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20 Colorful Coffee Table Designs Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

Recently updated on February 21st, 2024 at 07:52 am

Colorful Coffee Tables

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your living room, you’ve come to the right place. We have collected a variety of eye-catching and modern coffee table designs that will act as a practical and colorful centerpiece in your home. Say goodbye to the dull and hello to a new, vibrant, and inviting living area that will impress your guests and visitors. Now, let’s explore the numerous options for creating an appealing and colorful table setting that complements your current decor setup and aligns with your style.

Gray Coffee Table

Upholstered gray coffee table

Photo by Mockup from Freepik

This gray coffee table is an ideal match for the bold colors used in this living room setup. It features an upholstered design with a tufted top that stands out in contrast with the wooden legs and frame. The small serving trays atop the table corral smaller items and keep things organized. The table’s neutral color and design add a touch of elegance while staying in line with modern fashion trends. Despite its muted tone, it makes a statement in the room and adds a touch of style, contributing to the peaceful ambiance of the space.

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Pure White Coffee Table

Boho style living room

Photo by Mockup from Freepik

The main focus of this setup is an off-white coffee table. It has a round top with a significant overhang, and the base features a cylindrical shape with a drum-style design. The hue of the table complements the off-white floor vase and accent pillows on the sofa. The sofa color, combined with the interior walls and the decorative trinkets displayed on the table, create a light, airy, coastal vibe. Whereas the materials and shapes throughout the interior lean towards a modern and minimal aesthetic.

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Bright Green Coffee Table

Colorful interior design living room

Photo by Laci_2010 from Freepik

This particular setup highlights a pedestal coffee table that has a cylindrical base. The body of the table has a striking green color and a grid-like design that adds depth to the piece. The base has a subtle gold ring accent complements the matching accent atop its surface. The table’s top is round and white, with a matching white round base that creates a consistent and cohesive look. The surrounding furnishings add more vibrancy, creating a maximalist concept that brings the space together.

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Gold & Wood

Colorful room with bold geometric shapes

Photo by Stickerside from Freepik

This round coffee table is coated with a gold finish, making it a striking centerpiece for a glamorous upgrade. The table displays a rounded surface that grows broader from bottom to top. The base features a bulky cylindrical design, forming a drum-style concept. A flurry of colors floods the space. The dark blue interior walls balance the setup, toning down the ever-present bold hues. The gold and pink planters, filled with florals and greenery, add the perfect accent to the space, coupled with the vibrant tones and potted floor plants.

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Yellow Coffee Table

Colorful coffee table

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

The use of yellow in this interior creates a lively and vibrant atmosphere that contrasts well with the natural feel of the wooden tabletop. The yellow hue gives the space an upbeat aesthetic that harmonizes with the tufted console table. The bold pink sofa matches the decorative accents on the table, while the wooden tabletop pairs with the herringbone flooring spread throughout the interior. This setup introduces an array of opposing colors and textures, each complementing a pairing partner for a cohesive look.

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Orange Coffee Table

Orange coffee table

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This coffee table is designed to showcase various styles, including modernity with its lacquer finish and subtle chrome legs to boho and maximalist with its vivid orange hue. The lacquer coating acts as a sealant, providing greater surface protection and increasing the table’s shelf life. Its eye-catching color is perfect for an eclectic interior and can also connect disparate décor pieces like a bright-colored sofa or a wooden side table.

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Silver Coffee Table

Living room with gray coffee table

Photo by Hannandesignstudio from Freepik

Embrace simplicity with this silver coffee table. Its refined design adds an upscale touch to the room. The chrome finish complements the warm and cool color palette, making it versatile and adaptable to various interior design styles. Whether your interior features bold and vibrant accents or a more subtle and muted aesthetic like this setup, this table effortlessly harmonizes with the existing elements, elevating your space’s overall look and feel.

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Black Coffee Table

Living room with black coffee table

Photo by Beststudio from Freepik

This living room boasts a sleek and minimalistic black coffee table that adds to the space’s overall organized and uncluttered look. The table’s dark hue contributes to the room’s sense of drama and allure. Additionally, the table features a lower integrated storage area that mirrors the size and design of the tabletop. Four symmetrical legs provide the table structure and maintain its clean aesthetic. The muted grey tones of the sofa sectional, interior wall, and flooring further enhance the subdued ambiance of this setup.

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Small Colorful Coffee Table

Small yellow coffee table

Photo by Pixel-shot.com from Freepik

This small coffee table adds warmth and visual appeal. Its bright yellow hue and accompanying floral arrangement in matching colors form a welcoming atmosphere. The table is compact and can fit in small spaces, making it an ideal option for apartments and studios. The vivid color contrasts the room’s color scheme and works as an accent piece in larger spaces. Overall, this table is a perfect way to create a cozy and inviting ambiance within the setup.

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Peach Coffee Table

Interiors with bold color schemes

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This setup features a drum-style coffee table with an oval shape. The tabletop includes a lacquered finish and an orange hue, while the base is jet-black. An orange serving tray is set atop the table to corral smaller items and maintain an uncluttered space. The interior has muted gray wainscoting interior walls, creating a subdued effect and allowing the vibrant furnishings to make a more significant impact. The coffee table is paired with heirlooms, wall art, accent pillows, and an ottoman, each adding a burst of color and bringing the space to life.

