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Acrylic Coffee Table Bliss: 19 Design Ideas to Steal for Your Home

Recently updated on February 21st, 2024 at 08:16 am

Acrylic Coffee Tables

Let’s delve into a conversation surrounding the acrylic modern coffee table, an exceptional furniture piece. Contrary to a glass composition, this table flaunts a robust, transparent plastic composition. The ability to gaze straight through this marvel is one value-add that sets it apart, allowing for decorative items to be clearly on show. Notably, it augments the spaciousness and brightness of compact rooms. Reflecting a simplistic yet fashionable design, the acrylic coffee table showcases adaptability.

It harmonizes effortlessly with a variety of room aesthetics, be it modern, traditional, or anything in between. Besides its impressive appeal, this table’s practicality cannot be overstated. The acrylic coffee table excels in durability, effectively withstanding everyday wear and tear. Its strength makes it an alluring choice for busy households with children or pets. Owing to such beneficial characteristics, a rise in people incorporating this coffee table into their home decor has increased. Check out these carefully curated choices and discover inspiring ideas to elevate your home’s interior with these chic furnishings.

Multicolored Acrylic Coffee Table

Enchanting Acrylic Coffee Table

Photo by southeastflorida from Etsy

This design presents a unique coffee table, with its entirely acrylic composition for both its tabletop and legs. The coffee table’s tabletop gleams a clear finish with a tinted multicolored finish. This aspect distinguishes the table, enhancing the feel of any room. This wholly acrylic makeup, including its tabletop and legs, yields individuality and practical benefits that are hard to overlook.

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The Waterfall Design

The Versatile C-Style Acrylic Console Table

Photo by southeastflorida from Etsy

The alluring console coffee table, crafted from acrylic, epitomizes streamlined clean lines. Its stunning waterfall-shaped blueprint is compact yet makes a considerable impression, taking up minimal space. Given its all-embracing charm, this console seamlessly integrates with diverse home decor, adding a distinct flair. Beyond its captivating appearance, this item fluidly innovates in terms of utility.

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Box-Style Acrylic Coffee Table

Innovative Box-Style Acrylic Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

An inventive highlight in decor, this acrylic coffee table presents an intriguing box design. This table is not just distinctive in style but offers storage benefits too, being open from both sides.  Designed with an open concept, the box-style square coffee tables facilitate simple storage and easy access, providing utility in a household setting.

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 Modern Lucite Furniture Legs

Modern Lucite Furniture Legs for Enduring Coffee Tables

Photo by Gusto Design

This style features nesting wooden coffee tables boasting unique acrylic legs. First, we have a table with a large wooden rectangular top, with the second presenting a small wooden rectangular top. The third table introduces a distinctly different structure with a wooden live-edge top. Each one, designed individually, enhances the aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, their nested design offers a space-saving option, allowing you to feature them as a complete set or divide them to feature as stand-alone pieces in different home rooms. 

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Minimal A Cluster of Innovation: Acrylic Coffee Table

A Minimalist Acrylic Coffee Table with a Touch of Grace

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

The highlight of this coffee table lies in its simplicity, deriving its charm from a single, solid piece of robust domestic acrylic and carrying a waterfall design concept. The hollow center opens to the door for furniture storage, like the ottoman shown here, which can be tucked within the table’s center when not in use. This results in a sleek “waterfall” style edge, a rich visual flourish to any room. The soft curves demonstrate the casual style of a minimalist design.

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The Handmade Lucite Coffee Table

The Handmade Lucite Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

With a touch of modernity, we present an aesthetic handmade coffee table. Crafted meticulously with clear acrylic, this piece showcases Lucite’s transparent refinement. It features a built-in open shelf to accommodate for storing essentials, further advancing its practical benefits. An artful blend of style and function depicts modern acrylic furniture at its finest.

Tall Narrow Acrylic Coffee Table 

The Tall Acrylic Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Here, we have a tall, narrow acrylic table that can be utilized as a small coffee table or as an end table accent piece. It carries a distinctive rectangular shape, with its tabletop length and width being shorter. The tabletop’s design plays into its unique appearance, with its stature and profile giving it a modern, stylish look. In short, its design makes it an attractive addition to contemporary home decor settings. 

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Trunk-Inspired Acrylic Coffee Table

The Trunk-Inspired Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This coffee table is an embodiment of true artistry, featuring a flat-top, trunk-shaped design. It fuses clear acrylic with finely brass-plated hardware and supple leather strap handles. Visual interest is laced into every element, from the acrylic’s smoothness to the brass’s bright sheen. It’s more than just a table; it’s a noteworthy addition to your living space.

Nesting Coffee Tables

Here, three green acrylic coffee tables are displayed elegantly in a nesting fashion, with each table slightly smaller than its predecessor. Adding to the visuals, they all contribute to an ensemble featuring a waterfall shape. In essence, these nesting coffee tables combine an innovative use of material with a staggered-size approach. Collectively, they create a unique blend of comfort and modernism in any living space. 

