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20 Oval Coffee Table Ideas To Utilize Shape & Form In Your Home

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Oval Coffee Tables

For those in search of a twist on traditional furniture, look no further than oval coffee tables. Infusing your living room with a touch of sophistication through their curved lines, these tables serve as an exquisite central piece that invites creative exploration. The adaptability of oval coffee table designs empowers you to craft a distinctive and personalized ambiance within your home. Whether displaying your favorite decor elements or acting as a focal point for intimate gatherings, these tables merge style and functionality. Beyond their stylish allure, oval coffee tables prove to be practical additions to any living space. Offering ample space for storage and display, they enhance both aesthetics and utility.

In this article, we aim to offer valuable insights into a diverse array of styles related to oval tables. Our goal is to empower you in making informed purchasing decisions by helping you navigate through various preferences and designs, allowing you to identify what resonates with your taste and what doesn’t.

Mid Century with Tapered Legs

Interior design modern Scandinavian apartment living room

Photo by Ezps from Freepik

This coffee table takes on the contours of a boat, presenting a mid-century essence. Crafted in a boat-style design, its shape contrasts with a black metal base. This mix forms character within the setup, setting it apart from the ordinary. The piece is completed by a gray tufted sofa and matching armchairs, devising a cohesive mid-century aesthetic. The tabletop serves as a deck topped with indoor plants, trinkets, and coffee table books, complementing the aesthetic.

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Antique Coffee Table

Spacious living room with vintage furniture

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

Exemplifying antique design, this mahogany coffee table captures vintage allure. The table displays an oval top with a ribbed perimeter, resting atop a pedestal-style base extending into four French country-style legs. The table’s authenticity echoes in the surrounding furnishings, each with French country-style legs. The weathered herringbone flooring contrasts the rich mahogany tones, while the white interior walls contribute to a rustic and relaxed ambiance.

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Kidney Bean Coffee Table

Living room interior with dark wood accents

Photo by freepik from Freepik

Featuring a kidney-shaped design, this rustic coffee table showcases an asymmetrical design. The table features a dark Walnut finish, accented by a black edging effect along its outer edges, and is supported by three tapered legs. The black-coated metal legs merge contemporary aesthetics for design with an industrial touch through their material. The neutral floor rug, textured in design, wooden staircase, and white-coated wooden shiplap wall panels complement the table, collectively yielding a warm ambiance.

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Wood Coffee Table with Open Storage

Living room with couch and coffee table

Photo by Xperien from Freepik

In this interior, the coffee table takes center stage with small tapered legs that bring subtlety to its structure. The table’s edges form an oval top and open shelf that mirrors its design and surface area. The shelving unit features a divider placed in the final third of the table’s surface. With a minimalistic approach, the top hosts a subtle ceramic vase and coffee table books, allowing the mid-century style to take a prominent position.

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Fluted Coffee Table

Luxury living room with sofa and table

Photo by Anymayn from Freepik

In this interior, the coffee table takes center stage with a fluted-style wood veneer base that merges the warmth of wood with a contemporary design. Despite its low-set profile, the table features an expansive oval top, distinguished by a notable overhang from the body. The surface is adorned with marble, accented by a touch of gold around its perimeter, introducing a luxurious element. The surrounding interior adheres to a minimalist concept, blending with the table’s aesthetic. This cohesion is evident in the color scheme, extending across the small square ottoman, textured floor rug, and contemporary gray tufted sofa, resulting in a unified setup.

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Darkwood Coffee Table

Living room interior with oval coffee table

Photo by Alrightstock from Freepik

In this space, the coffee table introduces a softer and more relaxed ambiance. Characterized by its oval design and tapered legs, the table adds diversity to the aesthetic. It incorporates integrated storage with a narrow opening beneath the surface. The shelf’s slim design prioritizes functionality, ensuring a clutter-free tabletop while offering a practical space to store essentials. The surrounding furnishings embrace a modern feel, featuring neutral colors spread throughout and clean lines that complement the table curves.

