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Interior Design Tips: Simple Changes That Make a Major Impact

Our Easy Home Decorating Ideas that Anyone Can Do! 

Have you ever wondered how some homes look effortless – like they have been arranged by an interior designer, with everything perfectly placed? While professional interior design is something every home will benefit from, you can pull off your own effortless, simple interior design tips & tricks in a few easy steps without any mistakes. How? Read on for our favorite quick home improvements that anyone can do! 

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Interior Design Tips: Get a Handle on It

Old furniture can undergo a speedy makeover, giving it a whole new lease of life with a few simple accessory swaps. If the handles on your closets, cabinets, and drawers look tarnished after being well-used, upgrade them with new ones! Moreover, porcelain door handles are particularly chic, or for a modern look, try geometric chrome – quick and simple interior design doesn’t get any better than this.

Decorate Your Ceiling

For a simple bedroom interior design transformation, change up the color of your ceiling – it will significantly impact the rest of the room and be something lovely to gaze at while you’re having a lay-in. Plus, it works well in other primary rooms like your living room and can be finished with a new lighting fixture. Done!

Home Improvement Ideas by DeCasa Collections

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Quick Tip – Make some thrifty decisions when you can – regularly check in on end-of-season sales in major home stores to pick up high-end items on a budget.

Power Your Shower 

There are certain features in the home that we only think about when we use them. One great example is our shower – treat it, and yourself, to a burst of new life with a bigger, more powerful shower head, and find a smooth shower hose that is easy to clean and doesn’t cause a mildew build-up. Sparkling!

Jump on a New Mattress

Be honest: when was the last time you bought a new mattress? (Perhaps your back can answer that question for you). Practical swaps make for super-simple bedroom interior design, so we recommend investing in a pillowtop mattress that will see you through a number of years and bring a new lease of life into your boudoir.

Interior Design Tips: Linen Upgrade

This is, without doubt, one of the most straightforward and simple interior design hacks we know – buy yourself new linen, such as towels and bedding, and not only will your room be immediately transformed by delightful new patterns and colors, but you will love to luxuriate in soft fabrics at any time.

Home Improvement Decoration Ideas by DeCasa Collections

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Organize Your Kitchen 

We have all found ourselves turning green with envy at how organized and stylish some people seem in their homes, especially their kitchens – and it all comes down to keeping everything in order. So, how to organize a pantry? Make friends with your inner geek and invest in some labels – we love black labels with chalk effect pens – and a set of Kilner jars. Make sure you display them with pride on an open shelf, and you will be the envy of your visitors!

Switch up the Small Things 

Remember how we pulled a simple interior design trick with our door and cabinet handles? We can create the same magic with our light switches and sockets too! If you are into vintage, find fake bakelite lighting accessories with satisfying flick-up/ flick-down switches, or for a contemporary look, brushed metal electrical lighting controls and sockets look smart and sleek. It’s a great way to conjure up a simple living room interior design trick.

Interior Design Tips: Eat at the Table 

In our busy lives, we can overlook the simple pleasures in life, like eating around a table with loved ones. But even if you have a small dining room or no dining room at all, you can create a cozy corner with some simple interior design hacks for a delightful dinner. Also, be sure to deliberately mark out the space with a rug, a low-hanging light over the table, and under-seat storage for table linens and accessories. Bon appetit!

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Open Up the Fireplace

What are you waiting for if you already have a period fireplace you do not use? It’s not just the fire itself that creates the best focal point any room could have; there are so numerous fantastic fireplace decor ideas you can enjoy, like brass pokers, brushes, and pans, as well as farmhouse-inspired decor such as candles, mirrors, and flower displays.

Interior Design Tips: Make an Entrance 

What do you see when you open your front door? Is it a pile of shoes and coats, complete with dog paw prints, or a calm, organized space to welcome you in? You could be missing a trick if the answer is the first option. But, Dressing up the hallway makes it feel more important – it is not just a place to serve you but an essential segue into the rest of your home. 

Display Beautiful Books

Simple interior design tricks are possible everywhere in your home, even on your bookshelves. Plus, you probably have prettier books than others, so make sure they are the ones you have on more prominent display – you may even enjoy some lost gems in the process.

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Quick Tip – Keep the clutter away in every room – this will expose the decor you forgot you had and will make you feel organized, which will make you feel happier!

Give One Item a Makeover

Suppose you would love to get stuck into some interior design but do not have the time. In that case, one of our easy home decorating ideas is to choose one piece of furniture and give it a makeover – we recommend something small like a chair or a coffee table. Then, grab some sandpaper, paint, and maybe even some applique, then get crafty!

Interior Design Tips: Let the Sunshine In

You do not have to live in a mansion to enjoy great, innovative decor – so for extraordinary yet simple interior design for a small house, especially a house that does not get much natural light, have someone install a sun tunnel or sun tube. Additionally, a sun tunnel directs sunlight from your roof, traveling down a highly reflective tube and into any room. It will look beautiful – and natural light is much better for our mental health than synthetic light.

Home Improvement interior design tips by DeCasa Collections

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Quick Tip – If a complete room makeover seems daunting, start by replacing the things you use every day – you will be treating yourself to something nice, and it may inspire you to make more changes!

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Make It Easy on Yourself 

So, there we have it – simple interior design tricks you can do with little effort. There are many ways to bring in the new and make your home feel organized, bright, and beautiful, from new handles to innovative lighting solutions. Do what you find most manageable and see what a big difference the small changes make.