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Craft a Custom Piece With Our 19 DIY Coffee Table Design Ideas

Recently updated on February 21st, 2024 at 08:23 am

DIY Coffee Tables

Creating a DIY coffee table imprints a unique character onto your living space. This guide explores the art of crafting a distinctive table tailored to your preferences. No woodworking expertise is required; we’ll steer you through each step, making the process attainable to both novices and seasoned DIY enthusiasts. Whether new to DIY or an experienced fanatic, this project promises an enjoyable journey. Picture a table exclusively yours, flawlessly fitted to match your home theme and style.

The beauty of this project lies in the freedom to choose materials, colors, and dimensions, providing a cost-effective means to exalt your existing decor. What adds to the gratification is the sense of accomplishment that derives from proudly expressing, “I created this!” So, gather your tools, unleash your creativity, and join us on this DIY journey to fashion a coffee table that authentically mirrors your qualities and taste.

Tile Coffee Tables

Multicolored Glass Tile Coffee Tables - A Fusion of Luxury

Photo by GridDesignShop from Etsy

This set of nesting coffee tables stands out vividly, featuring square tiles in contrasting colors. Rectangular in build and varied in height, each table features a robust white frame, emphasizing a clean aesthetic while providing a blank canvas for expression. The set displays two distinct color variants: sun-kissed yellow and deep green, contrasting while adding vibrancy to the room. The tables infuse color and sweeten the space’s aesthetic, moving beyond conventional and monotonous design options.

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Wooden Surfboard Coffee Table 

The Handcrafted Wooden Surfboard Coffee Table

Photo by GridDesignShop from Etsy

At the core of this setup lies a surfboard coffee table with its distinctive features. Measuring 120 cm (47 inches), it emanates a retro charm, blending a rich teak finish with influences from coastal design. The tabletop sits upon four angular legs coated in white paint, revealing a wood-weathered appearance beneath the paint layer. While its narrow structure may limit functionality, it serves essential purposes and allows easy relocation and configurations. The pale wooden flooring and shiplap wall design amplify the wooden aesthetic, with the sofa providing a contrasting yet complementary coastal tone to the ensemble.

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Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage

Indoor & Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage

Photo by GridDesignShop from Etsy

This outdoor coffee table repurposes discarded pallets and local wood, breathing new life into recycled materials. Crafted with durability in mind, the table incorporates two front drawers for practical storage. The tabletop adopts a shiplap style, with wooden slats exhibiting nuanced tones and individual imperfections. Metal hardware is employed for the drawer pulls, and the table features a rope pull on its sides. The side pulls pair with its four rotating castor wheels, facilitating effortless rolling and maneuvering to achieve the desired setup.

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Repurposed Military Chest Box

The Repurposed Military Chest Box Coffee Table

Photo by GridDesignShop from Etsy

This setup presents an industrial table comprising a repurposed military chest box. Each box brings a distinctive narrative from its history, contributing to its raw aesthetic. With unmistakable rusticity, the table is also high-set, allowing it to serve as a coffee or console table while mixing retro and vintage aesthetics to encapsulate timeless appeal. Beyond its visual impact, this bolsters sustainability, providing a robust build and storage for essentials that are preferred out of sight.

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Vintage-Style Railway Cart Bag Trolley Coffee Table

Vintage-Style Railway Cart Bag Trolley Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

In this interior, our focus turns to a coffee table adopting vintage-style railway fittings, offering a nostalgic journey through design. The table presents a low-set profile, incorporating a shiplap design along its surface, extending into a butcher-block body. With an aged rustic look, the iron fittings authentically replicate an original railway platform cart. Maintaining a natural finish through the weathered wood and iron accents, this piece exudes an industrial feel, paying homage to the past while complementing traditional and rustic design aesthetics.

Splayed Maple with Black Epoxy Inlay

Splayed Maple Coffee Table with Black Epoxy Inlay

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

Here, we have a coffee table coordinating elements of nature and modernity. The top features spalted maple, characterized by natural lines that emphasize the wood grain. Black epoxy resin is applied to the tabletop to augment authenticity and introduce a modern touch. Supported by steel legs equipped with adjustable feet, the table ensures easy transport disassembly while anchoring the table. The epoxy coating also furnishes resistance against water damage, simplifying the cleaning process and assuring long-term durability.

