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18 Resourceful Living Room Wall Decor Concepts & Approaches

How To Stylishly Liven Up a Boring Wall  

Are you looking to add charisma and character to your living room walls but need help knowing where to start? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 18  ideas that are sure to impress and inspire you. Whether you want to create a cozy and welcoming aura or add a bold and eye-catching statement piece, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks for living room wall decor ideas and prepare to transform your home interior.

1. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment and memorabilia on the wall? Think about it: you’ve spent your hard-earned money on your favorite kit, only to cast it aside when you’re done. It is time to take your memorabilia and old equipment out of the garage and use it to create captivating living room wall decor ideas.

2. Art 

While hanging statement wall art on the wall may seem like a no-brainer, it is important to find something that feels right for you and you only. Be honest about your taste and have fun – you can even mix the art up with contrasting items, like mirrors, for extra impact.

Wall Decor For Living Room with DeCasa Collections

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Quick Tip – Don’t let the size of your room dictate the size of your wall feature – contrasting a large item in a small room and vice versa makes a fabulous statement. 

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3. Living Room Wall Decor: Gallery Wall 

To continue the art theme, one of our favorite styles at the moment is a gallery wall. Here is where you can pull together all kinds of frame colors, sizes, and shapes that you didn’t think could match and intentionally put them together.

4. Iridescent Mirrors                    

Looking for something a little more unusual? Iridescent mirrors are a fantastic way to make the ordinary a little more extraordinary. Their unique colors provide you with a real-life selfie filter, making everything reflected in it shimmer with a remarkable glow.

5. Framed Wallpaper 

If you love the idea of bold, patterned wallpaper but are not sure you want the whole wall decorated with it, one of our favorite living room wall decor ideas is to add just a cheeky sneak peek by taking some of the wallpaper you love and framing it.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas with DeCasa Collections

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6. Living Room Wall Decor: Mirrors

And while we are on the topic of mirrors, you can do no wrong with a regular mirror – or several! – on your wall. There are many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from, and they add depth, extra light, and the illusion of space to your room.

7. Minimalist Shelves 

You know, you can go small with your decor too. If understated and petite is your cup of tea, add small shelves to the wall that are just big enough for one or two items, such as photos or small ornaments. Shelves give way to pretty but not overpowering wall decor ideas!

8. Books, Books, Books 

What can be more of a friend to us than a good book? Displaying some of your favorite reads is a classic way to add style and personality to your room. You don’t even need to hang shelves. You can use table tops, mantlepieces, and side tables to bring life and color to your walls at any height. 

Wall Decor Ideas with home accessories

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Quick Tip – If you don’t know where to start, find a part of the wall that does not get much light and highlight that area with your chosen decor and some extra wall lighting.

9. Living Room Wall Decor: Leaning Objects 

Let’s take our wall decor ideas a little leftfield here and say that you don’t need to attach an item to the wall itself to make it a feature wall. If you have a large item like a piece of driftwood, a standard lamp, or even an art canvas, lean it against the wall. Items at different heights create a notable effect.

10. Popping Color 

Lovers of the minimalist look can breathe easy by simply choosing a paint color they love and painting one wall with it. However, we encourage you to choose something that pops – so bright pinks or greens or yellows – because, well, we want this wall to sing, don’t we?

11. Wall Lights 

Lighting adds interest and depth to a boring wall – go fancy with some decorative light shades or opt for something simple and understated if that’s more your thing. If you have hung statement wall art, hang the light over the piece for an ‘art gallery’ look.

Home interior with framed art and wall lamps

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12. Living Room Wall Decor: Highlight the Architecture 

If you are lucky enough to have a home with unique, built-in features, you are in the perfect position to make the most of them and add interest to your room! Moldings, window frames, and chimney breasts are lovely features to highlight by painting them boldly.

13. Floor-to-ceiling windows 

Windows might not be your first thought when it comes to wall decor ideas, but here is a terrific feature that will draw the eye to the beautiful outdoors framed by trendy window dressing. If you don’t already have them, you can efficiently install windows and even French doors for the extra wow factor. 

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14. Greenery

Greenery makes a house feel like a home. You can hang plants from the ceiling in a classic macrame, place them on a shelf, or, if you have tall plants, you can place them on the floor next to your wall. Sit back, breathe in their oxygen, and watch them flourish! 

Home interior with music equipment and greenery

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15. Living Room Wall Decor: Panels

Don’t settle for the walls you inherited – change things up with paneling. You could add reclaimed wood panels halfway up the walls for added warmth or go fancy with polished mahogany paneling across an entire wall for that ‘Hogwarts library’ look!

16. Drama 

Embrace the trend for dramatic colors and decor with some deep tones in your paintwork or wallpaper – deep red, navy blue, and even black look fantastic next to brassy metallic accessories and provide an impressive backdrop to your favorite artwork. Choose one color for the ultimate effect. 

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17. Drapes 

You can make both the window and the wall more prominent with drapes or curtains. If you were wondering, ‘Are curtains off trend?’ we think that, with style and taste on your side, nothing is off limits, and you are never stuck for some beautiful living room wall decor ideas. 

Modern Living with curtains, sofa, and console stand

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Quick Tip – To present an orderly and not too chaotic wall, keep the items you hang within a neat but invisible boundary line.  

18. Living Room Wall Decor: Clock in

Finally, if going crazy with art, paint, or driftwood isn’t your bag, you still have one option that is both valuable and chic. A statement wall clock. This idea is particularly beneficial as the right wall clock will add timelessness (pardon the pun) and a focal point you will never tire of!

Just Some Wall Decor Ideas! 

If you have a wall where you feel something is missing, there are numerous ways to bring it to life. It need not be about painting or wallpapering the area. Instead, it can be about self-expression, owning your space, and forming something that works for you. It is also an excellent opportunity to see your home’s features and use those to your advantage. This can include beams, recesses, and moldings. Plus, even new homes may have unusual features such as a great view or high ceilings you can show off. Gather as many living room wall decor ideas as possible by exploring an array of diverse design blogs, list your favorites, and be bold!