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Large Rectangular Coffee Table 

The Contemporary Acrylic Rectangular Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This rectangular coffee table carries a sizeable surface top, embodying simplicity and style. It features a waterfall-edge style, immediately grabbing attention. Created from a solid, 3/4 thick acrylic piece, the designer showed incredible precision, allowing the design to accentuate any room’s aesthetic. Specifically, the dimensions of this table are 36″L x 20″W x 18″H: a perfect concoction of size and utility. 

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H-Patterned Set of 2

The Striking H-Patterned Acrylic Small Coffee Table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

The stunning H-patterned small coffee table subtly captures attention. Its total size is 16″ x 16″ x 24″ tall, and its 1.00″ thick material gives a minimalist look, known for the apparent ‘floating’ top. A perfect living room addition, its high-quality, clear acrylic construction and innovative artistry command attention from any room angle. 

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Dual Shelf Mobile Coffee Table

The Clear Acrylic Double Shelf Coffee Table on Wheels

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Creating a modern aesthetic with ease, the dual-shelf mobile coffee table on wheels encapsulates functionality and style. Clear, 1/2″ acrylic forms this movable piece. Its design incorporates a waterfall fabrication, providing two spacious storage shelves and a tabletop. The sleek wheels not only add mobility but enhance the overall modern look. Use it as a bookcase or coffee bar service, depending on your preference.

Cube & Reverse Waterfall Fusion

Contemporary Style: The Acrylic Coffee Table Design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This modern coffee table brings a personalized touch, marrying a cube and a waterfall edge underside to create the table’s makeup. A 3/4″ thick acrylic piece is used to craft this innovative concept. It displays a top surface measuring 36″L and 18″W. Additionally, its total height amounts to 20″, standing quite impressively. With the table’s size in mind, this style would be better suited to those with more room to play with.

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Square Coffee Table with Brass Accents

The Acrylic Square Coffee Table with Brass Accents

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This square coffee table features brass buttons on all four corners, adding a dash of class and intricacy. Clear, domestic acrylic forms the legs. A 3/8″ thick clear acrylic creates the top. Its size, 36″ x 32″ x 18″ H, makes it a substantial piece in any setting. The subtle brass accents enable this style to feature in both basic settings and more upscale contemporary interiors.

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Purple Acrylic Coffee Table 

Purple Table with unique design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This acrylic coffee table gets noticed as soon as you enter the room, presenting a modern aesthetic. The T-shaped table base draws attention, adding an individualized design element, with the table also displaying shades of purple, enriching the visual appeal. Lastly, The colorful coffee table design allows it to fit an array of interiors, whether you’re a maximalist consumer looking to make a bold statement or a fan of more abstract concepts looking to feature the table as an accent piece.

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Multi-Tier Acrylic Coffee Table

Modern Table with Functional Design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

This clear coffee table features an internally tiered design, integrating the formation with a robust lower base. The sizable surface top measures 42″L x 20″W and stands at a standard height of 20″, making it best suited to larger interiors. The lower section, measuring 22″W, also provides ample storage space of 10″ on both ends. The entire piece is crafted from solid 3/4″ thick clear domestic acrylic, ensuring durability and a distinctly transparent finish. 

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Waterfall & Standing Wave Fusion

Waterfall and Standing Wave table Design

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

The artistic design of this coffee table captures one’s attention. It mimics a waterfall cascading at one end while portraying a standing wave at the alternate end. In essence, the table fuses natural elements into a sleek, modern shape while introducing dynamism and fluidity into the space. Ideally suited for modern homes, it symbolizes movement. Undeniably, it’s a statement piece, blending design and function effortlessly.

Luxury Acrylic Coffee Table 

The Stylish gold Table with Metal Legs

Photo by Ella Ross

Presenting a gold coffee table boasting an integrated open shelf, creating functional advantages. The tabletop comprises tempered glass, and storage space rests above a mirrored base. Furthermore, brushed gold simultaneously provides robust support and accent aesthetic, ensuring longevity and durability. Finally, supporting the structure, the table showcases sleek acrylic legs, met by the gold accents in either corner. This is a unique blend of practicality and modern luxury design.

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Sandbox Inspired Table

Sandbox Inspired colorful table

Photo by AcrylicUSAMade from Etsy

Primarily, the coffee table exhibits a unique sandbox shape, showcasing the versatility of acrylic in furniture design. Uncommon outlines and lively orange and blue hues define this piece. It’s more than your average table, including open storage space at the base. A perfect go-to for space-savvy individuals. This remarkable piece, from chic to cozy spaces, brings in dynamic color and design focus. Its playful structure will undoubtedly be the talking point in any room.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, the transparent nature of the acrylic coffee table indeed raises its appeal. This contemporary furniture piece integrates effortlessly into an array of decor setups, embracing versatility. Its ability to let light pass through created the illusion of a larger space, a helpful trait for smaller areas. Don’t let the delicate look fool you; acrylic coffee tables are surprisingly durable and can bear day-to-day handling, making them suitable for homes with children or pets. 

A striking blend of simplicity and modern style, acrylic modern Coffee Tables add to a room’s elegance, while its transparency imparts a feeling of lightness. In a nutshell, choosing an acrylic coffee table is both a fashionable and functional decision, appealing to today’s decor trends. Its ability to blend into various styles and user-friendly attributes makes it a significant asset in any home.

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