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23 Pedestal Coffee Tables: Designs For Interior Elevation

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Pedestal Coffee Tables

Elevate your interior setup with a flawless mix of style and functionality – enter the pedestal coffee table! A must-have for any living space, these tables showcase an artistic and practical design crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Offering a versatile surface that can be utilized in several ways, they embody timeless design with simplicity. Supported by a central structure, they are ideal for those who seek out classic design and embrace versatility. In this roundup, we’ll explore their historical origins, a wide range of design options, and how they can complement a diverse range of interior themes. So strap in, and let’s dive in!

Scandinavian Coffee Table

Scandinavian interior with wooden furnture

Photo by user3980505 from Freepik

The main focus of this interior design is the two round coffee tables that exhibit Scandi style and contribute to a rustic ambiance with their textured wooden finish. The round rattan rug and small ottoman complement the tables, giving the room a natural and earthy feel. The tables are both authentic and visually pleasing, displaying imperfect exteriors. The circular tops create a calming atmosphere, while the sturdy tri-legged base ensures stability and durability.

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Acacia Coffee Table with Storage

Enigmatic Appearance Pedestal Coffee Table with Storage

Photo by tikamoon

In this setup, we have a coffee comprising metal and slatted wood in a shiplap style. It showcases charisma and immediately catches your eye, being the focal point of the design. The top is acacia wood, adding to the aura and providing a superb tactile aspect. The table has a small shelf cleverly integrated beneath the top, connected to the main surface by sturdy metal rods. This ingenious design provides a convenient place to store your daily essentials while improving the table’s aesthetic.

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High-Set Coffee Table

An Epitome Of Simplicity Orange Wood Heightened Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by bignai from Freepik

This interior’s primary focus centers around a wood coffee table with an orange-like finish and high-set design. This piece and the sofa’s flawless white background sweeten the living room’s ambiance. The table’s high surface provides ample space for use and draws attention, conveying a sense of grandeur. The table’s rich, natural wood grain adds warmth and character to the space.

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Metal Coffee Table

Combination Of Two Metal and Glass Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by tikamoon

Introducing the black metal coffee table, which boasts a striking design. The round glass top is supported by a cross-metal connecting piece, providing a contemporary touch that mixes well with the decor style. The table’s base consists of a metal pedestal and cross-metal base, producing a sturdy and reliable foundation and guaranteeing longevity. Placed on a light gray floor, this table becomes the room’s centerpiece while harmonizing with the decor surrounding it.

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Acacia with X Base

Dynamic Contrast Wood and Metal Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by tikamoon

Let’s look closer at this coffee table with a round wooden top and a metal frame base. This table is well suited to the setting, combining classic style and practicality. The acacia top is crafted to give a warm and inviting appearance, while the sturdy metal frame base provides durability and introduces an industrial touch to the design. The decorative tray on top makes this table notable – it enhances its aesthetics and provides a distinct focal point and a useful storage option.

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Black Coffee Table

Dramatic Style Black Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by juanmataborda from Freepik

Here, we highlight a wooden coffee table with three legs, each with a smooth black finish, perfectly coordinating with the room’s decor. This table serves as the centerpiece of the room and emanates sophistication. The harmony between the room’s black accent wall and the table’s legs creates a balanced setting and enhances the aesthetics of the environment. The mixture of black and wood accents adds to the table’s commanding presence and ability to anchor the room’s design, making it indispensable within the interior.

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Leather Coffee Table

Plushie Surprise Wood and Upholstered Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by flowstudio26 from Freepik

Stepping into this room, a sense of harmony immediately surrounds you. The wooden accents adorn this space and complement the decor coherently, creating an inviting ambiance. At the heart of it all is a wooden coffee table, supported by four slim legs and featuring a cushioned top perfect for relaxing moments. This table is practical and authentic with its leather top design, providing a sturdy surface while adding a touch of comfort to the setup.