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Golden Upholstery

living room decor home interior design

Photo by Biancoblue from Freepik

This interior features an ottoman coffee table that combines a gold finish and upholstery, forming a captivating highlight in the room. The table is broad, exuding a sense of grandeur. It sits low and has a tufted upholstered design on the tabletop. A gold serving tray is placed atop the table, holding a vase filled with flowers and other decorative trinkets. The gray interior wall provides a neutral backdrop, allowing the bold hues of the furnishings and decor touches like wall art and the area rug to stand out.

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Muted Gray

Minimal interior with muted gray coffee table

Photo by Outkastdesign from Freepik

This gray coffee table is an excellent addition to this setup and features a muted hue. Its sleek design and matte finish offer a minimalistic look. The table has a drum-shaped structure with a thin black base and sits low. The tabletop has a raised groove around its edges, which acts as a barrier for items placed on the table and also helps with spills. The interior is consistent with the muted color scheme, reflected in the walls and furnishings.

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Brown Coffee Table

Brown coffee table

Photo by moezhussain2023 from Freepik

This interior boasts a drum coffee table made from rattan with a warm brown finish that gives off a welcoming and cozy vibe. The rattan strands form a ribbed weave effect, adding depth and dimension to the piece. The table sits on top of a textured rattan rug, creating material coherence. The rattan sofa is topped with taupe seating and matching accent pillows. This versatile piece creates a relaxed atmosphere and fits well in this informal setting.

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Shocking Pink Coffee Table

living room with sleek modern furniture

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

This living room features a pair of pink ottoman coffee tables placed centrally. The tables are identical in size and design, rectangular with fabric upholstery. A stack of coffee table books, along with a floral arrangement and subtle trinkets, form a decorative display, while the counterpart is kept free for functional use. The vibrant hues of the tables and surrounding furnishings draw attention and add a burst of excitement to the room.

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Purple Coffee Table

Living interior with purple coffee table

Photo by TheAnswer11 from Freepik

This purple coffee table with storage is a standout piece amidst the neutral setup. It boasts a smooth finish with a purple paint coat and includes integrated storage for keeping books within arm’s reach while also adding a decorative touch. The decorative items and incense placed atop the table complement the neutral tones in the room while also producing a vivid contrast with the table itself. The minimalistic aesthetic of the interior makes the table the centerpiece, adding allure with its rich tones.

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Aquamarine Coffee Table

Aquamarine coffee table

Photo by User27116549 from Freepik

This aquamarine coffee table has a bold effect on the living space. It offers a distinctive and personal touch as a less common color choice. The table’s basic design has four symmetrical legs and a rectangular tabletop. However, the vivid hue makes it an aesthetic piece that commands attention as the focal point. The surrounding textures and bold colors complement the table and prevent it from appearing out of place, providing balance to the setup.

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Multi-Colored Coffee Table

Modern living area with white sofa colorful cushions

Photo by user27955914 from Freepik

This ottoman coffee table features a two-tone design that complements both modern and traditional styles. Its textured appearance adds depth and interest to the piece. The contrasting hues create the two-tone effect, with the table placed on a white area and wooden shiplap flooring. Behind the table features a white sofa adorned with vibrant accent pillows that remain cohesive with the table. The exposed brick wall adds further texture to the setup, which showcases a range of styles, from rustic and industrial to boho and eclectic.

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Light Pink

Modern table ceramic vase Scandinavian interior

Photo by Viktorykamyshnikava123 from Freepik

This coffee table in a soft pastel pink hue adds a subtle touch of color to the interior. The table features a raised perimeter around its edges to keep decorative items in place and prevent spills. Made of ceramic, it has a smooth finish that makes it easy to clean and maintain. On top of the table are ceramic vases filled with greenery, creating a simple yet elegant setting. The sofa in neutral tones complements the table, completing the minimalistic ambiance.

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Red Coffee Table

Living room with red coffee table

Photo by Tamal from Freepik

This red coffee table exudes confidence. It has an ottoman design with angular wooden legs instead of a low-set base. The table’s upholstered finish matches the sofa’s tufted finish and studded accents. The ottoman is versatile, with a lift-top for storing essentials out of sight. It sits on a Moroccan-inspired floor with intricate patterns, while additional red accents can be found throughout the room through floral decorations and wall art.

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Off White

Off white coffee table

Photo by Projectseasun from Freepik

This chic interior features a low-set cubic coffee table with an off-white finish. The table is made of travertine stone, which is a highly durable material. The texture of the table adds depth to the space, while its off-white finish maintains an airy yet luxurious feel. The surrounding sofa and wooden chairs also follow the neutral theme, and the wood panel walls align with the modern vibe.

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Final Thoughts

Colorful coffee table styles are a great way to add a pop of color and interest to any living space. Their vibrant hues and eye-catching designs make them ideal centerpieces that instantly uplift the room’s aesthetics. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal, but they also serve as a functional surface for drinks, books, or decorative items. Appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of a colorful coffee table and transform your home into a lively and inviting haven.

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