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Craft a Custom Piece With Our 19 DIY Coffee Table Design Ideas

Designing your DIY coffee table is akin to infusing your own character into your living area. In this guide, we’ll explore the craft of creating your own unique coffee table. You don’t need to be a woodworking expert and don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each step. Whether you’re new to DIY or an experienced enthusiast, this project assures an enjoyable journey. Just imagine a table that’s exclusively yours, custom-fitted to match your style and preferences.

The choice is yours for material type, colors, and dimension, rendering it a cost-effective way to uplift your current decor setup. Oh, and the most pleasing aspect? The sense of achievement in announcing, “I created this!” So, gather your tools, release your imagination, and join us on this DIY quest to craft a coffee table that realistically reflects your personality and taste.

1. Glass Tile Coffee Tables

Multicolored Glass Tile Coffee Tables - A Fusion of Luxury

Photo By Etsy 

Experience vibrancy with this set of coffee tables showcasing square glass tiles in contrasting colors. Strengthened by a sturdy metal frame, each table ensures robustness. These colorful coffee tables come in two color variants – one sun-kissed yellow color, while the other a dark shade of green, with each color choice bringing the tables alive from the otherwise blank white canvas.

2. Wooden Surfboard Coffee Table 

The Handcrafted Wooden Surfboard Coffee Table

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Taking the spotlight is the decorative surfboard coffee table. This handcrafted piece stretches 120 cm (47 inches) in length, exuding vintage charm with its plush orange teak stain finish. Carved out of reliable pine wood, this wooden coffee table promises strength and longevity. Its surface, suitable for placing your coffee or displaying your magazines, flaunts a tasteful blend of style and utility.

3. Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage

Indoor & Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage

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This outdoor coffee table gives discarded pallets and local wood a new lease of life. The recycled material is transformed into a durable coffee table featuring drawers for convenient storage. Additionally, it stands on four smoothly rotating castor wheels, enabling easy maneuverability.

4. Repurposed Military Chest Box

The Repurposed Military Chest Box Coffee Table

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Here is a novelty – an industrial coffee table crafted from a repurposed military chest box. Each box carries a unique narrative from its past, enhancing the raw aesthetics of this functional piece. While oozing unmatched rusticity, this table can serve as a coffee side table or an industrial centerpiece. It successfully bridges time, merging vintage aspects with contemporary aesthetics. A witness of sustainability, this piece ensures sturdy storage space for decorative items or to host tea and coffee at your next home gathering.

5. Vintage-Style Railway Cart Bag Trolley Coffee Table

Vintage-Style Railway Cart Bag Trolley Coffee Table

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Featuring a reproduction of vintage-style railway cart bag trolley fittings, this cast iron coffee table takes us on a nostalgic journey. The fittings, carrying an aged rustic look, are direct reproductions of the original railway platform cart. The casting is left in its natural finish, mirroring the authenticity of the vintage element. This unique piece pays a perfect homage to the charm of the past while enhancing your present design aesthetics.  

6. Splayed Maple with Black Epoxy Inlay

Splayed Maple Coffee Table with Black Epoxy Inlay

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This wood coffee table embodies an elegant amalgamation of nature and skill. Its tabletop is carved from splatted maple, notable for natural black lines accentuating the wood grain. Nestled in this grain is a crescent of black epoxy, soft on the eyes with mild transparency. Steel legs, endowed with adjustable feet, anchor the table. They also offer easy disassembly, facilitating seamless transport. The table surface resists water damage, simplifying the cleaning process over extended use. 

7. Herringbone Patterned Nesting Coffee Tables

Herringbone Patterned Nesting Coffee Tables

Photo By Etsy 

Venture into the realm of nesting coffee table woodworking. Its herringbone patterned design graces two wooden tables, one large and one small. The larger table measures 25.5×25.5 inches and reaches 18 inches in height. The smaller sibling is a comfortable 19.5×19.5 inches, standing 14.25 inches tall. Both stand proudly on black metal legs, exuding a touch of modern grace.

8. Coastal Charm: Rustic Beach Range Coffee Table

Embrace Coastal Charm: Rustic Beach Range Coffee Table

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Discover the entice-weathered beauty with the rustic beach range. This rustic coffee table showcases an enchanting mix of shabby chic colors layered on reclaimed wood. The wood grain, along with natural marks and notches, adds a raw, vintage appeal. This piece, measuring 50x105x50 cm, offers effortless mobility and requires no assembly.

9. Resin Coffee Table with Steel Side Frames

Resin Coffee Table with Steel Side Frames

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This square coffee table is designed to provide a warm resting place for your treasured belongings. Its robust structure results from two particleboard panels braced by steel side frames. Each tier is capable of comfortably accommodating up to 44 lb. Moreover, to cater to uneven floors, the table possesses adjustable feet, ensuring balanced stability. The assembly process is smooth and straightforward, guided by intelligible instructions.