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White Coffee Table

Peak Sophistication White Wood To Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by Flatiron from Freepik

At the heart of this interior is a round coffee table that immediately captures your attention. The table features a white top and metal pedestal base. The steel frame that encircles the top adds a touch of sophistication while emphasizing its simplicity. The table is positioned on a white rug and contrasts with the nearby gray sofa and orange accent table. The arrangement creates a pleasing fusion of hue and texture, making this table the center of attention. Its understated design offers ample space and is an excellent example of balancing functionality and aesthetics in the setup.

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Tray-Style Top with Maple Base

Extraordinary Design Plate Like White Top Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by ASTeam from Freepik

This setup showcases a round coffee table with a rustic design. It features a light wood base that contrasts with its four cross-base legs. The unusual makeup of the table legs, which resemble ice cream sticks, and the plate-like top combine to create a modern appearance well suited to the setup. This pedestal coffee table is both functional and stylish, with a design that balances form and stability.

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High-Set Unique Coffee Table

Trend Setter Black And Wood Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by hiv_360 from Freepik

This interior features a black coffee table with a vase-shaped base that elegantly widens as it descends. The base culminates in a sleek, matte black cylindrical shape that effortlessly merges with the table’s modern design. The wooden tabletop adds a natural aesthetic that creates a stunning contrast with the black base. This unconventional table design is a showstopper and is undoubtedly the focal point of attention in this interior.

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Lightwood Coffee Table

Not An Ordinary Table Distinctive Design Table

Photo by user3980505 from Freepik

With its exceptional light wood design, the round coffee table takes center stage in this setup. Its unique fourth thick, cylindrical leg sets it apart, while the three sturdy legs stabilize the structure and add to its tranquil appearance. The side tables placed throughout the design also match its finish, creating a cohesive look. The space exudes a relaxed Scandi-style vibe, with shiplap wooden flooring completing the overall look.

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Lift-Top Coffee Table with Stools

Versatile Charmer Lift Top Pedestal Coffee Table with Seating

Photo by Creativebird from Freepik

This lift-top coffee table has a pedestal design that fuses structure and function seamlessly. The table’s lift-top feature adds versatility to its design, allowing it to function as a convenient workstation or dining area. Additionally, there is a clever and space-efficient seating feature beneath the table. The table’s pedestal base creates spaces tailored to fit the seats perfectly, making the most of the available space while maintaining a cohesive look.

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Contemporary Coffee Tables

Double The Utility Nestic Gold Touch Wood Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by k_gerasimovich from Freepik

This furniture set includes a pair of functional and visually appealing nested coffee tables. The tables are decked with subtle pink florals that add charm and an accent touch to the room’s decor. The artistic design of the tables allows for versatile usage, either as a single piece or as a harmonious pair, with one table fitting neatly underneath the other. The tables are built with a sturdy, three-legged pedestal base that ensures they will remain stable and durable, adding value to the home’s interior.

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Stone Coffee Table

Subtle Statement Piece Cement Pedestal Coffee Table;e

Photo by westelm

In this room, we have an oval coffee table made of cement. The table has a unique design, with vertical cement slabs joined together to form the base. On top of the table is a clean white vase filled with intricate plant decor, which adds sophistication to the setting. This table is well suited to both practical and decorative arrangements as it maximizes surface area and adds a touch of modern style. This cement piece is a clever combination of creative innovation and functionality, showcasing modern industrial design.

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Oval Tapered Legs

True Meaning Of Elegance Oval Table

Photo by user3980505 from Freepik

This style features a wooden oval coffee table with pedestal legs as its standout feature. The table’s relaxed appearance complements the surrounding furniture in both finish and style. Its oval top accentuates the wood’s natural imperfections, lending an authentic look to the piece. The sturdy legs provide ample support and enhance the table’s appeal. The oval top is a less conventional alternative to traditional rectangular counterparts, providing soft edges and subtle curves, adding a unique touch to this setup.