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Concrete with Hairpin Legs

Luxury fashionable modern design apartment

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

Dive into a fusion aesthetics with this coffee table crafted from a concrete slab, cut and carved into a modern piece; standing atop three hairpin legs coated with a black finish. The surrounding furnishings, with their light and airy tones, harmonize with the table’s hue, contributing to a softened ambiance. While the mix of concrete and metal typically leans towards an industrial style, the slender profile of the legs, coupled with the contemporary top, suggests a modern aesthetic.

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Ceramic Base with Glass Top

Luxurious interior cozy room with modern stylish furniture

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

Within this interior, the coffee table design is our focus. The table displays an oval tempered glass top with an overhang, supported by a ceramic base and body in a white finish. The base features an oblong-like design with a hollow center, contributing to the table’s abstract aesthetic and aligning with the upscale nature of the space. Positioned alongside an armchair and a suede sofa in a neutral hue couple with the table’s grandness. To balance the ambiance, greenery softens the impact for a tranquil feel.

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Gray Coffee Table

Large luxury modern bright interiors living room

Photo by 3dinteriors from Freepik

Next up is this gray coffee table boasting an innovative design with a fusion of materials. The tabletop features an oval marble slab in a light gray with veining patterns. Its support is provided by curved metal legs featuring a mix of chrome and anthracite hues that contrast the veined top. Complementing this centerpiece is a low-slung ottoman in a matching gray, with a protective sheet to preserve its base from wear. The ottoman snugly fits beneath the table surface, maintaining a cohesive design.

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White Coffee Table

Snowwhite luxury apartment interior with gold accents

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

Infusing the interior with minimalism, this coffee table showcases a clean aesthetic. The oval top, crafted from wood with a white finish, imitates the look of marble with a veined effect. The base features several panels arranged perpendicularly, forming a distinctive design. A fluted ceramic vase in a soft peachy hue stands atop the table, while a smaller serving tray introduces a coherent contrast, echoing the gold accents. Completing the look, the interior features white wainscoting wall paneling and herringbone flooring, adding an authentic touch to the design.

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Contemporary with Abstract Base

Stylish luxury interior modern studio apartment

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

The coffee table in this interior showcases ingenuity featuring an anthracite hue with a matte finish and white veining. Its base adopts an unconventional design, featuring a cubic staggered effect that adds depth to the piece. The tabletop is kept minimal, allowing for the spotlight to be on small yet bold decorative accents. The textured white sofa conforms with the table, mirroring its sleek curves. To introduce a lighter ambiance, pale wooden flooring, and matching wainscoting wall panels allow the table’s dark hue to command attention.

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White with Gold Base

Modern interior design with chair and white oval coffee table

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

In this interior, dominated by a white-inspired palette and neutral accents, the oval coffee table takes focus. The table displays a high-gloss tabletop, heightening its aesthetic. The base, coated in a gold finish with a matte texture, contrasts the high-gloss top. Featuring spread legs that converge at the base level, forming an abstract-like design, the base adds an element of intrigue. Positioned atop a white floor rug, the table finds its place, with an integrated accent wall with shelving units and decorative accents, contributing to the design harmony.

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Walnut Coffee Table

Vintage studio apartment interior

Photo by 4595886 from Freepik

Fashioned from solid Walnut with a dark wood finish, this table exudes charisma. The rectangular top features softened rounded corners to create an oval effect, and boasts a subtly raised perimeter reminiscent of a tray. Infused with antique charm, the stiletto heel-shaped legs contribute finesse to the piece. Alongside, the crimson red upholstered armchair imparts a vintage vibe, while the vibrant geometric floor rug promotes a boho feel.

