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22 Hexagon Coffee Tables: Add An Unconventional Twist

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Hexagon Coffee Tables

Revolutionizing interior spaces through inventive designs is a prevailing trend, epitomized by the growth of the hexagonal coffee table. Infused with an illusive aesthetic, they effortlessly infuse a space with vibrancy. Moreover, each piece communicates a profound sense of intricacy, offering a glimpse into the meticulous design and crafting process. Drawing inspiration from geometric elements, hexagon coffee table styles transcend their utilitarian function, metamorphosing into centerpieces that emanate personality.

In this article, we’ll explore these pioneering creations, analyzing their design, practicality, and the distinctive design statements they articulate. Whether commanding attention as the focal point of a room or subtly enriching its ambiance, hexagonal coffee tables consistently prove their versatility. Join us on this enlightening journey as we uncover the allure of these pieces, where artistic ingenuity converges with functional design.

Gold with Glass Top

The Hexagonal Round Coffee Table A Contemporary Fusion of Form and Function

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

Presenting a coffee table with a twist, this piece showcases a distinctive octagonal tabletop adorned with a tempered glass insert and houses a curated selection of flowers and greenery. The base offers a contrast in aesthetics, embellished with a series of hexagonal shapes encircling the body of the table, constructed from metal with a luxurious gold finish. The glass top. The fusion of glass, intricate design, and gold finish embodies innovative design principles and contemporary flair. With precise measurements of 80 cm in diameter, the table provides a generous surface area while maintaining balance within the space.

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Small Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

The Hexagonal Coffee Table A Masterpiece of Handcrafted Woodwork

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

In this setting, the coffee table takes on a distinctive hexagonal structure handcrafted from wood. Featuring intricate detailing on its surface, it showcases an array of triangular shapes in contrasting hues, lending character to the piece. Three hairpin legs support the table, coated in a sleek black finish and arranged in a triangular formation coherent with the tabletop design. The low-slung aesthetic improves its versatility, allowing it to transition from a primary coffee table to a stylish accent side table. With its hexagonal build and handcrafted allure, it navigates a path of distinctiveness, coordinating characteristics of modern, rustic, and industrial design styles.

Steel with Powder Coat Finish

Strength, Style, and Space The Table Crafted from 10-Gauge Steel

Photo by Mercermeta

Displaying vivid geometric features, this coffee table embraces an unconventional design approach. Constructed from sturdy 10-gauge steel, it exudes robustness. A powder coating is applied to reinforce the piece further, enhancing its resilience against wear and tear while introducing allure with its matte brown hue. With dimensions measuring 42x46x16 inches, the table offers substantial surface space suitable for everyday use, all while embodying a bold aesthetic accentuated by its durable and functional design.

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Contemporary Coffee Table Set of Six

Chic Connectivity Triple Hexagon Coffee Tables with Chrome Finesse and Glass Grace

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This impressive layout of coffee tables seamlessly connects from end to end, showcasing an opulent chrome-finished base. Crafted from tempered glass, the tabletops introduce a contemporary element to the sleek chrome foundations. The design ensures durability, making the ensemble a lasting addition to the interior. Adding to its intrigue, the arrangement consists of six integrated tables organized into two sets of three. This unique composition allows for versatile display options – presenting as a unified ensemble for larger, grand setups or strategically spreading them across multiple rooms in smaller interiors while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Geometric Coffee Table

The Favo Oak Parquet Coffee Table A Fusion of Industrial Luxury Artisanship

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

Exalting this setup, the oak coffee table features a prominent herringbone-style design atop its surface, with this illusionary effect, and the table’s hexagonal structure exemplifying its geometric design. The base aligns with the tabletop, supported by four evenly distributed legs that sweeten the design symmetry. The oak’s light finish imparts an airy ambiance, harmonizing with the light wood flooring throughout the space. In contrast, the black steel base mirrors the herringbone pattern, creating a visual interplay. The two-piece sofa is a neutral canvas for vibrant accent pillows and a throw blanket, complementing the table’s striking aesthetic.

Pine Coffee Table

Craftsmanship Meets Design The Rustic Hexagon Coffee Table of Pine Timber Fashion

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

Providing a superb mix of woodworking and design, this setup presents a rustic coffee table boasting a distinctive hexagonal construction, a deviation from conventional rectangular or round options. Crafted from pine, this table exudes a raw, natural allure, accentuating its imperfect texture, meticulously sanded to finesse. The four evenly spread legs form a well-balanced pedestal design. To enrich its rusticity, a touch of boiled linseed oil varnish graces both its surface and base, imparting a lustrous sheen while providing protection against wear over time.