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Gold Coffee Table Set of 2

Symmetric Alliance Two Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by FOLLOW THE FLOW from Freepik

Our focus in this roundup is on two round and rectangular coffee tables, each with unique characteristics. The smaller of the two tables has a large rectangular top with a stunning gold finish. This elegant design makes a bold statement in the setting, with the second table having a circular top with an identical base. Together, these two tables create a harmonious balance that suits a variety of design preferences and displays flawlessly in this upscale space.

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Modern Coffee Table – Minimalist

Modern Game Changer Ceramic Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

The ceramic pedestal coffee table is our main focus in this arrangement. It is placed beside a small white sofa chair, drawing attention as the subtle focal point of the room, defining its aesthetic character. The table has a slender yet sturdy design that provides a sense of exclusivity, with a smooth transition to its round top. The table’s base offers support and stability, creating a robust minimalist look.

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Oak with Round Base

Refined Allure Light Wood Table

Photo by Westelm

The design features a pedestal coffee table with a round top and a light wood finish. Neutral ceramic vases are displayed on the top, complementing the table’s color scheme. The round base provides stability, while an almond-shaped center adds an aesthetic touch that connects the top and base. This design brings balance to the space and uplifts its ambiance. The use of light wood ensures durability and versatility, making it a functional addition to any space.

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Pillar Coffee Table

A Major Show Stopper Large Round Table

Photo by user3980505 from Freepik

The focal point of this composition is a large, round coffee table with four slim, log-like legs, which gives it a Scandinavian style. The table pairs with the side tables and coordinates seamlessly with the rattan rug. Its four legs provide a sturdy base, and the organic textures help balance the table’s overall presence in the room. This arrangement provides both practicality and aesthetics, creating a cohesive and welcoming space in the interior.

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Rustic Coffee Table

Mark Upto Excellence Star Shaped Wood Base Table

Photo by user3980505 from Freepik

The focus now shifts to a wooden coffee table that balances refined and rustic elements. The table features a thick, round butcher-block top that gives it a timeless look. Its star-shaped wooden base seamlessly blends with the interior, drawing attention and creating a vivid contrast against the white rug. The table complements the subtle plant decor to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

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A Unique Approach: Marble Top with Fan Paddle Base

This design covers a modern coffee table, which is the primary focus. The table has a white round top and a wooden fan paddle pedestal base. This distinctive composition grabs attention, particularly beside the bright yellow minimalistic armchair. With its contemporary design and natural finish, the base exudes modern rusticity and coordinates well with the interior theme. The white round top provides a coolness to the design while adding an upscale touch.

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Low with Walnut Finish

A Piece From Nature Live Edge Table

Photo by user3980505 from Freepik

The focal point of this interior is a coffee table with a live-edge design. The table’s irregular sides accentuate its organic and natural allure, while its round top with curved edges adds to its relaxed aura. The live edge aspect of the table gives it a raw and rustic look. The table’s solid block wooden legs ensure its stability, adding aesthetic harmony to the design. This coffee table comes with two nesting counterparts, each serving a different purpose in the setup. The smaller one contributes to the balance of the interior, while the larger one offers ample surface.

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Teak with Triangular Base

Rustic Magic Long Legged Pedestal Coffee Table

Photo by tikamoon

Our primary focus is on this rustic coffee table that boasts a distinctive pedestal design. The table has three thin legs that cleverly join at the center of a triangular teak cutout, which enhances the table’s striking aesthetic appeal. The rough finish on this wooden cutout accentuates the table’s rusticity. The table is structurally sound and provides unwavering stability thanks to its three legs.

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Final Thoughts

The pedestal coffee table is a versatile, sleek furniture piece that enhances any living space. It offers both adaptability and aesthetic appeal to home decor setups. Its design concept is timeless, and its sturdy construction makes it a reliable choice as a centerpiece for social gatherings or a stylish platform for decorative items.

There is a range of materials, shapes, and finishes to choose from, ensuring a coffee table that covers a broad spectrum of tastes and interior themes. Whether you prefer a classic wooden table or a more modern glass-topped design, a pedestal coffee table is a practical solution for your daily coffee breaks or special occasions, adding to your home’s overall ambiance. To discover more coffee table inspiration, check out these related articles:

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