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Add An Unconventional Twist With 21 Hexagon Coffee Table Ideas

Unique designs and ingenious craftsmanship are redefining the world of interior styling, with the hexagon coffee table standing as a fine testament to this trend. With its arresting geometry, these tables infuse any space with a dash of artistic charm. Moreover, each piece communicates intricacy, speaking volumes about the meticulous design and creation process. Drawing from diverse style elements, hexagonal coffee tables don’t just serve as practical furniture; they transform into fascinating centerpieces brimming with personality.

In this article, we shall delve deep into the world of these trendsetting creations, exploring their design, functionality, and the statement they make. Whether as focal points of a room’s decor or subtle accents, hexagon coffee tables consistently prove their versatility. So, get ready to explore these alluring pieces where artistic architecture meets functional design.

1. The Hexagonal Round Coffee Table: A Contemporary Fusion

The Hexagonal Round Coffee Table A Contemporary Fusion of Form and Function

Photo By Etsy

Adding to the evolving landscape of modern furniture, we are presented with this exquisite hexagonal round coffee table. Firstly, a central point of attraction is its geo-gold frame base, breathing a sense of contemporary luxury into the piece. Secondly, towering above this gleaming base is a glass top, elevated in style yet minimalistic in design. Together, these elements blend seamlessly to create a remarkable aesthetic. Measuring precisely 80 cm in diameter, the table offers a substantial surface area without overwhelming the space in which it’s placed. 

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2. The Hexagonal Coffee Table: Handcrafted Woodwork

The Hexagonal Coffee Table A Masterpiece of Handcrafted Woodwork

Photo By Etsy

The primary subject of interest here is the coffee table, carrying a distinctive hexagonal shape and expertly handcrafted from wood. It boasts a modular design, adding a touch of customization to its appeal. Despite its intricate makeup, the table remains petite, ideal for compact rooms, smaller studio setups, or apartment spaces. Moreover, a distinct mention is the table’s three hairpin legs, which lend a heightened sense of stability and style. With its hexagonal shape and handcrafted aesthetic, it treads the path of uniqueness.

3. Strength, Style, and Space: Crafted from 10-gauge Steel

Strength, Style, and Space The Table Crafted from 10-Gauge Steel

Photo By Mercermeta

The hexagon coffee table remains a remarkable piece of furniture. Crafted from heavy-duty 10 gauge steel, it exhibits an impressive stance of strength. As a bonus, a powder coating adorns this metal coffee table, enhancing its robustness. Besides boosting its durability, the coating introduces a fashionable allure. The table comes with considerable dimensions, measuring 42x46x16 inches. Thus, it creates a sizable surface area for everyday use while achieving a sleek, durable, and functional design.

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4. Chic Connectivity: Chrome Finesse and Glass Grace

Chic Connectivity Triple Hexagon Coffee Tables with Chrome Finesse and Glass Grace

Photo By Etsy

This striking ensemble of hexagon coffee tables harmoniously interconnects from one end, each exhibiting a luxurious, chrome-finished base, confidently holding the structure. The tabletops are comprised of tempered glass, adding a touch of elevated style to the design alongside the chrome finishes. The structure’s durability promises longevity, assuring consumers of a sturdy and long-lasting interior addition. Another intriguing feature lies in the makeup of this arrangement, comprising six integrated tables split into two sets of three. Thus, they can be displayed as a complete ensemble in a larger, more grand setup or split across multiple rooms for smaller interiors, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

5. The Favo Oak Parquet Coffee Table

The Favo Oak Parquet Coffee Table A Fusion of Industrial Luxury Artisanship

Photo By Etsy

Dominating the space with its presence is the oak parquet coffee table. Carefully Handcrafted from oak, the table exudes an industrial vibe while incorporating a sense of bespoke luxury. Furthermore, its distinct hexagon design adds an unusual twist to its visual narrative. The base, a robust construct of mild steel square sections, ensures steadfast stability. Yet, the crowning glory lies in the top, carrying a parquet floor block design with a coating of hard wax oil.

6. The Rustic Hexagon Coffee Table of Pine Timber Fashion

Craftsmanship Meets Design The Rustic Hexagon Coffee Table of Pine Timber Fashion

Photo By Etsy

Showcasing a resplendent fusion of craftsmanship and design, we have the rustic coffee table. Its construction employs pine timber, resulting in a raw, natural appeal. Further enhancing this aura is the table’s distinctive hexagonal pattern, a deliberate move away from the usual rectangular or circular options. What’s captivating is the table’s imperfect texture, smoothened into finesse through skillful sanding. To top the design, a touch of boiled linseed oil varnish bestows a rustic shine. Moreover, the table adapts beautifully to both interiors and exteriors, showcasing its seamless integration into any space. 

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7. Luxury in Triplet: Faux Marble Hexagonal Coffee Tables

Luxury in Triplet Faux Marble Hexagonal Coffee Tables with Gold Style

Photo By Inspireq

Elevating any living space’s aesthetics, we have three faux marble coffee tables, each boasting a magnificent hexagonal shape. First and foremost, emanating splendor, these tables effortlessly showcase their striking marble tops in vivid black with white veining throughout. Furthermore, the design intrigue only intensifies by introducing a gold metal base, complementing the black hues brilliantly. Moreover, the choice of materials adds to the allure, building the tables’ avowal of luxury and proclaiming an awe-inspiring design that embodies a modern approach to interior design. 

