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12 Rattan Coffee Table Designs To Showcase Sustainable Living

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Rattan Coffee Tables

In today’s world, people are increasingly searching for a balance between aesthetic beauty and environmental consciousness. We have curated a collection of 15 rattan coffee table designs that seamlessly combine elegance with sustainability. These tables are not just ordinary furniture pieces but represent the artistry of eco-friendly living. Each table showcases rattan’s rustic charm, a versatile and renewable material that perfectly embodies nature’s grace.

These designs invite you to embrace a lifestyle that is mindful of the environment while adding a touch of excellence to your living spaces. The collection features minimalist marvels and intricately woven masterpieces that showcase the evolution of sustainable design. These coffee tables are not just functional, but they also embody environmental reverence. We invite you to join us on a journey through these 15 rattan coffee table designs, where style and sustainability converge in a symphony of form and purpose.

Jawit & Rattan Set

Exterior design with white and natural rattan coffee table

Photo by Poyoky from Freepik

This table has a strong commitment to sustainability, using conscientiously harvested Jawit and Rattan materials. The table boasts an ottoman-like design with a subtly painted white finish on the top for added detailing, showcasing an unwavering dedication to eco-friendly practices. The table is large yet lightweight, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The intricate detailing is visually aesthetic and tells a story of artistry and precision.

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Round with Black Finish

Interior with design beige sofa and black coffee table plants

Photo by Follow The Flow from Freepik

This coffee table boasts a contemporary design, featuring a sleek black finish that gives it an elegant look. The table is made of rattan with a black finish. Although the focus is primarily on aesthetics, the tabletop is still sufficiently strong enough to hold a decorative item or a tea set. The table showcases precision and uses lightweight yet durable rattan as the supporting material. This combination of rattan and the modern black finish provides structural integrity and contemporary appeal to the setup.

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Low-Set & Rectangular

Boho Serenity: The Authentic Rectangular Coffee Table for Cozy Corners

Photo by Paulina from Freepik

This low-profile coffee table, finished in rattan, complements the teal sofa adorned with floral cushions. The rectangular table’s softened edges and slightly raised outer groove add subtle detail, while its textured top offers visual interest. The rattan aesthetic extends to the sofa’s frame, creating a cohesive look. The planter brimming with colorful blooms echoes the sofa’s accent cushions, infusing the space with vibrancy.

Coffee Table with Storage

Wooden terrace with garden furniture

Photo by Nt588 from Freepik

This setup presents a handmade piece crafted with a rattan base, enveloped in a natural wicker weave for an organic feel. The round base supports the tempered glass tabletop and showcases a light brown hue, emitting a rustic vibe. This table has a unique aesthetic while being practical, with small basket-style storage that provides convenience and adds a touch of individuality to the setup.

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Outdoor Coffee Table

Out patio setting with chair and wicker coffee table

Photo by Sylv1rob1 from Freepik

This coffee table is a combination of craftsmanship and natural entice. Despite its lightweight design, its cylindrical shape adds a hint of whimsy to the space. While using it for lighter items is recommended, the weave and distinctive form make it a centerpiece that brings a glimmer of nature’s refinement to the setup. This table is topped with multiple glass and ceramic vases filled with subtle touches of greenery, providing functional and artistic value to the outdoor space.

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Rustic Table & Chair Set

Italian wicker chairs with coffee table

Photo by Paolo Gallo from Freepik

This coffee table is made from rattan and has a high-set design that adds a natural touch to the interior. The intricate textures and weaves of the rattan strands make each piece individual. The matching chairs have the same finish, forming a complete set. The detailing of the set gives off a vintage vibe, while the material and color give an authentic feel. It adds a natural element to the space and promotes an eco-conscious and sustainable setup.

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Rectangular with Glass Top

Colorful outdoor setting with seating and coffee table

Photo by Topntp26 from Freepik

This coffee table is made up of mixed materials. It has a rattan finish for its body, black metal legs, and a tempered glass surface that provides stability and a touch of industrial charm. The tabletop adds a layer of transparency that imparts a light and airy feel to the space. Notably, the frame and base are intricately designed and finished infusing the piece with a texture. This table redefines an unconventional approach by effortlessly merging contrasting elements.

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Square Coffee Table

Rattan chairs and coffee table

Photo by Loveischiangrai from Freepik

This coffee table boasts a rustic-style design that embodies eco-conscious living and a retro pastoral style. The table features contrasting finishes; the pillar-style cylindrical legs have a dark wood finish, while the legs and top showcase a light rattan finish. Its intricate textures and patterns give it a refined yet rustic feel, showcasing the aesthetics of natural materials. The two surrounding chairs provide further contrast to the setup, featuring a rattan finish with a prominent orange hue.

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Oval Coffee Table – Pencil Reed

Large oval rattan coffee table

Photo by The Wicked Boheme from Etsy

This particular style showcases an exquisite design that features thin rattan strands that intertwine to form a distinct pencil reed pattern using traditional techniques. The oval top carries a butcher-block style design with rounded corners, edges, and an overhang, which adds modernity to the classic rattan look. The base has the same shape and design, forming a cohesive pairing. The pencil reed pattern provides a tactile aspect to the pieces that create enticement, making this table a remarkable addition to any space.

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Original with Glass Top

Living room interior with white and wood furniture

Photo by 2429225401 from Freepik

Introducing a unique coffee table that combines style and versatility with its lightweight structure. The table features a translucent rattan design, combining an array of strands to form a hollow dome-like structure. The small round top is completed with a tempered glass surface, adding a contemporary touch. The table is topped with a vase filled with florals, a fitting accent to the light, airy setup. The surrounding rattan furnishings and colorful accents add character to the otherwise blank canvas.

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Drum Style with Hollow Base

Interior rattan living room contemporary loft

Photo by User27955914 from Freepik

This table features a light rattan hue and a round cylindrical finish, which adds an airy feel to the piece. The loose weave also creates a more relaxed ambiance, perfect for a less formal setup. The tabletop is adorned with planters and greenery, complementing the greenery spread throughout the space. The other wooden furnishings and rattan accents showcase a light wood finish, uplifting the space’s feel and adding a hint of modernity. The natural rattan wooden shade brings warmth to the space and infuses your surroundings with rustic charm.

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Bamboo & Rattan Set

Outdoor rattan garden furniture

Photo by Ponsulak from Freepik

This coffee table design from the mid-century era is crafted from bamboo and is adorned with intricately woven crisscross rattan strands. It represents a mix of organic aesthetics and practicality. Despite its compact size, the table boasts an integrated open storage drawer, providing discreet space for stowing essentials out of sight. The table is placed between armchairs, which continues the fusion of bamboo and rattan aesthetics.

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Final Thoughts

While exploring sustainable living, we came across a diverse array of rattan coffee table designs. Each design showcased style and eco-consciousness, from rattan-inspired tables’ rustic allure to tempered glass finishes for a contemporary accent.

Each table had an individual narrative; most captured simplicity through their intricate form. The pencil reed rattan coffee table exuded vintage charisma, while the bamboo and rattan table showcased a timeless design. The rattan poof coffee table showcased handcrafted excellence and authenticity, while the rattan and mindi wood fusion resulted in an exquisite, handmade piece.

We hope this guide has provided you with a clear outlook on the angle you’d like to take in your space. Happy designing! 

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