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How to Find the Best Mattress Possible | Battle of Three!

Recently updated on February 22nd, 2024 at 12:16 pm

Getting a long restful sleep is vital to enjoying a happy and healthy lifestyle, by giving our body the crucial time it needs to recuperate. However to get the best night’s sleep, you need the best mattress. Getting a hold of the most comfortable mattress might sound simple – but it isn’t as simple as going for the softest option that matches your decoration style. It may not account for all the different sleep styles! We’ve put together this blog to expand on how to find the right mattress for your personal sleeping preferences, whilst also going deeper into three specific mattresses to highlight their differences.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Asking yourself “Where can I buy a mattress?” is just half of the battle – once you find the right outlet and figured out your budget, it’s all about firmness and materials. The different firmness levels and materials used in mattresses suit different sleepers on criteria such as their preferred position, weight, and ideal sleeping temperature.


Mattress firmness is relevant when considering your preferred sleeping position and your general body weight.

  • Firm: Stomach sleepers should opt for a firmer mattress, ensuring that their hips don’t sink too deeply overnight. Moreover, firmer mattresses are also more suitable for heavier sleepers, again for support reasons.
  • Medium-Firm: Medium-firm mattresses are best suited to those that sleep on their backs, offering the necessary support to keep a spine well-aligned, while still allowing for some comfortable sinkage.
  • Softer: Side sleepers should choose a softer mattress, as it will allow their hips and shoulders to sink comfortably, while still complementing the natural alignment of their spine. Softer mattresses are also a safer bet for lighter bodies.


When it comes to materials, most mattresses will generally be made with innerspring construction, memory foam, or latex, while some brands are patenting their own forms of mattress fillings. Innerspring is a versatile choice, being available in both firm or soft forms, depending on the levels of padding used. Also, memory foam mattresses are known for conforming to your body’s shape, while they have a reputation for retaining a lot of heat. Whereas, Latex mattresses can kind of act as a middle ground, being firmer and springier than memory foam, with more cooling qualities.

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

Mattresses can range from anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to the high thousands, but generally you’re going to want to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000 on yours. This might sound like a lot of money, but remember; it’s an investment in your sleep and your overall well-being.

Mattress Comparison

Now that you know a little more about the kinds of things to look out for in mattresses, we’re gonna compare three of our favorite mattresses on the market, coming from Plush Beds, Spindle, and Tempur-Pedic respectively.

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Plush Beds Organic Latex Mattress – The Botanical Bliss

This is a mattress crafted from organic latex, cotton, and wool; with each material being certified by GOTS. It’s got the pedigree of being recommended by a number of different orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors, highlighting its support and pressure relief as key benefits.

Sizes Available:

The Botanical Bliss is a versatile choice coming in every size from twin to California king, including split options. It’s worth noting that this mattress is also available in varying thicknesses – 9”, 10”, and 12”, with the increased thicknesses more suitable for heavier sleepers.


While many of the mattresses on the market are only available in one firmness, the Botanical Bliss is available in both a “Medium” and “Medium-Firm” form, meaning you can choose the style that best suits your sleeping position.

Pricing & Reviews:

For a queen-sized, this purchase will set you back $1,699, which is pretty reasonable in the world of luxury mattresses! In terms of reviews, the Botanical Bliss scores an impressive 5 out of 5 stars based on a whopping 4,389 reviews, meaning this is most definitely a mattress that you can trust.

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Spindle – 10” Organic Latex Mattress

Next up we have another organic latex mattress, this time coming from Spindle. Much like the last option, this is a supportive, pressure-relieving option, while this product makes more of a point of its responsiveness and cooling qualities. This is also a wonderful choice for those concerned about fiberglass and VOCs, with none present in the make whatsoever.

Sizes Available:

This mattress isn’t available in quite as many sizes as the Botanical Bliss, only being selectable for sizes between twin and king, which is still fairly versatile. It’s also only available in 10” of thickness.


The interesting thing about Spindle’s mattresses is that you can adjust their firmness after you’ve already made your purchase. Additionally, the mattress comes with a number of layers that can be removed and added – so you can tailor the firmness between medium to medium-firm as and when you please!

Pricing & Reviews:

The Organic Latex Mattress from Spindle comes in at $1,599 for a queen-size, making it marginally cheaper than the Botanical Bliss. The reviews come in at just short of five stars from 904 ratings, making this another safe bet.

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Tempur-Pedic – TEMPUR-ProAdapt

The TEMPUR-ProAdapt is a unique choice in this article, being the only mattress made from its own proprietary material. TEMPUR-ProAdapt is a type of foam developed from materials originally used by NASA scientists, focused on providing the highest degree of support possible.

Sizes Available:

Much like the Botanical Bliss, this mattress is available in every size from twin to California king, including split options. The thickness is standard across all models.


What’s more, this option is available in four different thicknesses, including Soft, Medium, Medium Hybrid, and Firm, so sleepers of all styles can find a mattress that suits their needs.

Pricing & Reviews:

The priciest of the three options, the TEMPUR-ProAdapt comes in at $3,399 for a queen mattress, with a 4.5 star rating. However, it also firmly has the highest number of reviews, with over 9.2 thousand ratings which likely accounts for any lower scores.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the best mattress for you depends on what it is that you’re looking for. If you know that you’re more of a medium to medium-firm person, the Plush Beds mattress might be the best full-size option for you. On the other hand if you feel like your firmness preferences can change at the drop of a hat and you’re working with a limited budget, then Spindle might be the right direction to go in. If you need options and a high budget and want to try some space-age technology, Tempur-Pedic is probably the brand for you.

With any choice, just make sure there’s a decent warranty/return policy – being stuck with the wrong mattress can be catastrophic. For more on interior design and home decor, visit our blog today!

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