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Wooden Home Decor Insights to Showcase Eco Accents

Recently updated on March 24th, 2024 at 01:38 pm

We’ve witnessed a variety of wooden home decor ideas come and go. However, some have stood the test of time and are considered brilliant home decor suggestions that are both stylish and practical. Whether you prefer to paint your wooden paneling and floors or expose the wooden beams to add rusticity, we have decor ideas that will elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal, regardless of your personal style. Enough said, let’s dive in!

Painted Wood Paneling

What’s that? Painting. Wood. Paneling! It sounds like a decor sin, but while some of us are great fans of neutral wood tones, others just find it a little too intrusive for our space. If you fall in the latter category, this tip is for you. Large areas of wood paneling can be quickly brightened up with a soft paint color – we suggest a cream, taupe, or a light marshmallow tone if you’re keen to introduce light into your space. A couple of paint coats and even the darkest wood paneling will fade into the background.

Wooden Dining Room Decor Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Whitewashed Pine Table Centerpiece

When it comes to dinner parties, we all want our home to look the best, so how about creating your very own centerpiece? The plans for this DIY project couldn’t be any easier. Simply get an old pine plank and sand it down to give it smooth, food-safe edges. Once sanded down, coat liberally with watered-down chalk paint to make your very own whitewashed pine table centerpiece. Sanding the plank’s edges will give it a vintage appearance, which can be protected with a liberal coat of wax.

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Exterior Wood Siding

Exterior wood siding looks great on block-shaped homes, giving them a retro-style exterior makeover that is right out of a 70s architecture mag. The type of wood you choose for your siding will dictate its longevity and the appearance of the siding in years to come. Siberian larch varieties are hardwearing and are considerably cheaper than cedar cladding varieties, which require extra protection from the elements.

Wooden House Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Wooden Magazine Rack

No rustic house would be complete without solid wood furniture. This project is yet another DIY task that uses little more than an old wooden magazine rack from the thrift store and a sample tin of paint. Painting your wooden magazine rack can give your home a much-needed color injection, so pick your sample paint wisely. We love to go for the season’s latest deep green color or a hint of turquoise, which is ideal for warm and cool interior spaces. When your project is dry, you’ve got plenty of storage for magazines, letters, and pizza flyers.

Vintage Wooden Bowls

Vintage wooden bowls make great catch-alls for keys, hair ties, and other items that tend to accumulate around the room. You can also use vintage bowls, such as the handmade varieties from Ontario, for housing potpourri or other scented chippings to keep your shoe storage area smelling fresh.

Wooden Decorations Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Call Me Fred from Unsplash

Mismatch Chalk Paint Furniture

There is an overwhelming desire to match pieces in our interiors, but mismatched chalk paint furniture looks great if using similar complementary colors on the interior design wheel. Pastel pinks, blues, and yellows make excellent additions to a nursery when teamed together, whereas grey tones can give your hallway a contemporary edge.

Vintage Wood Desk

A vintage wooden desk can be used as a perfect home office solution, taking up less space than traditional desks without compromising on quality. Because of their smaller size, they are able to fit into tiny living room or kitchen nooks or even become part of your bedroom furniture with a compact seat or ergonomic stool for comfort. As well as curved 60’s furniture styles, boxy 70’s desks have added drawers for stationary, making them useful for larger home offices. Painting these dull utilitarian pieces with brightly colored chalk paint can give them a new lease of life for very little money. Add new draw runners and pulls, and your furniture creation is ready.

Wooden Office Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Conor Sexton from Unsplash

Insight – Alternatively, add drama and mystique to your room by building up layers of dark furniture, thicker pile fabrics, and velvety wall colors for a sumptuous dining space.

Wooden Home Decor: Ornaments

We love picking up hand-turned wooden ornaments on our travels and have many souvenirs from faraway lands such as Australia, the UK, and Indonesia. Hand-painted animal ornaments in a range of sizes and colors make great additions to a maximalist hallway space or an animal-themed children’s room.

Wooden Home Decor: Beams

Exposed wood beams can look great, but if you’ve ever spent the time to renovate a property to expose wooden beams before, you’ll know the end result, while significant, takes a lot of hard work. Working with a contractor who has done the project before is a must, as is an electrician, to ensure all cables are safely out of the way. For some, installing faux wooden beams without removing the existing ceiling is an option, but it will come with its own challenges, including ensuring the original ceiling can support the weight of the new beams. It’s a rewarding but long-term project for the right homeowner, adding rustic charm and potential added value to your property.

Wooden Living Room Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

Insight – Dark wooden decor can complement a lighter interior, and contrasting muted tones.

Vintage Wooden Crate Storage

Picking up vintage wooden crates from thrift stores, dollar stores, or DIY reduced item bins is simple. Making storage out of them is just as easy. Using several vintage wooden crate storage bins in a playroom allows you to organize your child’s plushies and smaller toys into manageable piles while making them easily accessible for your little one. For a unique take on wooden crate storage, try painting crates with chalk paint or decoupling your kid’s favorite TV character on the boxes for added color and fun.

Wooden Home Decor: Wooden Tray Storage

Our DeCasa wooden tray storage set is the perfect trio for organizing snacks and drinks while transporting them to the table. Made from hard-wearing acacia wood and high-grade silicone, the easy-to-clean set is stylish and practical, adding tropical hardwood charm to your living room, kitchen, or other seating area.

Insight – Adding artistic lighting above a favorite wooden sculpture can highlight the wood grain, breathing life into an old piece.

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Wooden Framed Art

Create your own simple framed art with a leftover wooden frame and a handful of twigs. Take the backing from your picture frame and use a hot glue gun to glue the twigs to the frame’s rear, sticking them on the top and bottom of the frame. Once dry, use a dry brush to add poster paint or chalk paint to the front of the twigs and mount them on the wall. Simple, DIY art that takes less than an hour to make.

Wooden Home Decor: Outdoor Wood Furniture

Create an outdoor breakfast nook with simple outdoor wood patio furniture for a great spot to enjoy herbal tea. If you don’t have wooden furniture, see if you can pick some up for cheap on Craigslist or make your own using a chainsaw and an old tree stump.

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Geometric Wood

Geometric wood is a distinctive and visually appealing way to feature wall art, adding warmth and character to your space. It’s famous for its versatile design and its ability to add texture and dimension to a room. You can explore various techniques with this decor type, including using a combination of different sized and shaped wooden pieces, staining or painting them to achieve a desired effect, and then applying a touch of imagination and creative flair to arrange them in an eye-catching manner.

Wooden Outdoor Decor Ideas by DeCasa Collections

Photo by Marianne from Pexels

Wooden Home Decor: Painted Wood Floors

Painted wood floors may seem a little extreme, but if you don’t have the time or money to renovate damaged wooden floors but would love the easy-cleaning properties that wooden floors have, painting could be the answer to your problem. Stairways look great when painted a dark navy, green, or black, adding drama to an often under-utilized focal point. Adding jute or sisal stair runners can add comfort underfoot while allowing you to introduce a vivid color or pattern into your home decor.

What Now

On the topic of wooden home decor, it’s essential to work with the material’s natural properties. Wood, by its very nature, will give your home a rustic feel, so don’t be afraid to add it if this is the look you’re going for. We explored the possibility of painting wooden furniture and floorboards to reinvigorate them when they’re not at their best. This gives a new lease of life to worn items and adds a welcome pop of color to your home.


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