adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. Silver coincides with warm and cool color palettes, making it adaptable to various interior design styles. Whether your room features bold and vibrant accents or a more subtle and muted aesthetic, a silver table can harmonize with the existing elements.

8. Black Coffee Table

Living room with black coffee table

Photo by Beststudio from Freepik

Black is a versatile color within the interior design space and blends with numerous color schemes. It can create contrast and stand as the centerpiece or blend in and enhance the current design. Black has a sleek and minimalistic feel, contributing to the living area’s clean and organized look. The dark tone can heighten the sense of the room or provide a more alluring effect.

9. Small Colorful Coffee Table

Small yellow coffee table

Photo by Pixel-shot.com from Freepik

This colorful coffee table forms a warm ambiance giving a spark of visual appeal, while its small size saves you space and furnishes a cozy aesthetic. A vibrant table can balance and contrast a room’s palette. Additionally, small colorful coffee table designs are best suited as accent pieces in large spaces to add a pop of color or to smaller apartment or studio setups to set the tone. Overall, a compact colored table can be an excellent addition to any home, bringing joy and flair.

10. Peach Coffee Table

Interiors with bold color schemes

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

Do you know that colors can have psychological effects on people? Peach is connected with positive attributes such as friendliness, compassion, and empathy, which can subtly affect the mood of the people in the room. When you choose a peach tint, you have a lot of room to play with a color pallet. Light peach tones are seen to be quite delicate. These soothing colors are ideal for decorating a bedroom and living room.

11. Golden Upholstery

living room decor home interior design

Photo by Biancoblue from Freepik

Infusing gold with upholstery to form an ottoman coffee table design can be a stunning highlight of the house. Gold is an iconic color that will never go out of style. Unlike colors that come and go in trend, it will last years, ensuring your table remains fashionable. Upholstery materials, in contrast, like leather or microfiber, can be practical editions for keeping items or as seating options. The ease of maintenance will depend on the material you choose, so be sure to do your research before taking the plunge.

12. Muted Gray

Minimal interior with muted gray coffee table

Photo by Outkastdesign from Freepik

The muted gray coffee table is a fashionable feature for your living space and is seen as a more modern style. Its smooth form and matte finish yield a minimal look. Try some black sofas for contrast if you want to make a dramatic statement. Or add pops of color through accents, like bright orange or red; most tones go well with gray as it stands neutral on the palette spectrum. Blend the room with additional grayish tones if you want the space to be more subdued.

13. Brown Coffee Table

Brown coffee table

Photo by moezhussain2023 from Freepik

This coffee table is made from rattan and carries a brown finish, yielding a warm and inviting atmosphere. This adaptable furniture type can be used in a conventional living room or alongside modern pieces for a more contemporary design. They have a distinct appearance, a durable finish, and are simple to maintain. Furthermore, they come at a fairly reasonable price, allowing you to achieve a natural look without breaking the bank.

14. Shocking Pink Coffee Table

living room with sleek modern furniture

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

The shocking pink coffee table produces a striking furniture design, breathing life and vitality into the space. Its bold, intense color draws attention and gives a burst of excitement to the interior. The color shocking pink is connected with joy and warmth. It may motivate you to try new decor ideas and use more colors and patterns to create a colorful and pleasant ambiance.

15. Purple Coffee Table

Living interior with purple coffee table

Photo by TheAnswer11 from Freepik

To make a purple coffee table look good, ensure the rest of the room is in simple colors. If the table is the only colorful thing, it might stand out too much, especially if your walls are white or light-colored. Light blues and greens can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. When choosing decorations for the table, pick colors that go well with purple and avoid using very bright or clashing colors. This way, the room will look nice and balanced.

16. Aquamarine Coffee Table

Aquamarine coffee table

Photo by
User27116549 from Freepik

An aquamarine coffee table can make your living area feel tranquil and provides a more personalized approach, being a less common color choice. If you have white furniture or light-colored walls, an aquamarine coffee table can give your home a beach style or chic air. This lighter shade of the blue family offers a soft pop of color, while darker blues create a bold statement. If your living area is limited, consider obtaining a smaller table to avoid making the blue color the room’s focal point.

17. Multi Colored Coffee Table

Modern living area with white sofa colorful cushions

Photo by user27955914 from Freepik

A multicolored coffee table fits modern, eclectic, boho, and traditional styles. If your living room has a lot of neutral or monochrome tones, a multicolored coffee table can provide some much-needed delight to the space and keep it from looking too dull or plain. Multi Colored tables allow you to express your creativity and highlight your distinct taste in interior design. You can mix and match colors that resonate with you to create a unique piece of furniture.

18. Light Pink

Modern table ceramic vase Scandinavian interior

Photo by Viktorykamyshnikava123 from Freepik

A light pink coffee table can add a gentle dash of color. This table is an excellent option for people looking to create a colorful and fun setting in their home but with a more subtle approach as opposed to being bold and brash. There are numerous options available when it comes to selecting a pink table. From traditional wooden designs to contemporary acrylic pieces, and with that in mind, choosing the ideal piece for your home becomes a simpler task.

19. Red Coffee Table

Living room with red coffee table

Photo by Tamal frmo Freepik

A red coffee table exudes confidence. Red is a vibrant and deep hue that makes an outstanding statement element in your living room. It keeps the space from being too bland and uninteresting. Choosing a red table shows a willingness to think outside the box and embrace uniqueness. It demonstrates that you can confidently incorporate new colors and make bold design choices.

20. Off White

Off white coffee table

Photo by
Projectseasun from Freepik

Off-white is a leading color of modern interiors that opens up the space, creating a welcoming vibe. It can hide stains and spills better than a pure white table, making it excellent for areas of the home in frequent use. You can fuse bright accents and decorations without fear of clashing with the table, making it an enduring choice for any home setting.

Final Thoughts

Colorful coffee table ideas brighten and draw attention to any living environment. Their vibrant colors and eye-catching designs staple them as ideal centerpieces that instantly uplift the space. The unusual combination of artistry and practicality not only increases the visual aspect of the room but also acts as a functional surface for drinks, books, or ornamental sculptures. With that said, admire the beauty and vibrancy of the colorful table, and transform your home into a lively haven.