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Natural Selection: 12 Nature Inspired Decor Tips for Home Serenity

Natural Decoration Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In

Creating a calming haven at home can be achieved by incorporating interior decor inspired by nature. By embracing natural designs, you can build a sense of balance and stay connected to the earth and universe. The best part about decorating with nature is using whatever raw materials you find and DIY the rest. To begin, here are 12 nature inspired decor ideas that can help you cultivate your home with natural inspiration.

1. Nature Inspired Decor: Pressed-Plant Portraits

Flowers are the most majestic of nature’s artwork, but it’s a shame they don’t last long, right? Wrong. Press flowers and plants between the pages of a heavy book to keep their beauty forever. Place these perfectly preserved plants onto a cream canvas, held in place with a pane of glass, and create a display for your home. This sentimental idea is a thoughtful way of displaying meaningful flowers, whether they were for an anniversary or birthday.

Earthy Natural Home Decor by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Pegah from Pexels

Quick Tip – Did you know that when a sweet potato grows, so does a stunning, leafy-green vine? Get your green thumb on and decorate your home with a sweet potato hanging basket.

2. Use Colors from Nature

Nature-inspired decor starts with your home’s color scheme. Embrace green, yellow, blue, and brown shades, and design a balanced, peaceful space. While there is room for creativity (think bright sky blue and a summery yellow), it is best to steer clear of tones you wouldn’t find in nature, like hot pink or silver. Beige and gray will be your new best friend, along with floral patterns and prints.

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3. Nature Inspired Decor Ideas: Sea Glass Mosaics

Turn trash into treasure by embracing the beauty of sea glass. If you live in a coastal town or often visit the beach, start collecting pieces of sea glass and transform them into an artwork masterpiece. Use a resin pour to fill the gaps between the glass and hold it securely in place. Depending on the size, use it as a table, coaster, or wall display, and feel at one with nature by using recycled materials for your decorations.

Natural Decor Living Room by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Taryn Elliot from Pexels

4. Grow Your Own Food

Get two for one and grow your own herbs and veggies at home. They will add a touch of green to your space while ensuring you always have fresh produce ready. Liven up your meals and living room when you proudly display your thriving basil plant alongside further natural room decor ideas. Make a mini herb garden stored in a planter by a window for fresh and delicious herbs on tap!

5. Collect What You Can

Keep an eye out on your next forest hike or park stroll – you might be surprised at what you find. Foraging for small trinkets like pebbles and shells will give you resources to work with when decorating. Fill glass jars with your finds, nestle a tea light among the stones, and use them as candle holders. Adding texture to your candle jars will create a dappled effect with the reflected light.

Natural Home Decor Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo from Pexels

Quick Tip – If you can’t find an antique piece of wood furniture ,fast-track the aging process for your wooden units with some dark brown paint and sandpaper.

6. Nature Inspired Decor Ideas: Create a Curiosity Cabinet

Thrift some old antique drawers or a dark wooden shelf and build a unit to showcase your favorite pieces from nature. Build a curio-cabinet style dresser and fill it with shells, pinecones, rocks, and even abandoned bird nests, and get authentic with your nature-inspired decorating. Open your eyes to the beauty of nature and realize that nothing is trash.

7. Work With Wood and Wicker

The materials you use to decorate your rustic home will influence the feeling in your home. Opt for using natural mediums like seagrass wicker, wooden furnishings, and woven wall hangings. Add texture to your nature-inspired interior design with rope, cork, and pampas grass.

Kitchen nature inspired decor ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo from Pexels

Quick Tip – When your flowers begin to look old – don’t throw them away. Tie them together with a piece of string and hang them upside down as natural wall decor.

8. Bring the Ocean In

Feel the calmness of the ocean at home by arranging collections of your seaside discoveries like seaweed, driftwood, and sea glass on decorative trays. Or, fill glass jars with your oceanic finds to the brim, then fill them with water to create a feeling of being by the sea. Combine this with a zen sand garden for a calming beachy vibe.

9. Nature Inspired Decor Ideas: Cultivate Terrarium Worlds

Adorn your home with miniature gardens under glass. Terrariums are intriguing little worlds, encapsulating a snapshot of nature and allowing it to thrive inside. These conversation-starting pieces look great on shelves, bookcases, and side tables.

Table decor nature inspired decor tips by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Maud Bocquillod from Unsplash

10. Up-Cycle and Reuse

Respect Mother Nature as you work on your nature-inspired room and prioritize recycling and minimizing waste. Embrace the concept of slow decorating with your nature-inspired room, and take your time as you decorate, making thoughtful decisions. Let nothing go to waste, and add a whimsical feel to your space.

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11. Borrow Nature’s Patterns

We are lucky that nature has so much beauty to offer us. Landscapes, flora, and fauna inspire countless patterns, so embrace this when selecting wallpaper or cushions. Discover popular home decor color schemes here, and make sure the patterns you choose complement each other.

Living room nature inspired decor by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

12. Nature Inspired Decor Ideas: Bountiful Bouquets

Use fresh flowers as a centerpiece for your dining room or living room to bring the sweet scents of nature into your home too. Collecting plants for wild bouquets from your garden or a nearby meadow reduces waste and will let your inner flower arranger thrive. Think outside the box and include all kinds of plants, not just flowers.

What Now

Breathe life into your home with some of these nature inspired decor ideas, and create an environment that encourages creativity and calmness. With more nature, you’re not just elevating the visual profile of space but also increasing its capacity to impart wellness into your life. At the heart of interior design inspired by nature is a deep respect for nature, so make sure you recycle, reduce, and reuse, putting our beautiful planet first.