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Herringbone Patterned Nesting Coffee Tables

Herringbone Patterned Nesting Coffee Tables

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This set of nesting tables showcases precise woodworking, each boasting a weathered light wood finish. Supported by black steel legs, they unite at ground level forming the square base, ensuring stability. The surfaces feature a distinctive herringbone styling, with the smaller sporting a thicker butcher-block style top compared to its larger counterpart. The larger table stands at 25.5×25.5 inches, reaching a height of 18 inches, while its smaller counterpart measures 19.5×19.5 inches and stands 14.25 inches tall. The two pieces combine to form the singular set adjacent to the sofa sectional and atop a vivid floor rug.

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Coastal Charm: Rustic Beach Range Coffee Table

Embrace Coastal Charm: Rustic Beach Range Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This rustic coffee table merges coastal colors with reclaimed wood. This rectangular piece showcases a shiplap design on the tabletop and the lower storage shelf, forming a unified aesthetic. Both surfaces exhibit alternating nautical hues, while the lower shelf features a slatted look with intentional space between each slat. The wood’s dark wood finish and grain texture contribute to its raw DIY aesthetic. Measuring 50x105x50 cm, this piece provides effortless mobility through its light build and requires no assembly.

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Resin Coffee Table with Steel Side Frames

Resin Coffee Table with Steel Side Frames

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This square coffee table sweetens the space with a personalized touch. The robust table features two particleboard panels supported by a durable frame of four steel legs. The dark wood finish, square top, and matching lower shelf contribute to its aesthetic. Each table tier can support up to 44 lb, making it ideal for decorative displays. Equipped with adjustable feet, the table ensures stable placement on uneven floors, while the assembly process is straightforward and guided by clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

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Two-Tier Wood Coffee Table

Wood tiered diy coffee table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

Revel in rusticity with this handcrafted coffee table. Designed with practicality in mind, the two-tiered structure makes for a fitting addition beside a couch, loveseat, or chair while standing out as a standalone piece. The lower tier serves a dual purpose, providing essential storage space and an ideal platform for decorative displays. The applied stain coating enriches its aesthetic while adding a layer of surface protection, ensuring longevity, a true embodiment of craftsmanship.

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The Board Game Vault Coffee Table

The Board Game Vault Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This table showcases a light wood finish, allowing the wood’s texture to take center stage. Designed for multipurpose function, this piece incorporates drawer pulls extending to provide individual table space for each person. Retractable cup holders offer a practicality for keeping beverages within reach. The sunken central insert provides a dedicated game area or a central hub for snacks or decorative displays. The tabletop insert restores it to its conventional form when added back to the table center, merging furniture with the entice of a board game, catering to gaming enthusiasts while maintaining an aesthetic design.

DIY Three-Tier Wooden Coffee Table

DIY Three-Tiered Wooden Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This DIY 3-tier coffee table stands prominent with its light wood finish, contributing modernity to its aesthetic. The wooden cuts showcase intricate grain patterns, enriching the texture of the table. The tiered build and wooden shiplap design accents impart a distinct character to the table, partnering well with the tan leather armchair and contrasting the vivid green flooring. The three-tiered layout adds depth to the piece and provides multilevel storage space, making it a practical addition to the setup.

Epoxy River Coffee Table

Custom Epoxy River Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This epoxy river coffee table displays a dynamic mix of colors. The design comprises burl wood in a light wood finish melded with epoxy resin. The top extends down the right side into a distinctive waterfall design, while the left side is supported by a chrome trestle-style leg, promoting the modern aesthetic. The blue resin inlay is prominent in the tabletop and extends into the waterfall design, simultaneously devising a live-edge effect at the table’s center. Positioned against a white leather tufted sofa, the table complements the setting, resonating with the coherent blue hues present in the floor rug.