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Faux Marble Coffee Tables

Luxury in Triplet Faux Marble Hexagonal Coffee Tables with Gold Style

Photo by Inspireq

Three faux marble coffee tables revamp this space’s aesthetic, each featuring a flashy hexagonal build. Decked with marble tops and bodies, each table displays jet-black hues accented with white veining, exuding a sense of luxury. The allure of the design is further exalted by adding old metal bases with gold finishes, complementing the opulent feel. The choice of materials oozes grandeur, epitomizing an awe-inspiring design that embodies a contemporary approach to interior styling.

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Industrial Set of Three

Harmonizing Natural Beauty and Industrial Strength The Hexagon Coffee Table

Photo by Architonic

This ensemble comprises a set of three coffee tables, marrying natural teak wood with iron. The tabletops display a warm teak finish, accentuating unique grain patterns and raw characteristics. Contrasting the tops, sturdy iron bases feature an epoxy powder finish for protection and a matte-like aesthetic. These tables can be seamlessly fitted together like puzzle pieces to create a cohesive unit, or they can be separated and placed in different rooms, ensuring that the space retains an open and airy ambiance.

The Talo Hexagon Outdoor Coffee Table

Natural Grace Meets Imperishability The Talo Hexagon Coffee Table

Photo by Architonic

We now shift our focus to the Talo outdoor coffee table, a mixture of aesthetics and sustainability with its irregular design. Constructed from UHPC concrete and adorned with an enticing mix of Dekton and FENIX NTM for the tabletop, this piece guarantees enduring durability. Drawing inspiration from the ruggedness of natural stone, each table mimics rocky landscape textures, with a concrete base mirroring the resilience of sturdy bedrock. The grainy finish adds texture, affirming authenticity, and the hexagonal build positions them as modern additions to the outdoor setting.

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Lightwood with Hairpin Legs

Rustic Elegance The Allure of a Hexagonal Coffee Table with Wooden Charm

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

The appeal of this coffee table is hard to overlook, featuring a light wood tabletop supported by three sleek hairpin legs. It seamlessly integrates into this setting, proving ideal for compact living rooms or even as an accent piece in a bedroom. Possessing a rustic yet modern aesthetic, the piece brings an agile touch and exudes warmth through its finish. Three hairpin legs enhance its charisma, providing stability and adding a layer of dimension to the design. In essence, this distinctive piece boldly merges tradition with modernity.

The Arreto Hexagonal Coffee Table

Breaking Boundaries with Style The Arreto Hexagonal Coffee Table

Photo by Englishelm

This black coffee table presents a distinctive aesthetic, defying traditional square or rectangular designs. With dimensions measuring 48.0″L x 48.0″ W x 15.0″H, the Arreto design features intricate geometric facets on solid Mango wood, producing an abstract vibe. The exquisite black finish enhances the smooth texture and inherent aesthetic, devising a bold visual impact. Beyond its appearance, the Arreto coffee table offers practicality with abundant storage; equipped with a hydraulic top, it unveils a concealed compartment, assuring the up keep of a clutter-free space.

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Gray Coffee Table

Versatile Fashion The Stylish Gray Hexagon Coffee Table with Enduring Appeal

Photo by Sprintz

Here, this gray coffee table is the focal point, exhibiting a textured finish that complements the space’s design. The piece merges three tables into a cohesive unit, forming a striking impact. The table exudes a modern yet unconventional appearance with a matte-like finish and a whitewashed gray hue. Crafted with wood veneers, it offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising natural charm. The surrounding sofa and chairs coordinate with the table’s color, while the white and gold area rug introduces color contrast yet a cohesive with the table’s geometric feel.

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Chrome Coffee Table Set

Introducing a trio of silver coffee tables that seamlessly blend style and versatility. Each piece boasts a hexagonal glass tabletop, perfectly set upon chrome-finished stainless steel frames, providing a luxurious touch. Standing at a height of 40 cm, a width of 60 cm, and a depth of 52 cm, each table strikes a harmonious balance between space and presence. Offering the freedom to arrange them in various configurations, these tables empower you to create chic looks that align with your preference.

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Drum Coffee Table – Bone Inlay

The Unique Table Crafted with Precision and Tradition

Photo by Menthome

Introducing a coffee table made from MDF, Resin, Bone, and Iron. This unique piece exudes an unmistakable appeal with its intricate bone inlay. Topping its surface and body, compelling Rangoli patterns, rich in cultural significance from India, make it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Despite its low-slung build, the table commands attention with its abundant size and vibrant design. Complementing this piece is a gray floor rug, providing a subtle backdrop accentuating the table’s vivacious patterning. Adding yet more flair to the ensemble, the terracotta sofa and armchair inject additional splashes of color into the arrangement.

