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What Coffee Table Size Works Best With an 84 Inch Sofa?

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

So you’ve taken the plunge and splurged on that spacious new sofa you’ve been dreaming about. At a generous 84 inches wide, it’s perfect for curling up during movie nights or hosting friends for game day. But now you’re stumped on what size coffee table will complement your new centerpiece without cramping the room. Don’t worry; we’re here to help answer that question. In this article, we’ll walk you through the ideal coffee table sizes for an 84-inch sofa so you can find one that’s both fitting and functional. The last thing you want is a table that overpowers your space or leaves too much empty floor on either side. With the right size table for your sofa, you’ll have a cozy and welcoming living room you’ll never want to leave.

Boho living room with sofa and coffee table

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What Size Coffee Table for an 84-Inch Sofa: Things to Consider

When it comes to finding the right coffee table to complement your 84-inch sofa, it’s crucial to consider various essential factors. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose a coffee table that not only adds to the aesthetic of your living room but also provides practical functionality.


You want a table that’s the correct scale for your space and doesn’t overwhelm your seating area or block walkways. As a general rule of thumb, a table that’s two-thirds the length of your sofa is a good size. For an 84-inch sofa, a coffee table around 50 to 60 inches long would work well. A square coffee table around 36 to 42 inches also pairs nicely and offers more versatile arrangement options.


Choose a table height that allows for comfortable legroom and easy reach. For most sofas, a table between 16 and 18 inches high works sufficiently. Any lower and it may be awkward to reach; any higher and it can feel too tall. For an 84-inch sofa, aim for the higher end of that range, around 17 to 18 inches.


Coffee tables come in a variety of materials, from wood and metal to stone and glass. Wood and metal tables tend to have an inviting, natural feel. Stone and glass create a sleek, contemporary look. Choose a material that complements your current setup and the surrounding furnishings in the room.

Living with couch and marble coffee table

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Insight – A coffee table can be the perfect addition to your living room, but ensuring it fits just right is essential. Don’t take any chances — measure twice! By accurately measuring your sofa and room, you can be confident in your purchase.

What Size Coffee Table for an 84-Inch Sofa: Styles and Shapes

When choosing a table for your sofa, you have an abundance of options. Round, square, rectangular—the shape is up to you and your demands and needs. However, for the best flow and function, here are some ideas worth considering:


A rectangular coffee table is a classic choice and works well with most sofas, including an 84-inch one. Look for a table roughly two-thirds the length of your couch for good proportion. A long, low-profile table, around 16 to 18 inches tall, will suit the scale of an oversized sofa and keep the space feeling open.


An oval coffee table is an elegant option that complements curved and rounded sofas. Its rounded edges make it a kid- and pet-friendly choice too. For an 84-inch sofa, a large oval table, around 50 to 60 inches in diameter, creates a balanced look, while also giving you more surface space than a round table of the same size.


You can’t go wrong with a simple round coffee table. Its shape flows nicely with the curved lines of most sofas. A 48- to 54-inch diameter round table suits an 84-inch sofa. Look for a table height of around 16 to 20 inches so it’s easy to reach from a seated position. A round table is also a suitable choice if you want flexibility in arranging your furniture.

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White living room with wooden accents

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Insight – Mixing materials can do wonders for your space. Combining a wooden frame with a glass top will create a light, airy look that won’t clutter your home. Don’t settle for bland interiors — elevate your decor with a clever mix of textures and materials.

What Size Coffee Table for an 84-Inch Sofa: Proportion Is Key

When choosing a coffee table for your sofa, proportion is key. The size and shape of the table should complement your sofa without overpowering the space or making it feel cramped.

How Size Affects Your Pairing

A square or rectangular table in the outlined size ranges will give you plenty of surface area without sticking out too far past the arms of the sofa. You want guests to be able to reach drinks or snacks easily from a seated position. A table on the larger end of that range will also give you space for decorative accents like books, candles, or trays to make your table the focal point. On the other hand, a table too large will make the space feel unbalanced and prevent easy movement around the room. A table too small won’t provide enough surface area and will look dwarfed by a sofa of that size.

How Shape Affects Your Pairing

The shape of the table also affects how well it pairs with your sofa. A square or rectangular table typically complements the straight, defined lines of most sofas. Round or oval tables also work well and help to soften the look, as long as they are appropriately sized for your space. More ornate or asymmetrical tables could compete with a large sofa, making the area feel cluttered. An 84-inch sofa gives you abundant options, so take measurements of your space and find a table that allows for easy flow around the room.

Living room with soda and coffee table

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Insight – Elevate your living room’s style and functionality by swapping that big, bulky coffee table for two sleek, sophisticated console tables. By choosing this savvy alternative, you will gain double the surface area to display your favorite decor pieces and entertain guests.

What Size Coffee Table for an 84-Inch Sofa: Where to Shop

After placing your sofa, it’s time to find a coffee table that complements its size and style. Here are some tips for shopping for the perfect coffee table.

Check Furniture Stores

Furniture stores specializing in living room sets and sectionals will likely have a selection of large coffee tables that pair well with bigger sofas. Stores like Ashley Furniture, Raymour & Flanigan, and Rooms To Go are good places to start. They offer trendy yet affordable options in a range of wood and metal finishes.

Look at Big Box Retailers

Big box stores are another excellent option for sizable coffee tables. Stores such as Target, Walmart, and Wayfair have a wide selection at lower price points, so you can find great value. They frequently run sales and promotions that drop prices even lower. Watch for coupons and promo codes you can apply for additional savings.

Don’t Forget Warehouse Stores

Warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club are ideal for larger furniture. They specialize in bulk items, so you’ll likely find higher-quality coffee tables at lower members-only prices. The selection may be more limited, but the deals can’t be beat. If you need additional seating for a large sofa, they also offer loveseats, recliners, and accent chairs to complete your living room set.

Consider Custom Made

For a truly one-of-a-kind coffee table that fits your oversized sofa perfectly, consider having one custom made. Many carpenters and woodworkers can craft a custom coffee table to your exact specifications. Provide them with measurements of your sofa and the ideal dimensions, style, and wood type you want. A custom table may cost more upfront, but it will be a focal point that will for sure be longer lasting. By shopping around at the right stores, you’re sure to find a table ideal for your sofa and bringing the whole room together. The options for sizing, style, wood, and finish are nearly endless.

Living room sofa and coffee table

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Insight – Upgrade your living space with a coffee table that not only looks great but also serves a practical purpose. Choose a coffee table with drawers, baskets, or shelves to maximize function and storage.

Final Thoughts

When asking, What size coffee table for an 84-inch sofa?, there are a few options to consider. A rectangular coffee table is a safe choice to anchor your sofa without overwhelming the space or limiting walkways. However, if you want to make a style statement, you can opt for a larger coffee table, but make sure to leave plenty of breathing room on all sides. Additionally, you can mix up shapes by going oval, round, or square based on your personal preferences. Ultimately, the most important thing is choosing a coffee table that you love, fits your needs, and complements your decor. Now, the only question left is where to find that perfect centerpiece for your living room. Happy shopping!

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