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17 Travertine Coffee Tables Showcasing Elegant Accents

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Travertine Coffee Tables

Enter a realm where the charm of nature meets the functionality of interior design. Certainly, among the various materials used in home decor, few possess the timeless charm of travertine. Interestingly, this sedimentary rock, forged by the passage of time, holds within its layers a narrative of Earth’s natural delicacy. Our journey begins with an exploration of an enchanting assortment of coffee tables crafted from travertine.

Each piece captures the very essence of nature’s ingenuity while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetics of modern living spaces. Ranging from understated elegance to intricate artisanship, these coffee tables redefine the centerpieces of our rooms. They effortlessly blend the antiquity of the rock with contemporary design, creating a delightful interplay of textures and shades. So, join us as we present a curated compilation that not only enhances interiors but also introduces an air of refinement and allure.

Pillar Coffee Table

Modern table with cylindrical legs

Photo by Hopp Home

This travertine coffee table is hand-crafted and poses as a centerpiece, making it a unique and sophisticated choice. It serves as a versatile addition to homes or offices. It’s perfect for different places like the living room, waiting room, lounge, or sitting area. This small coffee table adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Octagonal Coffee Table

Octagon travertine coffee tables

Photo by HaandCraft from Etsy

Artisans have meticulously crafted these octagon coffee tables from natural travertine stone, emphasizing aesthetics in their design. This human touch in the creation process significantly contributes to their quality and craftsmanship. Further, the set consists of three different table sizes, providing flexibility and choices for how you arrange them. Hence, these tables are created to match well with contemporary living rooms. Even when empty, the coffee tables have their own visual appeal.

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Low Coffee Table 

Living room interior with classic fire place and neutral furniture

Photo by Mararamiro

This is a luxurious travertine coffee table crafted from carefully chosen stone. Indeed, it’s visually stunning and adds a stylish touch to your home. Additionally, the craftsman finished its surface with a delicate tumbling process and cut the edges precisely. The colors are primarily graceful shades of beige, brown, and yellow. This small coffee table is durable and can withstand frost and weather. The handmade travertine piece is versatile, serving as a stylish coffee table as well as an inviting coffee table.

Rectangular with Abstract Base

Neutral living room setting with matching furniture

Photo by MiaCarraraNL from Etsy

The artisan made this coffee table using travertine, a type of stone. In fact, the off-white travertine “U” and the curved base “legs” create a stylish and graceful impression. Moreover, this rectangle coffee table has clean style that adds a nice touch to your living room. The table has an well-designed look with its off-white travertine top and curved base. It’s great for modern living rooms and you can use it to show off books or stylish items. Travertine is a natural stone.

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Round with Travertine Spheres

Taupe Coffee Table

Photo by StoneAtelierLondon from Etsy

Thiscoffee table is an appealing addition to your living space. Indeed, the center coffee table design, featuring the rich dark brown travertine stone coffee tables, brings a touch of composure to any room. Moreover, crafted from natural stone, these round marble spheres are a blend of classic charm and contemporary style. Thus, this round coffee table seamlessly complements any decor, effortlessly blending in with your existing setup.

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Triangular Set of Two

Luxury coffee table set of two

Photo by MarbleHouseDesigns from Etsy

The craftsman joined two congruent triangles to craft a visually appealing small coffee table. Additionally, they fashioned this wonderful coffee table from travertine stone. Furthermore, this remarkable piece goes beyond the ordinary, embracing a design that is unlike any other. Consequently, the intricate patterns and distinct shapes transform into a captivating artistic centerpiece in your living room.

Waterfall Coffee Table

Living room design with waterfall style coffee table

Photo by TurkeyMarbleStore from Etsy

This coffee table is made by hand using travertine stone. The whole coffee table is in same material. This is a simple design but looks appealing. The travertine develops a patina over time that adds to its character and attractiveness. Whether it graces a comfortable living space or an elegant lounge area, this travertine coffee table is sure to garner attention and spark engaging conversations, all the while celebrating the harmonious fusion of natural aesthetics and skilled artistry.

Oval with Fluted Base

Oval Shaped Coffee Table

Photo by HamamDecor from Etsy

In this design, an oval coffee table from natural travertine stone. They crafted its legs meticulously from the same natural travertine, while the tabletop consists of beige travertine. Its distinctive style, showcasing a sleek oval tabletop, brings a hint of graceful elegance. Crafted with care, this oval coffee table offers both aesthetics and functionality, providing ample surface area for various uses. Its beautiful curves create a sense of fluidity in your space, making it an eye-catching focal point.