Hammered Aluminum Coffee Table

Our attention now turns to a one-of-a-kind hexagon coffee table that distinguishes itself with its unusual design. Wrapped in hammered aluminum, the tabletop exudes industrial rusticity and showcases resilient strength, supported by a sturdy black metal base. This innovative piece fuses aesthetics with functionality, marrying the robust metal foundation with a meticulously hammered aluminum surface. Breaking away from convention, this table showcases a unique and thoughtfully crafted design.

White Marble with Geometric Base

The Table with White Marble and Coffee-Hued Metal Base

Photo by Samlevitz

Exemplifying refined design, this black and white coffee table radiates sophistication. The interior is decked with luxury through its white marble top, complemented by a powder-coated metal base that enriches its allure. The jet-black base contrasts the luminous marble surface, resulting in a unified fusion of materials that draws the eye. The hexagonal form adds to its modern aesthetic, infusing a diverse and contemporary vibe into the living space.

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Smoked Glass with Metal Base

The Table with Smoked Glass Inset and Metal Frame Base

Photo by Hfoc

Within this arrangement, the coffee tables emerge as prominent centerpieces, sporting robust metal bases that ensure resilient support. Incorporating a distinctive smoked glass inset, further enhanced by its beveled edge, radiates an aura of luxury. The unique hexagonal shape, coupled with the fusion of glass and metal aspects, produces a contemporary design, with the table harmonizing aesthetics without sacrificing functionality, making them a resonant addition to the space.

Oak Coffee Table

Rustic Charm and Functionality The Table with Drawers and Oak Accents

Photo by Target

The qualities of modern rusticity are subtly captured in this coffee table. Its tabletop, in a minimal gray finish with varied tones, contrasts with the body’s light oak finish. Practicality meets aesthetics with two concealed drawers on either side, a divergence from traditional designs. The hexagonal shape introduces a contemporary flair, merging the modernity of oak with the minimalism of the gray tops. Complementing this aesthetic, the textured floor rug showcases varied hues that resonate cohesively with the tabletop texture, completing the stylish ensemble.

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The Talo Hexagon Coffee Table

The Talo Hexagon Coffee Table Where Style Meets Strength and Finesse

Photo by Expormim

Introducing the Talo indoor coffee table, a fitting addition to this interior. Comprising a lacquered MDF board, this table assures durability and showcases a polished appearance with its lacquered finish. The table’s light hue contributes a sense of airiness, while its design and finish elevate the overall aesthetic, devising a luxurious vibe that suits the modern minimalist interior. Positioned in front of a white sofa sectional and within a neutral interior, this piece highlights color coordination and introduces diverse textures.

French Country Coffee Table

Delving into vintage appeal, this coffee table yields an authentic aesthetic, finished in white and exuding a classic vibe. Departing from the ordinary, its six-sided hexagonal build introduces a visual intrigue while its stained glass center insert adds to its appeal. Traditional column-style legs enrich its sturdiness, providing an ageless charm. The table features ornate detailing beneath its overhang, contributing intricacy and transforming it into an admired piece. With a width of 35.5″ and a height of 17″, it is a significant addition to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Geometry Meets Dignity: The Hexagonal Nesting Coffee Tables

Geometry Meets Dignity: The Octagonal Nesting Coffee Table and Its Multicolored Floral Rug

Photo by I.pinimg

The octagonal structure of these coffee tables immediately grabs attention, showcasing geometric characteristics that introduce a layer of complexity to their design. Crafted with wooden legs and bases coated in white paint, they offer durability and a punchy aesthetic. Moving to the surface, glass inserts are encased within a weathered wooden frame. This element undeniably affirms their authenticity, reflecting repurposed aesthetics and rustic charm.

Vintage with Burl Wood and Smoked Glass

Vintage Chinoiserie Hexagonal Side Tables: Ebony, Burled-Wood, and Smoked Glass Luxury

Photo by VintageGrindHouse from Etsy

Designed in the vintage Chinoiserie style and crafted from ebony and burl wood, this set of coffee tables seeps opulence. Incorporating smoked glass inserts brings an exquisite twist to conventional furniture aesthetics. Embodying the nature of Chinoiserie style, these tables fuse Eastern motifs with Western craftsmanship, presenting a timeless combination. The hexagonal form adds character and blends classic design with a contemporary edge. With exceptional detailing, these tables become a fitting choice for traditional and vintage interiors.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude our roundup, hexagon coffee tables have unequivocally established themselves as quintessential centerpieces in modern home decor. Their unconventional yet chic designs offer practical utility and heighten the aesthetic of living spaces. They strike a rhythmic balance between form and function, cementing their status as a ravishing choice for homeowners. Nonetheless, selecting a table that resonates with your style and complements your home setup remains crucial.

In summary, the versatile geometric design and practical functionality of hexagon coffee tables make them compelling. With smart placement, these tables can transform your decor, commanding attention and forging engaging conversations. Integrating a well-chosen coffee table is an excellent way to infuse a contemporary flair into your living space.

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