Modern Industrial: X-Leg Coffee Table

Modern Industrial Style: X Leg

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This coffee table features a distinctive industrial design combining modern and rustic characteristics. Its X-leg design contributes to the table’s character, supporting a full-length integrated shelf accessible from both the front and back for practical storage. An iron rod runs through the center of the piece, connecting the legs and presenting an industrial feel, affirming the table’s authenticity. Comprising Pine, this piece measures 47 x 22 x 17 inches, assuring robustness and aesthetics.

Boho Style 

A Closer Look at the Unique Design of our Wooden Coffee Table

Photo by beststudio from Freepik

This unconventional coffee table embraces an unusual design and presents a low-set profile. Its round top features a considerable overhang, while the drum-style body is wrapped with a cohesive rope finish, promoting its boho-inspired aesthetics. The gray sofa, backed by short wooden legs, pairs with the gray floor rug to create a neutral backdrop. Against this subtle canvas, the yellow accents infuse vibrant color into the space.

Puzzle Gaming Coffee Table with Hidden Compartments

Puzzle Gaming with Hidden Compartments

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This puzzle gaming table integrates functionality with a touch of whimsy. It adopts a rectangular build, supported by four evenly distributed pillar-style legs. The dark wood finish sweetens its aesthetic, while support is provided through parallel beams around its perimeter. The table features compartments for puzzles and convenient side drawers dedicated to storing unassembled pieces. The surface boards are adaptable, allowing them to be flipped to serve as gaming trays, ensuring organized space for game setups. Beyond being furniture, this table is a testament to utility and entertainment.

Rustic Wood Coffee Table

The Enchanting Blend of Form and Function in The Wooden Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

This table oozes rusticity with its design. It features a rectangular structure with square corners, a subtle overhang, and clear, distinctive lines. The top showcases varied hues, emphasizing the wood’s grain and imperfections. Four legs extend from the tabletop to converge, forming the unconventional base design. The base incorporates a series of interlocking wooden beams, producing an exquisite maze-like structure highlighting intricate woodworking. Set on light wood flooring for contrast, the table conforms to a gray fabric sofa with tufted cushioning and chrome trestle-style legs.

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Antique Farmhouse Coffee Table

The Lasting Appeal of 54 Antique-Styled Wooden Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

The farmhouse coffee table is characterized by its rustic aesthetics. The dark wood tabletop is supported by four column-style legs, creating a sturdy foundation. Enhancing its practicality, the table incorporates an integrated shelf with rattan baskets for corralling smaller items and essentials. Topping the table is a wooden serving tray, maintaining the dark wood hue and adorned with florals that contrast the weathered appearance of the piece. The table radiates strength and longevity, measuring 54 inches in length, 29 inches in width, and 18 inches in height.

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Parametric with DIY CNC Cutting Sheet

Unleash Your Creativity DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Photo by PortlandRevibe from Etsy

The parametric coffee table presents an innovative design utilizing DIY cutting sheets for construction. Its square tempered glass top offers a sleek surface, while the base introduces a geometric twist, showcasing textures, and shapes that contribute to the table’s character. Coffee table books and a decorative trinket echoing the base’s design for visual cohesion top the table. The gray striped floor rug complements the table’s geometric element, forming a contemporary aesthetic that coordinates with the gray sofa and minimalistic armchair.

Final Thoughts

Crafting a DIY coffee table is a gratifying endeavor, allowing you to tailor a piece that seamlessly integrates with your home setup and reflects your distinctive characteristics. Whether you lean towards the timelessness of a farmhouse design or opt for a more contemporary and imaginative approach, the result becomes a functional and character-filled addition to your home.

Utilizing materials like reclaimed wood or wooden pallets enhances the aesthetic and contributes to the lasting value of your crafted piece. Incorporating multiple tiers and added storage enriches the table’s practicality. Building your DIY coffee table becomes a commitment to craftsmanship, producing a furniture piece that is both impactful and functional. So, what’s stopping you? Embrace ingenuity and embark on constructing your DIY coffee table.

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