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Glass Top with Travertine Spheres

Amoeboid Shaped Coffee Table

Photo by MarbleHouseDesigns from Etsy

This abstract coffee table is different from regular coffee tables because it has a curvy and flowing design. It stands on three spheres meticulously handcrafted from special travertine marble. The upper section of the table is constructed from transparent glass. Further, the mix of the spheres and the clear glass on top makes it look modern and cool. Therefore, this special coffee table gives natural look, making it a really interesting piece for any room.

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Round Set of Two

Handmade Travertine Coffee Table Set

Photo by Babilhome from Etsy

This round coffee table set is made by hand using natural travertine. It’s a great thing to have in your space, and it would look really nice in places like the living room, waiting area, or even a cozy spot. The table has a white base with brown lines, which makes it really pretty and interesting to look at. It’s a wonderful example of something beautiful that’s made with care and skill.

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Rectangular Coffee Table

Modern Marble Rectangle Coffee Table

Photo by HamamDecor from Etsy

The modern coffee table is crafted to stand out. This coffee table gorgeously combines modern design with the timeless charm of natural travertine stone. The sleek rectangular shape brings an element of refinement to any room. Whereas the use of genuine marble ensures each piece is one-of-a-kind. The coffee table’s smooth surface and clean lines bring a sense of refinement to your room, creating a focal point that draws the eye.

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Triangular with Tapered Groove

Rounded Edge Triangular Coffee Table

Photo by JoodoDecor from Etsy

These coffee tables have a cool shape that’s like a triangle with rounded edges. There are two tables in this set, and they fit together nicely. They are crafted from the unique and natural stone called travertine, which not only originates from nature but also lends them an exceptionally appealing appearance. These tables are not too big, so they’re great for small spaces like cozy living rooms or even small apartments.

Modern Coffee Table

Natural living room interior with stone accent wall

Photo by Jaybirdwalking from Etsy

This is a set of Italian coffee tables and side tables that is a perfect blend of modern design and natural refinement. These tables bring an organic and versatile touch to your living space, exuding both solidity and style. Premium, natural travertine, known as “Bianco Michelangelo,” is the exclusive material used to craft both the rectangular coffee table and the side table in this living room set. Michelangelo’s travertine is remarkable for its creamy texture, color, and tone.

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Inez Honed Coffee Table

Modern living room with large table and wall art

Photo by FurniturePlay from Etsy

The Inez-honed super white travertine coffee table is a blend of elegance and modernity. This unique table features a rectangular tabletop with a groove around the perimeter, adding a touch of grace to the space. Its base continues the rectangular design but also takes on a protruding pillar style in each corner, amplifying the design to catch the eye. Crafted with precision, this round coffee table is designed to stand out. The super white travertine used gives it a chic look that’s versatile enough to fit various interior styles.

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Square Set of Two

Dardanus Square Tables

Photo by TheMayzeCA from Etsy

This set of square coffee tables is a cool mix of style and usefulness. The square shape of this side table lends it a modern and tidy appearance. It boasts excellent craftsmanship and practicality. Constructed from travertine, a naturally beautiful type of rock, the table not only looks great but also serves a useful purpose. You can use this table next to a sofa, beside a bed, or wherever you need a little table.

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Round Top with Abstract Base

Wood Top with Metal Base with decor

Photo by MexportsBySM from Etsy

This is a contemporary abstract coffee table with a travertine stone top and metal base – the epitome of luxury for your living room. The modern metal base perfectly balances the classic touch of the travertine stone top, creating a superb combination. Shaped with a bullnose edge, the travertine top gives a unique look that adds character to the entire piece. The curved base, made from robust flat iron sheet metal, is an artistic inclusion.

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Kidney Bean Top with Darkwood Pillars

Mango Style Coffee Table

Photo by FurniturePlay from Etsy

This coffee table is an exceptional piece that effortlessly bridges the gap between rustic aesthetics and modern Nordic style. Its captivating blend of mango wood and travertine stone mango-shaped tabletop brings the outdoors in, infusing your decor with a rustic allure. The cylindrical wooden legs provide both stability and a touch of natural elegance. Make every moment count, enveloped in the warmth and elegance that this remarkable coffee table brings.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our journey through these transformative pieces, it’s evident that these coffee tables aren’t just furniture; they’re expressions of artistry and design brilliance. From sleek simplicity to intricate patterns, each coffee table tells a story of craftsmanship. Travertine’s versatility ensures these tables seamlessly fit into any design scheme. Imagine morning conversations, evening gatherings, and quiet moments all centered around these coffee tables. Amid changing trends, these coffee tables stand as symbols of enduring delight. They remind us that design transcends time, leaving a lasting impact. So, elevate your space by merging style and function.

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