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17 Maple Coffee Tables: Light Finishes for an Airy Feel

DISCLAIMER: The images in this post are for informational purposes to illustrate potential possibilities, recognizing that individual tastes vary. We aim to capture your wants and needs, expanding on each style where possible to offer a range of available tables from reputable designers and affiliated brands. This selection process considers a variety of factors to ensure we cater to the diverse preferences of our readers.

Maple Coffee Tables

Maple wood has a long tradition in furniture design, and coffee tables are no exception. Prized for their natural beauty, warmth, and durability, maple coffee tables can complement a wide range of interior styles. From rustic live-edge designs to sleek, modern pieces, maple versatility makes it an excellent choice for any living space style, whether rugged and rustic or minimal and modern.

The distinctive grain and warm hues create a feel of understated elegance. Whether you have an expansive, upscale home or just starting out in your first studio apartment, maple coffee tables bolster timeless style fused with practicality. This article delves deeper into the characteristics of Maple, exploring diverse designs and showcasing their enduring appeal.

Rectangular with Trestle Base

Contemporary Comfort The Maple Coffee Table's Unique Magic

Photo by ArtesiaID from Freepik

This rectangular coffee table showcases warm tones and clean lines, exuding a modern yet inviting feel. Its slight overhang adds visual pull, while the low profile and narrow build create a feel of spaciousness. The table’s trestle base offers a traditional allure contrasted by the matte finish. The piece pairs with the light-colored sofa and matching armchairs to form a balanced space. A vase filled with subtle decor provides added texture while complementing the table’s light wood aesthetic.r

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Maple & Walnut Nesting Tables

Scandinavian Chic The Signature Maple Nesting Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This nesting coffee table set offers contemporary and rustic aesthetics. The larger table features a kidney bean build and a rich walnut finish, while its smaller counterpart boasts a classic round design and a maple finish. Both pieces showcase the wood’s inherent knots and grain patterns, adding an authentic, natural touch. The contrasting finishes and shapes produce visual interest, yet the tables remain unified by their wooden complexion. The wood’s textures and warm tones take center stage against a textured rug and a neutral white sofa. The nesting design allows for flexible arrangements and adds depth to the space.

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Mid-Century with Hairpin Legs

Mid-Century Modern Magic The Maple Coffee Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This coffee table brings mid-century flair to the setting. Its clean lines and open center create spaciousness, while the maple finish and classic hairpin legs yield a timeless quality. The divided shelving provides flexible storage accessible from both front and back. The stainless steel legs contrast with the wood tones, adding a contemporary feel to the piece. Decorative items reinforce the modern aesthetic atop the table, paired with a contrasting side table featuring gold accents. A vibrant blue sofa and patterned rug offer a lively backdrop, allowing the table’s natural aesthetic to shine.

Spalted Maple with Paint Effect

Nature Meets Art The Maple River Coffee Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This coffee table brings a fusion of natural and modern elements. Its rectangular top showcases light hues and a dramatic black epoxy resin inlay. The spalting within the wood forges an organic feel while resting on the sleek trestle base, bolstering a contemporary vibe. The wood coffee table’s narrow design makes it adaptable, pairing with the plush, U-shaped leather sofa for contrast in textures. It’s also set against light wood flooring for a balanced and eclectic look. This DIY table is a testament to the power of mixing materials with modern design, resulting in a functional, visually compelling piece.

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Small Tray-Style Coffee Table

Elevate Your Space with the Majestic Maple Coffee Table

Photo by ArtesiaID from Freepik

This compact square coffee table yields modernity in the space. Its tabletop features a raised outer groove, adding to its visuals and functionality. The angled legs develop dimension, while the low profile keeps the look sleek and contemporary. The table’s Maple finish highlights its natural grain, bringing organic aesthetics to the setting. The piece features on a textured rug and beside a gray sofa for a balanced feel, while the boho-inspired planter provides an individualized aspect to complete the scene.

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High-Set with Live Edge

Conversational Centerpiece The Unique Live Edge Coffee Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This coffee table, crafted from textured maple, embodies a natural, refined design. Its rectangular top showcases a live edge aspect, celebrating the wood’s unique imperfections and flowing lines. The table’s elevated height adds practicality and the subtle overhang increases surface area. The top emphasizes the maple’s grain while contrasting the table’s base, and four tapered legs feature a rich teak finish, forming balance. This combination of natural forms and craftsmanship makes this piece a well-rounded addition.

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The Live-Edge with Gold Tapered Legs

Flaky Edges and Matte Gold The Unique Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This compact coffee table offers a rectangular top and showcases a live edge, its contours, and texture adding organic allure. The table’s low profile produces a relaxed, inviting feel. Four angled legs, finished in sleek gold, offer a contemporary counterpoint to the rusticity. The maple top boasts an asymmetrical edge that yields individuality. With their subtle matte sheen, the gold-finished legs complement the wood beautifully. This piece works exceptionally well against the contrasting textures, from the exposed brick wall to the modern wood flooring. This coffee table is a delightful addition with its natural and refined details.

American Black Walnut & Sugar Maple

Visual Appeal Galore: The polished Finish of the Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This coffee table celebrates the contrast of wood and bold design. Crafted from American black walnut and sugar maple, its top features light and dark tones with intricate engraved details. The base offers a mix of abstract and geometric forms, with tapered wooden pieces in contrasting hues creating a dynamic foundation. The grain patterns of both woods are beautifully showcased, adding organic texture. The table’s base features a unique criss-cross arrangement of wooden elements, enhancing stability and visual appeal. This piece stands against white flooring and beside a green velvet sofa, with complementary side tables completing the look.

