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Summer 2024 Garden Trends: What’s In Bloom?

Top garden trends for summer 2024

The warmer months are just around the corner, so it’s time to give your garden a well-deserved refresh. Getting your outdoor space in shape for spring and summer means you can spend days soaking up the sunshine as soon as it arrives, knowing your garden is looking glorious.

Sprucing up your garden is not only good for the aesthetics of your home, but it’s also beneficial for your mental health. Spending time outdoors can help relieve stress and improve overall mood.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top garden trends to watch out for in summer 2024.

Eco-conscious greens

Pollinator gardens were introduced to make outdoor spaces both eco-friendly and decorative. With the rise of sustainable practices being implemented throughout our daily lives, people are now adding edible plants, reducing lawns, and attempting environmentally conscious practices when tending to their outdoor space.

This trend is seen particularly in young, first-time homeowners, as millennials appear to be more eco-conscious than any other generation. They want to contribute to a better planet and do good for the environment. To do so, we recommend planting native flowers, which look stunning and require little maintenance. They’re an excellent choice for attracting native pollinators.

Berry bushes also allow you to grow food in compact spaces and, therefore, don’t require you to have a large garden to grow your ingredients.

Botanical wellness

Another popular trend is growing plants that bring you joy. Consider botanical wellness as a form of outdoor therapy. This calm and peaceful activity brings happiness to many, and partaking in something that allows you to relax and unwind while also being productive can be hugely beneficial for our wellbeing.

Creating a sanctuary garden you enjoy spending time in is something homeowners dream of. Ensure to stay on top of your garden maintenance so that your garden is always looking its best. This, in turn, will boost your mood.  Remove weeds regularly, take care of the soil, and create stunning topiary with battery-operated hedge trimmers to keep everything in immaculate condition.

Container gardens

For those who have smaller gardens or living a more urban lifestyle, container gardening allows you to reap the same rewards as traditional gardening, just in a more compact space. If you only have a small patio space or balcony, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of gardening.

Hanging plants in planters are perfect for city dwellers. Whether you suspend them from the ceiling, mount them from the walls, or hang them on shelves, they can instantly bring the space to life. You can also grow food in container gardens, such as cherry or grape tomatoes and blueberries. There really is something for all types of green thumb.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our trends for the summer of 2024, integrating any one of these styles into your outdoor space forges environmental friendliness and uplifts the aesthetic of your surroundings throughout the warmer seasons. The key remains in picking plants that align with your priorities and gardening requirements. With a diverse range, this summer holds promise for splendid gardens everywhere.

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