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8. Natural Aesthetics and Industrial Strength

Harmonizing Natural Beauty and Industrial Strength The Hexagon Coffee Table

Photo By Architonic

Enjoy this hexagon coffee table setup’s striking blend of natural teak wood and robust iron. To begin with, the tabletop displays the teak wood’s warm characteristics and unique grain. Complementing this rich tabletop is a rigid iron base, donned with an epoxy powder finish. Consequently, the open base structure of the table invites an airy ambiance. This feature ensures the room maintains a spacious feel. Ultimately, the teak wood top and iron base together form a stylishly modern furniture piece.

9. The Talo Hexagon Outdoor Coffee Table

Natural Grace Meets Imperishability The Talo Hexagon Coffee Table

Photo By Architonic

Unveiling the Talo hexagon outdoor coffee table, a chic blend of style and sustainability, capturing attention with its unique construction. Highly resistant materials ensure durability, including UHPC concrete and a tantalizing mix of Dekton® and FENIX NTM® for the tabletop. Awestruck and inspired by the rugged beauty of nature, these tables emulate rocky landscapes. Robust concrete for the base mimics sturdy bedrock. Furthermore, the tabletop mirrors the exquisite stone, slate, and terracotta hues. 

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10. Rustic Elegance: The Hexagonal with Wooden Charm

Rustic Elegance The Allure of a Hexagonal Coffee Table with Wooden Charm

Photo By Etsy

The unmistakable appeal of a hexagonal coffee table is hard to ignore, especially when it boasts a welcoming wooden table top. It nestles effortlessly into any house’s design language, making it ideal for a smaller living room or even a bedroom accent piece. Bearing a rustic aesthetic, the table adds a touch of warmth to the setting. Stylishly intruding on this charm is the table’s trio of hairpin legs. These ensure stability, while their choice of shape adds dimension to the table’s design profile. Overall, this unique, rustic, hexagonal coffee table boldly marries tradition with ingenuity.

11. The Arreto Hexagonal Coffee Table

Breaking Boundaries with Style The Arreto Hexagonal Coffee Table

Photo By Englishelm

This hexagonal black coffee table breaks the conventional square or rectangular design norms. It boasts a hexagonal structure with considerable dimensions of 48.0″L x 48.0″ W x 15.0″H. Furthermore, the Arreto design showcases intricate geometric facets on solid Mango wood. These facets give the table an abstract vibe. Painted with an exquisite black finish, the wood’s smooth texture and inherent beauty highlight impeccably. The Arreto hexagon coffee table ensures ample storage. Equipped with a hydraulic top, it reveals a generous storage compartment, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free space. 

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12. Versatile Fashion: The Gray Hexagon Coffee Table

Versatile Fashion The Stylish Gray Hexagon Coffee Table with Enduring Appeal

Photo By Sprintz

This gray coffee table adorns a textured finish, effortlessly complementing a variety of decor themes. Significantly, the contemporary design it flaunts creates a stylish statement, making it a perfect conversation starter. The table structure embraces the strength and robustness of wood veneers, bringing an element of natural charm to the design while ensuring longevity. Anchor your lounge with this versatile hexagon coffee table and enjoy its delightful blend of trend and tradition.

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13. The Trio of Hexagon Coffee Tables Redefining Luxury

Presenting a tasteful trio of silver coffee tables showcasing a rare blend of fashion and versatility. Each stylish piece features a glass tabletop, taking the hexagonal form. This unique top sits impeccably on high gloss stainless steel frames, a touch that adds a luxury feel. Moreover, the tables measure 40 cm in height, 60 cm in width, and 52 cm in depth, each offering a perfect balance between space and presence. With the freedom to arrange these in various ways, you can create chic looks that match your preference. 

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14. The Hexagonal Drum Coffee Table 

The Unique Table Crafted with Precision and Tradition

Photo By Menthome

Presenting the spectacular hexagonal coffee table meticulously crafted from quality MDF, Resin, Bone, and Iron. Indeed, the table exudes a distinctive aura attributed mainly to the bone-inlay technique. Infusing interest and character, small fragments of mirrored glass are carefully inlaid into the table’s surface. Distinct Rangoli patterns, culturally significant in India, emerge meticulously from the patient handling of these plexiglass chips, cut to precision with special glass-cutting scissors. Thus, the table effuses a captivating radiance, generating an entrancing game of repeating reflections as one walks past it. 

15. The Hexagon Coffee Table in Hammered Aluminum

The hexagon coffee table is indeed a unique piece. Encased in hammered aluminum, the tabletop boasts unparalleled strength and rustic appeal. What makes it stand out is its robust black metal base. Aside from providing solid support, this base also enhances the table’s rustic industrial combination. A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, the table embodies an innovative design. It combines a sturdy metal base with a meticulously hammered aluminum top, creating this sophisticated piece that breaks from the norm.