Low-Set with Tapered Legs

The Heart of Home: Gathering Around the Maple Coffee Table

Photo by ArtesiaID from Freepik

This compact piece features a sleek design with a distinctive contrast between its thick, square top and angled legs. The smooth finish and wood grain add texture to the piece. Set against a backdrop of muted grays, from the plush sofa to the textured rug, the table stands out, forming the room’s anchor. Additional accents in matching tones complement the table’s understated aesthetic, blending simplicity and natural appeal, making it an adaptable addition.

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Rectangular with Hairpin Legs

Culmination of Brilliance The Perfectly Designed Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This coffee table offers a refined aesthetic, with its tabletop showcasing the wood’s distinctive grain patterns, knots, and subtle imperfections. This adaptable table works in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The wood surface contrasts with sleek, black hairpin legs, devising a modern look with an understated rustic edge. These powder-coated metal legs offer style and stability, with this mix of materials and textures making the table a visually striking centerpiece.

Unique Maple-Mahogany Contrast

The Maple-Mahogany Contrast: A Striking Rectangular Table

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This medium-sized coffee table presents an interplay of contrasting textures and tones. The rectangular boldly unites the warm tones of maple with the rich depth of teak, separated by a translucent epoxy strip for a distinctive visual impact. This innovative inlay adds depth and dimension to the piece. The table rests upon a sturdy trestle base finished in matte black, providing contrast and a modern twist. The table’s elements become even more pronounced against the textured white rug topped with black accents.

Maple Top with Trestle Legs

Wood table with black frame

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This handcrafted coffee table oozes rusticity and modern aesthetics. Its compact, square top showcases the natural feel of the wood, with a live edge and a mix of warm, weathered tones. Two matching trestle bases add stability and yield a contemporary style. The live-edge detail brings a sense of organic beauty, while the sturdy black-finished legs offer contrast. This piece stands out against the white rug and a soft, textured sofa, while the fluted wall paneling further enhances the space’s modernity.

Butcher-Block Coffee Table

Distinctive Quality The Benchmark

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This low-set, Scandinavian-style coffee table embodies an understated aesthetic. Its square butcher-block top showcases the weathered texture of maple wood. The table offers a clean, minimalist look, supported by four cylindrical chrome legs with a subtle sheen that complements the Maple tones. The spacious top provides plentiful space, while the low profile produces a relaxed, inviting feel. This piece pairs coherently with the white L-shaped sofa and a patterned red rug for a vibrant contrast.

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The Park Avenue Coffee Table – Maple

This Park Avenue coffee table brings us both rustic and industrial aesthetics. Its rectangular tabletop, crafted from Appalachian Maple, showcases a rich, dark finish and the wood’s grain. Slender, X-shaped legs finished in a black powder coat provide support and an industrial edge. The table’s mid-height design offers a pleasing balance of practicality and visual lure. It pairs with a matching side table, creating a cohesive look, while the table’s bold presence is undeniable against a large abstract rug and a clean white backdrop.

Square Coffee Table – Cylindrical Base

Crafting Contrast The Unique Maple and Marble Coffee Table

Photo by BPawesome from Freepik

This square coffee table showcases an exceptional mix of materials and shapes. Its butcher-block top provides a natural finish, while the low profile and clean lines emphasize the table’s contemporary aesthetic. In contrast, the cylindrical base is fashioned in a smooth white finish, adding a refined contrast. The table accents feature coffee table books or a subtle floral arrangement for a pop of color against the neutral tones. Paired with a plush white sofa as a backdrop, the table becomes the centerpiece of this modern setup.

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Rustic Coffee Table

Creamy Magnetism A Tasteful Addition to Your Home

Photo by AUniqueHomeRetail from Etsy

This coffee table embodies a modern design with its cream-like finish and clean, minimalist lines. It has a rectangular top and subtle whitewash finish, a butcher-block design, and a groove indent along its surface. The low-profile design forms a less formal feel. The trestle-style base adds a classic touch, while integrated metal slats offer a contemporary twist. A matching side table complements the design, creating a cohesive look. Set against a textured rug, the table’s understated presence contrasts with the purple sofa and armchair.

Large Round Scandinavian Coffee Tables

Where Form And Function Egnite Large Round Table

Photo by arlilafoundation from Freepik

This table is a subtle addition to our roundup, a fitting to the gray-blue setting. This table functions as the main anchor of this design. Its wood top coordinates flawlessly with the cool gray-blue surroundings, bolstering its light, airy vibe. Standing on four tapered cone-like legs, the table maintains structural balance while complementing the design. The surrounding furniture ties into the table design, creating a cohesive setup.

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Final Thoughts

To round off, maple coffee tables are a testament to adaptability and timeless design. Their natural finish, adaptable styles, and enduring quality make them a cherished addition to any home setup. The warmth and exceptional grain patterns of Maple enrich traditional and contemporary spaces. Beyond their aesthetic pull, maple coffee tables are prized for their functionality. Whether you opt for a spacious live-edge design or a compact modern piece, a maple coffee table will provide a beautiful and practical centerpiece for your living room. As interior design trends evolve, maple coffee tables remain a classic choice, offering a flawless mix of aesthetics and functional purposes.

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