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A Guide To Adding a Touch of Glamour to Your Christmas Festivities

Recently updated on March 15th, 2024 at 12:05 pm

To quote the noble Noddy Holder, ‘It’s Christmas!’. At least, it will be soon, and frighteningly soon at that. With the festive season hurtling towards us at impressive speed, it is no wonder that you are already thinking about what you want your Christmas to look like – and no surprise that you might want to make this one the most glamorous yet. But what makes a glitzy Christmas, and what can you do to make yours feel as special as it is? Here, we’ll look at Christmas decorating tips surrounding glamour essentials, from the make-up of your home decorations to the make-up on your face and beyond.

Christmas Decorating Tips: Decorating Your Home

A glamorous Christmas can be guaranteed through the curation of a glamorous home. As well as year-round décor decisions that lean into the sleek, shiny or art deco, you can make some festive decisions to amp up the glitz and make for a million-dollar Christmas period. Light is everything when decorating for glamour, as with decorating for Christmas. Outside your home, you can beckon people in with themed installations that delight with lighting; inside, twinkling fairy lights and festive chandeliers can illuminate your living spaces in the poshest of ways. Your ornamental decoration decisions are also key here. Gold-leafed installations such as fruit bowls and candlesticks can add a vintage charm to proceedings, while wintry potpourri can imbue the space with brilliant scents and bespoke sights.

Planning Your Fits

Glitz and glamour are easily achieved through the wardrobe, and this might very well be your first port of call for meeting your expectations – above and beyond your home. Glimmer and sparkle are must-haves in any festive outfit, from shiny outfits to glittery make-up decisions. As far as makeup is concerned, maybe the celebs know best for glitzy looks; why not take inspiration from them about your own Christmas looks? As for outfits, you should ensure each fit matches the occasion. What you might wear to work would be dramatically different from what you wear to the opening of your family’s gifts on Christmas Day!

Christmas Decorating Tips: Baking Up a Storm

Your Christmas glitz needn’t be confined to personal, homely, or decorations. You can bring glamour into the kitchen too, and reflect your high-falutin’ festive aspirations in the recipes you make. Baking in the winter is a mood all of its own, between the seasonal scents of winter spices and the aesthetic fogging-up of windows from the oven’s heat.

Traditional Christmas puddings are just that: traditional. They have a rustic charm to them, which might play a little against your glamour-led aesthetic efforts. However, everything changes with that final lick of brandy and the striking of a match! You might also consider baking some festive bites to share with friends and family, in keeping with the crudites of black-tie events.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is the perfect time to add glitz and glamour to your home décor without breaking the bank or sacrificing good taste. Whether you incorporate metallics, crystals, or luxe fabrics, even small touches can significantly impact you. After all, the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, creating cherished memories, and spreading good cheer. You can set the perfect mood and backdrop for the season by elevating your decor in stylish yet understated ways. Before you know it, your home will be decked out and ready for celebration. So, go ahead and pour yourself an eggnog, turn on some classic carols, and get to work making your space as dazzling as the season ahead! Don’t forget, the holidays will be here before you know it, so start spreading the glamor and joy today.

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