16. The Hexagon Coffee Table with White Marble

The Table with White Marble and Coffee-Hued Metal Base

Photo By Samlevitz

This black and white coffee table stands as an epitome of grace. A refined white marble top infuses the room with a touch of luxury, paired with a powder-coated metal base, improving its allure. This base, sporting a unique coffee hue, brings an interesting contrast to the bright marble top, this harmonious blend of marble and metal creating an irresistible appeal. The hexagonal form further propels a modernist aesthetic and a stylish vibe into the living space. 

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17. Smoked Glass Inset and Metal Frame Base

The Table with Smoked Glass Inset and Metal Frame Base

Photo By Hfoc

In this setup, the hexagon coffee tables stand out as enticing furniture pieces, featuring a sturdy metal frame base; they offer substantial support. Comprising is a unique inset of smoked glass, but what amplifies its beauty is the beveled edge of this glass inset, exuding an air of sophistication. The distinctive hexagonal shape, paired with the modernity of glass and metal successfully, yields a sleek design. The table resonates with aesthetics while not compromising functionality.

18. The Hexagon Coffee Table with Drawers and Oak Accents

Rustic Charm and Functionality The Table with Drawers and Oak Accents

Photo By Target

This design brings us to a hexagon coffee table that offers a whisper of rustic nostalgia. Decked out in a textured black, it harmonizes with warm oak touches. What sets this unique coffee table apart are the two drawers housed on its sides, this addition making it an interesting departure from typical coffee tables. Built in a hexagonal shape, the table is a non-traditional but stylish choice, designed with easy cleaning in mind. As a result, its simple maintenance adds to its charm. 

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19. The Talo Hexagon Indoor Coffee Table

The Talo Hexagon Coffee Table Where Style Meets Strength and Finesse

Photo By Expormim

Introducing the Talo hexagon indoor coffee table, a stylish addition to any living area. This table showcases a sturdy structure built entirely from a lacquered MDF board. Moreover, the lacquered finish enhances its elegant appeal by displaying a sleek appearance. What sets it apart is the optional addition of a tempered glass top, which introduces an element of refinement. Furthermore, the glass top also offers added durability, resisting potential damage, with style and strength finding a perfect balance in this marvel of design. Hence, this table is nothing short of a sophisticated masterpiece.

20. Flair in Vintage: The White Hexagonal Coffee Table with Traditional Details

Dabbling in vintage charm, this particular coffee table garners attention. Painted in white, it delivers a classic yet timeless appeal. Its form deviates from the norm, adopting a six-sided hexagonal shape that promises visual intrigue and functionality. Further complementing its build are traditional column legs that lend robustness and an ageless charm. The table boasts ornate detailing below its overhang, adding intricacy and elevating it to a piece of admiration. It has a width of 35.5″ and a height of 17″, making it a sizeable addition to indoor and outdoor spaces.

21. Geometry Meets Dignity: The Hexagonal Nesting Coffee Tables

Geometry Meets Dignity: The Octagonal Nesting Coffee Table and Its Multicolored Floral Rug

Photo From I.pinimg

The nesting coffee tables instantly catch the eye with their octagonal structure, boasting geometric characteristics, adding a fresh layer of complexity to their design. The base of the table, made from wood and coasted with white paint, provides dependable durability. Above it, a glass tabletop resides, bordered by a weathered wooden frame. This aspect undoubtedly amplifies its authenticity, reflecting both repurposed aesthetics and a touch of rusticity. It gives the table an ambiance of grandeur while remaining understatedly chic.

22. Vintage Chinoiserie Tables: Burled-Wood, and Smoked Glass

Vintage Chinoiserie Hexagonal Side Tables: Ebony, Burled-Wood, and Smoked Glass Luxury

Photo by VintageGrindHouse From Etsy

These nesting coffee tables, designed in the vintage Chinoiserie style, exude classiness. Composed of ebony and burl wood, the tables flaunt a rich, luxurious appeal. Integrating smoked glass inserts adds a remarkable twist to traditional furniture aesthetics. True to Chinoiserie style, these offer a classic mixture of Eastern motifs with Western craftsmanship. Additionally, the hexagonal shaping contributes to their character, combining classic design with a contemporary edge. These opulent coffee tables feature outstanding detailing, ideal for elevating any living space.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, hexagon coffee tables have indisputably emerged as a defining centerpiece for modern home decor. Unconventionally stylish, these unique pieces serve practical benefits and enhance the aesthetic appeal of living spaces. Evidently, they offer an exciting blend of form and function, solidifying their position as an alluring choice for homeowners. However, it’s vital to remember the importance of picking a table that reflects your style and matches your home setting. 

To summarize, the versatile, geometric design and high functionality of hexagon coffee tables make them a compelling pick. When thoughtfully chosen, these tables can elevate your home decor, capture attention, and create an engaging conversational space. Ultimately, finding a perfectly styled hexagon coffee table is a brilliant way to add a modish twist to your living room or den.  Need more? Leap into our extensive compilation of thought-provoking articles about Brass Coffee Tables, Boho Coffee Tables, and Trunk Coffee Tables.