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Say Goodbye to Winter Blues: Elevate Your Home for the Season

Recently updated on April 22nd, 2024 at 08:00 am

The frosty season is here for a large chunk of the US. With the festive chaos over and everything quieting down, it’s time to transition to warm winter decor. Bidding adieu to the glitz and welcoming serenity and calmness requires some planning, especially if you want it to be smooth and seamless. Keep reading to unwrap the best-kept secrets of winter decor and transition out of the Christmas season and into a snug wonderland!

How to Transition from Festive to Winter Decor?

You’ve already taken your Christmas decorations down and finally need a reprieve from all the vibrancy?

In that case, you should work toward a more neutral palette instead of abruptly changing all the decor. Many households choose to maintain the winter charm in their home even after the holidays. The best way to do this is to strip most of the decorations and just leave a few here and there.

For example, you can put all your Christmas tree ornaments away but keep the tree for a while longer. You can leave the lights on the tree if you wish, but this would work better if they’re white or warm white instead of multicolored. This way, you’re taking baby steps and won’t have to leave all the work for one day.

There are other things you can do besides this but in the end, it all comes down to one thing: take the festive colors out and go more neutral. If any of your decorations come in less vibrant colors, you can leave them up for longer to help with the transition. For example, keep any snowy-white elements, snowflake decor, themed throw blankets and pillows, etc. In a nutshell, separate the decorations that can hang around for a few more weeks or repurpose other elements from the holidays that aren’t as prominent.

4 Best Winter Decor Elements to Add

When it’s time to strip the halls, your room will look bare since you’ll be used to the clutter. To tide you over, maintain that cozy atmosphere and add these 4 great winter decor elements:

Fluffy Pillows

After the long, chilly days, who wouldn’t mind sinking into a mountain of clouds? Well, warm, fluffy pillows are the closest thing you can get! If you incorporate these elements into your decor, the comfort and warmth of the Christmas season will still stay with you. Choose pillows with faux fur, chunky knits, or velvety textures that fit into your space and make you want to jump on the bed or sofa. If you’re looking for a layered look, mix and match textures and sizes or experiment with soft materials you haven’t used.


The outside world may be gray and colorless, but it doesn’t mean your home has to lack life, too. We recommend using a neutral color palette as you implement winter improvements but don’t take that to mean you shouldn’t include any vibrancy; you still need some color.

A great way to achieve this without reverting back to your colorful Christmas decor is by adding greenery. Since it’s still cold out, opt for artificial plants like luscious faux hanging garlands and bushes. You can drape faux foliage over mantles or doorways or hang it from the ceiling over a dull corner. The options are as limitless as artificial greenery is versatile.  


Make your transition easier by keeping the season’s spirit alive with a candle. With dusk arriving earlier, take advantage of the light you have in your home to wind down. If you haven’t yet packed up your twinkling lights, candles can complement them well. A gentle flicker in the dark winter evenings works like a charm in any setting.

A candle provides a subtle, intimate glow perfect for hosting an intimate gathering or spending the evening snuggled on the couch. The flickering light from the dancing flames next to the delicate fairy lights will provide a much-needed respite for you and your family.


Playful winter accents can open up a diverse array of decorating options. For example, you can include the luxury of faux fur with throw blankets or pillow covers, as we mentioned before. Or, add subtle wintry sparkle with metallic accents like silver or gold holders for your candles.

If your room’s aesthetic allows it, introduce natural elements like wood, pine cones, or birch logs for a more earthy ambiance. Or, add more velvet accents in deep, rich tones for sophistication. For the traditional homeowner, rustic elegance with plaid will be reminiscent of cozy cabins and fireside gatherings.

Finishing Thoughts

Transitioning from festive decor without stripping all the coziness of the season isn’t the easiest job in the world. Still, it shouldn’t cause you too much difficulty. In the end, it’s all about creating that little slice of heaven that reflects your style and offers you warmth and comfort during the cold months. What comes to mind when you think of a ‘personal winter retreat’? Do you have enough decor elements to support your vision without shelling out money for trinkets? Answer these questions, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way towards boundless coziness.

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