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12 Innovative Ways to Embrace Your Column Design at Home

Essential Interior Column Design Ideas 

Are you less than impressed with the look of the load-bearing columns in your home? Many people find interior columns frustrating, as they take up valuable floor space and limit the freedom of your interior designs. But the structural integrity of your home needs those architectural columns, so why not embrace the unique structural design with these ideas for columns in homes?

Keep reading for our top 12 practical yet chic interior home column design ideas.

1. At-Home Art Display 

One of the simplest ways to include your interior columns is by decorating them with art pieces. Treat the column as though it were a wall at an art gallery, and proudly display your favorite carvings, paintings, or photographs for your visitors to admire. Paint your rectangular column white and use it as a blank canvas at home, showcasing your favorite images and prints.

2. Bar Space for Making Drinks 

Take your column even further and turn it into furniture. Use your column as a pivot point for additional built-in furniture and transform it into a mini-bar or ice station. It will signify the separation of space and highlight a different area of the room, whether for storing ornaments or eating breakfast. Learn how to create the perfect breakfast nook here.

Column Design Ideas by DeCasa Collections
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Quick Tip – If you can, put electrical sockets near your columns during the design phase. This enables you to get creative with how you use it, adding lighting, electronics, and more if needed.

3. Build a Bookcase 

Practically divide the room by building a shelving unit between two nearby columns. Display your favorite books, ornaments, and potted plants on this makeshift bookshelf, providing privacy for one section of your home, as well as a handy storage solution for your prized possessions. You could even transform it into a travel decor piece, and display your favorite trinkets collected from all over the world.

4. Divide the Room 

Subtly dividing the room from an open-plan set-up can make your home feel bigger, accentuating different areas for privacy and relaxation. Install a trellis-style divider between two columns to keep the zones connected while separating the public from more private parts of the house. Use tall plants to create a gentle dividing line between different sections.

Modern Column Design Ideas by DeCasa Collections
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5. Naturally Wooden Casing

Surround your column with a wooden casing that turns the column into a tree-trunk style feature. Select a dark oak or a light pine to blend with your interior decor, mimicking the beauty of nature. A style of interior wood column design is ideal for those living with more natural decorative themes. Give the impression of a quaint cottage with a wooden-look column.

6. Add a Green Centerpiece 

Embrace the outside world by using your column to let your plants thrive. Climbing plants like ivy are ideal for column decoration, as they grow alongside and wind down your column. Similarly, attaching a planter box around your column is a perfect place in your kitchen to store your herbs for cooking. Fresh herbs and column decor in one? Sounds perfect!

Living Room Column Design Ideas by DeCasa Collections
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Quick Tip – Never remove a column without checking with a professional first, as you can’t remove most load-bearing columns without impacting the integrity of the architecture.

7. Antique-Style Molding 

Circular columns have a more antique feel, whereas rectangular styles have a more modern touch. If you want to add an antique feeling to your column design, consider adding a subtle molding trim to the edges of your column. Create a classically artistic feel by adding a simple mold to the design, either in part of it or covering the entirety.

8. Space Create With Mirrors

Play with light and reflections by adorning your central columns with mirrors and glass. They will make your home appear more spacious and bright while creating a feeling of connectedness between the different sections of your home. Forbes highlights the unmatched power of mirrors, so upgrade your space with some intriguing mirror designs.

Home Interior Column Design Ideas by DeCasa Collections
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Quick Tip – Get creative with the process! As no two homes are the same, no two interior column design ideas will be either. It all depends on your style and the positioning of your columns.

9. Contrast Between Styles 

Your column will work like a feature wall if you decorate it right. Create contrast, whether it’s between materials, styles, or colors. Choose a stand-out color to add depth to your room, or design your column with more classical features in opposition to your contemporary living room design to give the feeling of old meets new.

10. Brick It Up

If your home decor is rustic, embrace it with a brick-style design. Add an element of farmhouse by partially or totally bricking your column to elevate the feel inside your home. Build an urban look in your space by bricking the outside of your column or embracing partial brick columns designs.

Column Stairway Design Ideas by DeCasa Collections
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11. TV Display Zone

Unsure where to put your flatscreen TV? Attach it to your at-home column and transform this boring feature into a media center at home. Do you love watching your favorite shows as you make dinner? Treat yourself to a TV space mounted on your kitchen column! A screen could bring your column to life, providing you with essential entertainment as you cook.

12. Wall Lamp Display 

Embrace layered lighting by using your interior column as a central spot for wall lamps. Make your load-bearing column look more attractive while adding a lighting solution to your home. Get creative with your lighting solutions by wrapping the column in fairy lights or adding a selection of different lamps to the column.

Columns Are Forever

Moving into a new place with columns, check out this blog for all the essentials you need when moving into a new place. The truth is interior columns in homes are a point of envy for many, and an essential part of your home’s structural design. Remember that your unique and elegant columns are a blessing, so adorn them with your creativity using these decoration ideas for interior columns.