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17 Lift Top Coffee Table Designs For A Smart Furnishing Upgrade

A lift-top coffee table is a fantastic combination of utility and style, designed to take your living area to new comfort levels. These innovative tables include a cleverly built mechanism that allows the tabletop to be easily lifted, offering a multi-functional surface for dining, working, or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee.Lift-top coffee tables are available in a range of styles and materials, making them an ideal match for any home interior. Let us take you to a curated array of lift-top coffee table ideas that are sure to improve the looks of your living space while changing how you interact with your furniture.

1. Wooden Top with Iron Base

Wooden Top with Metal Base

Photo by FlexSteel

This coffee table has a sturdy wooden top and a solid iron foundation. Within the confines of its conventional structure lies the hidden gem: a lift-top mechanism. The storage solution provided with the lift top helps keep additional household items and will always be within reach whenever you need them, built to accommodate all of your comforts.

2. Black Lift Top Coffee Table

Black lift top coffee table

Photo by Google 

The black wooden coffee table can be one of the most fitting designs for your living area due to its neutral tint, readily merging into an array of interiors and seamlessly adapting to its surroundings. It’s great for individuals who want to instill a sense of boldness in the room’s atmosphere. It demonstrates one’s refined taste and appreciation for clean, modern interior design.

3. Veined Marble

Marble lift-top coffee table designs stand prominent as an elite emblem throughout interiors. The table, including the top and base carries a marble finish, while the legs are often made from robust wood or metal. The marble hue can be chosen based on personal desire and what best complements the setting. The table’s lift-top feature makes it adaptable and multi-functional. When the top is lifted, it creates an elevated surface perfect for dining, writing, or laptop use, making it ideal for people who work or eat while sitting on their couch. The smooth texture makes it simple to maintain; dust the table with a cloth, and it is as good as new.

4. Two-Tone Lift-Top Coffee Table

Two tone lift top coffee table

Photo from Amazon

A two-tone lift-top coffee table is another unusual inclusion in the list of lift-top coffee tables. It’s a style that features two opposing colors or finishes on its surfaces. The table’s top surface carries one color, while the legs and lower storage area carry another. The material used for this table includes a combination of engineered wood and metal, with the design element giving a touch of refinement and successfully raising the room’s overall design.

5. Wood With White Accent

Wood and White Table

Photo by Google 

A wood and white top lift coffee table blends the natural beauty of the wood surface with a white body. The body and frame of the coffee table, made of wood, can vary in type and finish, such as oak, pine, walnut, or mahogany. Additionally, the middle of the table is whitewashed, giving it an infusive effect that would look excellent alongside vivid colors or patterned design surrounding the area.

6. Marble & Metal

Marble and metal lift top coffee table

Photo from MIG Furniture

If you’re searching for a coffee table that will attract the attention of everyone who walks by, this is the one. This lift-top coffee table combines the luxuriousness of a marble surface with the firmness of a metal foundation in its base. With the surface top being marble, these coffee tables are often heavier than other materials, making them robust, an equilibrium of visual aesthetics and practicality.

7. Distressed Wood

Distressed wood table

Photo from Walmart

The distressed wood lift-top coffee table serves as a typical coffee table. Additionally, it provides a level surface for placing items such as drinks, books, magazines, remote controls, or ornamental decor. Moreover, the distressed wood finish lends the coffee table a weathered appearance. The deliberate marks in the wood grain give the space a sense of rusticity. It’s popular among people who enjoy traditional or natural-inspired home design.

8. Colored Finish

Colored wood lift top coffee table

Photo from The Range

Some home setups require a more dynamic look, and that’s where the colored lift-top coffee table comes in. The original grain and color of this coffee table are not from natural wood; instead, it has a colored finish applied to it. Colors could range from bright and vivid to smooth and pastel. It could vary based on the area walls, furniture, and decorative items. It complements the home area or can be entirely contrary, depending on how enthusiastic the homeowners are.

9. Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood table

Photo from Homedit

Try the reclaimed wood coffee table for a more eco-friendly choice. The word “reclaimed” refers to wood salvaged from old structures like barns, warehouses, or other sources. Repurposing wood that would otherwise go to waste makes the table a greener option. Purchasing a reclaimed wood coffee table can help promote sustainability by reusing old wood and reducing the demand for newly cut timber. Make yourself and others proud by making even a small contribution to the preservation of mother nature.

10. Round Lift Top Coffee Table

Round lift top table

Photo from Popsugar UK

Modern living rooms commonly opt for rounded coffee tables, another popular option when space is limited. These tables feature space beneath, allowing you to neatly tuck the seating arrangements under them when not in use, saving floor space and keeping your living area clean. Round lift-top coffee tables are available in a variety of designs, materials, and styles, allowing you to select the finest one most fitting for your home.

11. Stained Wood

Stained wood table

Photo from Novilla

This lift-top table design combines the classiness of stained wood with the firmness of metal legs. The tabletop and base are made crafted from stained wood. Staining is applying color or pigment to wood to improve its look, emphasize its inherent grain, and protect it from damage. It is available in various colors, including light oak, dark walnut, cherry, and mahogany. A good option for people who wish to try something new with their existing coffee tables.

12. Asian Hardwood

Asian hardwood table

Photo from Furniture 123

Furniture manufacturers prefer Asian hardwoods for their strength and appealing pattern. They manufacture the entire table from a single piece of wood instead of using veneers or particleboard. This guarantees that the furniture is sturdy and long-lasting. Solid wood types differ in grain and thus provide a diverse selection, making them one of the most persistent coffee table designs a homeowner could acquire.

13. Extra Storage

Extra Storage Coffee Table

Photo by Google 

Need some more space on a coffee table? Well, this lift-top coffee table has got you all covered. The table’s design features a storage section separate from the lift-top mechanism. The remaining seventy-five percent of the table includes the lift top feature; meanwhile, the final quarter includes open shelves to display items of decor, magazines, or greenery. They can be a lifesaver for people who have a crucial storage problem in their house.

14. Dual Space

Dual space coffee table

Photo from Etsy

A table with both storage and display options. This coffee table has a distinct design, with one closed storage compartment and one open shelf. You can display decorative objects or store your reading and writing materials in the open section while keeping other items in the closed compartment. Additionally, with it being a more compact structure, it minimizes traffic in the area, a novel solution for all modern-style homes.

15. Whitewash Lift Top Coffee Table

White washed coffee table

Photo from eBay

Something whiter than snow, you can say. The technique used to create whitewashed coffee tables gives a worn or distressed appearance, therefore resulting in a whitish effect on the surface while still allowing the wood’s natural grain to show through. It’s an ideal choice for coastal, farmhouse, or shabby chic interiors. The coffee table’s whitewashed surface, combined with a lift-top mechanism, makes it visually beautiful and an adaptive choice for regular use. 

16. Two In One Lift Top Coffee Table

Two in one table

Photo from Furniture 123

This coffee table is not just a furniture piece; it’s versatile and an indispensable companion for the home. In addition to its flawless lift-top feature, this table includes two open shelves in the lower sections. This two-in-one design transforms it into a storage powerhouse, keeping everyday essentials within easy reach while retaining a sense of structure and neatness.

17. Lift Top Coffee Table with Open Shelf

Table with shelf

Photo from Novilla

At first glance, it exudes the beauty of a tasteful and chic coffee table, but there is more to this table than meets the eye. It’s a combo of style and functionality. While the concealed storage area sits within the lift top mechanism, the bottom shelf sits low, near the ground level. The shelf design is open and accessible from all sides, making it an ideal place to store items you might want to exhibit or access regularly. This table invites you to be creative and curate your own mini-exhibition that reflects your likes and hobbies.

Final Thoughts

Lift-top coffee tables have evolved as a fashionable aspect of modern living. These tables meet the needs of today’s dynamic lifestyles by transforming from a classic coffee table to a productive office or dining area. These tables have shown to be a great addition to homes, offices, and small living spaces by providing adequate storage possibilities and various styles to fit diverse aesthetics. Lift-top coffee tables, as a versatile and space-saving furniture option, demonstrate that form can meet function most exquisitely and effectively.