10. Two-Tier Wood Coffee Table

Wood tiered diy coffee table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

Revel in the aura of rusticity with the handcrafted wood coffee table. This two-tiered end table is purpose-made to nestle beside your couch, loveseat, or chair. The lower tier provides ample space for storing items like books or bills. The table’s artisanal stain elevates its aesthetic appeal, making it just functional furniture and an embodiment of artisanship.  

11. The Board Game Vault Coffee Table

The Board Game Vault Coffee Table

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The board game vault elevates your wooden coffee table to new dimensions. Crafted from premium quality wood, this versatile piece transforms beyond traditional furniture into a board-game haven. Its design embraces gaming enthusiasts, subtly hinting at its adventurous nature through its aesthetic appeal.

12. DIY Three-Tier Wooden Coffee Table

DIY Three-Tiered Wooden Coffee Table

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This 3 tier wooden coffee table is a DIY glory. First, the wooden pallets bring a hint of modern refinement to the table’s aesthetics and offer a rich texture while guaranteeing durability. So, without a doubt, the materials paired with the tiered style and shiplap accents skyrocket the table’s aesthetics. One significant aspect lies in its three-tiered layout structure, effectively multiplying its utility and offering ample space for storage solutions.

13. Epoxy River Coffee Table

Custom Epoxy River Coffee Table

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Firstly, an epoxy river wooden coffee table is a striking furniture piece that draws the eye when infused with vibrant colors. It combines wood with epoxy designs to create a river-like effect. Additionally, this table is a practical and artistic centerpiece for any room, with its smooth, gleaming surface showcasing craftsmanship. Regardless of the setting, this coffee table captivates, making it a major talking point for guests.

14. Modern Industrial: X Leg Coffee Table

Modern Industrial Style: X Leg

Photo By Etsy

The coffee table’s industrial design emerges as an infusion of modernist elements. Retaining the character of the original X-leg design, this coffee table features a full-length narrow shelf for practical storage of smaller items like remote controls, worksheets, or study books. Iron rods added as cross-supports exude an urban industrial essence. Measuring 47 x 22 x 17, the artist crafted from dimensional pine, ensuring robustness and aesthetics.

15. Boho Style 

A Closer Look at the Unique Design of our Wooden Coffee Table

Photo By beststudio from Freepik

Firstly, this coffee table features a large wooden tabletop. The tabletop offers ample space, dominating in size when compared to the round base. Interestingly, the table’s base is skillfully wrapped in rope. Undoubtedly, this design decision imparts a rustic charm while marrying function and style.

16. Puzzle Gaming Coffee Table with Hidden Compartments

Puzzle Gaming with Hidden Compartments

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The extraordinary puzzle gaming coffee table finds balance in functionality and whimsy. It houses an unobtrusive compartment for ongoing puzzles and offers side drawers for unassembled pieces. Removable surface boards protect the puzzle, preventing accidental bumps or lost pieces. They also convert into gaming trays when flipped, providing ample space and organization for game components. Hence, this coffee table is an exquisite furniture piece harbinger of entertainment.  

17. Rustic Wood Coffee Table

The Enchanting Blend of Form and Function in The Wooden Coffee Table

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Primarily, this handcrafted rustic coffee table showcases an unmatched aesthetic appeal. More than functional support, the base features an intricate woodworking design. This design serves as a beautiful motif, enhancing the table’s overall look. Undeniably, the wood’s use extends beyond mere structure. In conclusion, this table presents a stunning fusion of function and visual intrigue.

18. Antique Farmhouse Coffee Table

The Lasting Appeal of 54 Antique-Styled Wooden Coffee Table

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This farmhouse coffee table boasts a length of 54″, width of 29″, and height of 18″, as it asserts its presence. The solid wooden construction signifies durability and longevity. Remarkably, it also offers additional storage space, increasing its utility. It is designed in an antique farmhouse style and brings a classic touch to any setting. Indeed, this coffee table seamlessly combines form and function into an alluring piece of furniture.

19. Parametric with DIY CNC Cutting Sheet

Unleash Your Creativity DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

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The parametric modern coffee table offers an innovative design for new-age homes. It’s an offering of DIY cutting sheets for CNC. Envisaged to bring visual allure and practicality. This coffee table boasts a classy appearance with a glass tabletop, giving your home an avant-garde touch. Hence, it becomes another remarkable addition to your current decor setup. 

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, uncovering the art of creating your own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) coffee table offers several rewards. To begin with, it enables you to showcase your different styles, and by crafting the table according to your liking, you guarantee a seamless fit within your space. As well as being functional, this coffee table adds a special touch of character to your living area. Whether it’s a classic farmhouse design or a modern and creative style, DIY gives you the freedom to make the ideal choice.

Plus, they’re made from solid materials like wooden pallets, which means they add long-lasting value to your home. Creating the table with multiple tiers increases its utility, giving extra room for storage. Altogether, a DIY coffee table proves to be a functional piece and also showcases your craftsmanship. So why wait? Unfold the art of crafting your space, and let’s get building!