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White Oak with Trestle Base

Natural living room interior with large floor plant and wooden coffee table

Photo by Pozitivo from Freepik

This interior exudes a tranquil aura through natural materials and greenery. The table showcases a textured finish revealing vaired tones. With an oval top, it’s complemented by a trestle base that converges at the base level. The textured wooden flooring aligns with the table, offering a mix of varied tones. Matching the table in material, the wooden armchairs and sofa frames contribute to the cohesive design, while the black arms of each furnishing form contrast.

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Mahogany with Trestle Base

Rustic living interior with dark wood coffee table

Photo by Lv_360 from Freepik

Within this interior, a mahogany coffee table takes center stage, surrounded by vintage leather armchairs. The table displays a lofty build with a polished oval top, and its legs showcase intricate French country detailing, forming trestle bases at ground level. The deep, rich hue adds an air of class, while the intricate grain patterns contribute to a natural aesthetic.

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White Top with Black Fluted Base

Modern living room interior with minimal funishings

Photo by Irissstock from Freepik

This coffee table carries a luxurious aesthetic, showcasing a marble slab with intricate black evening patterns. The table body comprises wood veneer panels, to create a fluted-like base, adding depth. A gray suede sofa featuring a tufted finish complements the fluted style of the table. The small square ottoman aligns with the interior, mixing with the table’s paneled hue. Decorative touches are sparingly added to the table surface, allowing the veining patterns to take center stage.

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Lightwood Coffee Table

White interior with gray sofa and coffee table

Photo by Eddows-animator from Freepik

In this setting, a light and airy ambiance prevails. The coffee table, featuring a light wood finish and supported by three tapered legs, blends with the stubby legs of the gray sofa. Placed atop a gray floor rug that partners the sofa’s hue, the table is decked with a white planter filled with greenery, echoing the presence of greenery within the arrangement. This subtle and straightforward piece merges simplicity and functionality, infusing a tranquil flair into the setup.

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Trestle Base with Varnish Finish

Living room mid century style

Photo by chandlervid85 from Freepik

Presenting an innovative design, this coffee table features a split tabletop, with one section extending to provide added surface space while the primary tabletop remains static. The table’s finish is exalted by a clean polish, embodying a mid-century aesthetic. Sleek tapered legs connect to form a trestle base, coordinating in finish with the sofa and armchair frames. The hue of the sofa seating and accent pillows further accentuate the mid-century feel, creating a consistent theme throughout.

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French Country Coffee Table

Shabby chic living room with mix classic modern furnishings

Photo by Studioworkstock from Freepik

Transitioning to this arrangement, attention is drawn to a coffee table. The table features a white hue enriched by a varnish finish, contributing to its sheen. The table is supported by three dainty legs arranged to form a triangular base. The legs feature a French Country design, lending an authentic touch to the piece. The theme extends throughout the surrounding interior, with the hues of the sofa and armchair blending with the table and floral accents. Maintaining design symmetry, the furniture legs also adhere to the French Country style, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout.

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Small Coffee Table

Cozy home interior with white sofa and oval coffee table

Photo by Alrightstock from Freepik

In this living room, the coffee table adopts a tear-drop-like design. The streamlined top features a Walnut finish with a nuanced herringbone-like pattern embedded in its grain texture. Providing stability to the piece, three metal legs stand, coated in a sleek black finish. Atop the surface, a vibrant gold basket and vases contribute a decorative touch that aligns with the retro ambiance of the space.

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Final Thoughts

As we draw to a close, we can affirm that the oval coffee table harmonizes form and function, introducing a sense of equilibrium to living spaces with its gentle curves and elongated design. Its versatility makes it a practical surface for holding beverages and reading materials, serving as a focal point for conversations and a hub for social gatherings. The distinctive build imparts a touch of intricacy without overwhelming the space, making it an exceptional option for those seeking a combination of visual appeal and practical utility. The oval coffee table shows how a modest departure from conventional shapes in design can create a lasting impact.

Discover invaluable resources to enrich your knowledge of coffee tables, obtain insights into their features, and make informed purchasing decisions.

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