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11 Blue Coffee Tables: Accent Your Setup with Cool Tones

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Blue Coffee Tables

Blue coffee tables have become popular in modern living spaces, offering a dynamic mix of style and functionality. Their shades, ranging from deep navy to soft pastels, complement diverse interior design styles, from upscale and modern to coastal and nautical. Blue, often associated with tranquility and peace, contributes to a relaxing atmosphere in your living room. Beyond aesthetics, blue coffee tables offer practicality by providing a surface for displaying decorative items or everyday essentials. This piece explores the diverse styles of blue coffee tables, from subtle accents to statement centerpieces; let’s dive in!

Mid Century Coffee Table

Colorful Contrasts: The Artful Fusion of Blue, Multicolored Rug, and Ceramic Decor in Home Design Of Blue Coffee Tables

Photo by Jruiz1708 from Freepik

This interior showcases a mid-century coffee table with a functional design. Its butcher-block top and hollow core offer storage space, while the blue color coordinates with the overall palette, echoing the hues of the multi-colored rug. The table’s clean lines and simple design contrast with the rug’s playful pattern, creating visual interest. The gray flooring provides a neutral underfoot, offsetting the vibrancy and preventing them from overwhelming. Ceramic accents, scattered throughout the room, pick up the tones of the rug, further contributing to the cohesive ambiance.

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Velvet Ottoman Set of Two – Tufted Tops

Modern Grace: The Minimalist Allure of Grayish-Blue Coffee Tables

Photo by Vusal3d from Freepik

This modern living room features a pairing of ottomans, each showcasing a ribbed body, tufted top, and square build with softened corners. Their grayish-blue hue complements the minimalist ambiance. A wooden side table adjacent to the coffee table adds a warm contrast to the ottomans. Pendant lighting, with a soft glow, hangs above, introducing drama. Completing the setup, a functional bookshelf provides storage and contributes to the modern aesthetic.

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Drum Coffee Table – Laquer Finish

Vivid Flair: The Artful Fusion of Blue, Red, and Yellow in Home Interior Design

Photo by Micromedia from Freepik

This setup revolves around a drum-style coffee table. The table displays a glossy finish and a subtle hourglass design, showcasing decorative items on its surface. The rich orange armchair sits adjacent, topped with an accent pillow, while the yellow sofa offers further contrast. Completing the room, the multicolored area rug ties the pieces together, creating a cohesive and visually engaging space.

Upholstered Coffee Table

A Symphony of Style: Exploring the Fusion Wood, and Yellow in Home Decor

Photo by Micromedia from Freepik

Stepping into this room, cool tones emanate from the wooden shiplap flooring. Our focus turns to the upholstered coffee table positioned centrally between the seating areas. The piece carries a rectangular build and displays a tufted finish along its surface. Its rounded edges create a sleek yet inviting look, while the dark wooden legs support the top. Completing the color scheme is a blue sofa, echoing the shade of the table and contributing to a space that balances comfort and style.

Leather Coffee Table with Glass Top

Luxury in Harmony Of Blue Coffee Tables: The Artistic Fusion of Blue, Glass, and Vibrant Colors in Interior Design

Photo by Jruiz1708 from Freepik

This living room showcases a low-profile coffee table with a drum-like design. The table features a tempered glass top and a central groove separating it from the base. A vibrant abstract painting hangs on the wall, adding a pop of color and counterbalancing the overall palette. The greenery and vases complete the space, introducing nature and rounding out the design.

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Coastal Coffee Table

Whimsical Elegance: A Playful Blend of Blue and White in Interior Design

Photo by Blinixsolutions from Freepik

This coastal-inspired living space features a rectangular coffee table as its main anchor. The table displays a sturdy wooden base for stability fused with a whimsical polka dot pattern. Its low-set design and generous size provide surface space and create a sense of spaciousness. The table’s color scheme complements the surrounding furniture, creating a cohesive setup.

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Painted Coffee Table

Rustic Style: The Artful Fusion of Blue, Wood, and Ceramic in Home Design

Photo by Vusal3d from Freepik

A long, narrow coffee table anchors this space. Its rectangular top offers a slight overhang, while a discreet drawer beneath the surface provides practical storage. The table legs display French country styling, while decorative china pots add a touch of artisan-crafted texture. Wooden shiplap flooring runs through the space, grounding the natural aesthetic. The upholstered sofa in shades of blue and white completes the color palette.

Teal Base With White Top

Finesse in Hues: The Vibrant Fusion of White annd Blue coffee tables with Warm, Inviting Tones

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

Here, our focus turns to a coffee table with a semi-circular, drum-like base painted a bold blue. The top, finished in white, provides a contrasting surface. A planter filled with florals sits atop the table, accompanied by coffee table books. The seating fuses shades of red, yellow, and orange, creating an engaging space, naturally evoking feelings of creativity and optimism. Completing the setup, a multi-colored rug incorporates a mix of hues, further amplifying the room’s aesthetic.

Small Pedestal Coffee Table

Understated Refinement: The Artful Balance of Blue Coffee Tables, Gray, and Wood in Home Design

Photo by FOLLOW THE FLOW from Freepik

In this arrangement, the coffee table is the focal point with its distinctive features—the round tabletop displays a slight overhang and a cylindrical base widening outward from top to bottom, forming the pedestal design. Alongside it, a gray sofa subtly contrasts the table hue. The herringbone flooring underfoot introduces an earthy warmth to the setting. Completing the setting, two black metal side tables with a sleek design contribute a contemporary touch, resulting in a harmonious interior.

Leather Ottoman with Tapered Legs

Crafting Dignity Of Blue Coffee Tables: The Artful Fusion of Deep Blue and Wood in Home Decor

Photo by Plexstudio from Freepik

This setup features an ottoman coffee table, its deep blue top contrasting with the black wooden base. The tilted legs are distinctive, adding a mid-century twist to the piece. Adjacent to the ottoman, small side tables and nautical-inspired lamps contribute to the space’s warm coastal aura. The blue sofa, coherent with the coffee table, completes the setup with a tufted-back design topped with accent pillows.

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Wood Coffee Table with Drawers

Harmonious Style: Exploring the Fusion of Wood, Yellow, and Blue in Interior Design

Photo by Jruiz1708 from Freepik

In this interior, our focus turns to a coffee table with a two-tone finish. The table features a cubic build with clean lines and subtle tapered legs, embodying the mid-century style. Two drawers with sleek hardware offer convenient storage. Positioned behind the table, the yellow sofa contrasts with the blue accent wall that fills the space. Open shelves mounted on the wall add a personal touch, with each element contributing to the room’s punchy feel.

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Final Thoughts

Blue coffee tables offer a compelling mix of designs, materials, and builds, making them an adaptable option for any living space. Available in a range of shades, they add tranquility with softer tones and bolder choices with more dominant hues, complementing styles from modern and minimalist to rustic and traditional.

This ability to fuse aesthetics showcases how design elements can serve multiple purposes, enhancing your living space’s practicality and visual intrigue. Whether you seek a statement piece with daring colors and sleek lines or a more understated design that complements your existing decor, there’s a blue coffee table waiting to elevate your living space.

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